RSS feeds from a Google search - notifications for new search results

RSS feed from a Google search
RSS feed from a Google search

What is this video tutorial "Get an RSS feed from a Google search"?

This tutorial is about how to make an RSS feed from a Google search; That is, you receive notifications every time someone across the internet touches on the topic you are looking for.

The RSS feeds went into a shadow cone and I don't know why.

Maybe now people read “stuff” on Facebook, look at pictures on Insta and…., But once RSS was never in power, a super cool technology that brought you news about exactly what interested you.

Why is it that the world is no longer interested in news or using large social platforms, which make them and theirs among the news.

How can we find exactly what we need on Google?

Understand exactly, I use this setting to find out new things about my phone, upcoming phones, Intel, AMD, Nvidia, ARM, Qualcomm, etc.

Where do you think those who publish the news, the news?

Google Alerts, an older product that almost no one uses.

Google Alerts is a true time-saving aid, nowadays when time is a luxury.

Instead of sitting on Google Search with some sort of search, is it better not to google your topics when they appear? (sounded like a tele-shop)

You can, for example, alert iPhone 13, and Google will send you news about iPhone 13 via email or RSS feed, exactly when they appear.

Just don't be foolish to type in Google Search iPhone 13 every day to see what leak has been posted before.

Be smart, use Google Alerts and you'll be more efficient!

Google Alerts notification options - RSS feed from a Google search

Sign in to your google account and log in to Google Alerts simply. Create an alert and choose your settings.

In the basic mode the notifications regarding the new published articles will come by email, but you can change that.

At the bottom of the settings (in pencil) you have the email address. In this field you can change the email notification with one via RSS.

RSS clients for reading RSS feed alerts

If you have changed to RSS Feed, you must use a reader for this.

For Windows it is RSS Bandit

For Android it is RSS Reader

For iOS it is unread


RSS address (use an RSS reader).

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Video tutorial - RSS feed from a Google search

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  1. hello.How can I set an alert to appear when you put tutorials?

  2. The best RSS Feed applications on Windows are FeedDemon and QuiteRSS, and Android is Feedly. They all share the same feature: they can upload the database of RSS feeds that the FeedDemon backs up!

  3. In the middle of the election campaign you found it appropriate to make a tutorial in which to say the name of the president 13 times. It was ok if you were writing somewhere, in the corner, the "election advertisement".
    I hope that 13 is in good luck.

  4. Now, we know who Cristi is voting for!

  5. shawl
    help ! error 404 The requested URL / alerts / feeds / 15765306937207475810 / was not found on this server. That's all we know. anything I try the most

  6. Hello. Why don't you post more often? You were a bit behind. Before it was cool, I learned a lot from you. What happened? I think Adrian pulls you down. Have more tutorials

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