New movies subtitled in Romanian with KODI application - no commercials

New subtitled films in Romanian with KODI application
New subtitled films in Romanian with KODI application

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a top media center application that is available for most platforms. The Kodi application is not new, it's just an evolution of the old XBMC, about which I did a tutorial.
The Kodi Media Center can be used in various ways. Watching local movies, from the internal network and even from the internet, with addons that increase Kodi's capabilities very much.

How do we see subtitles online with Kodi

Today I will introduce you a mega addon that allows you to do a lot of things, among which the most important thing is watching movies from online subtitle movies without the annoying pop-up ads.

Kodi addon add-on for online movies with sibtitrare
From this address, the addon will be loaded, which in turn will allow us to install different stuff, just like a tutorial. I've just tried this with online movies with subtitles, and I can tell you that it works very well.

How does the fusion addon go with Kodi for subtitling online movies in Romanian?

I can tell you that it works very well; I could say that by now it's the best way to watch new movies. I say this because experience is much more enjoyable than other platforms. For example, sometimes when using the subtitle movie viewing platform PopcornTime, Subtitles in Romanian must be uploaded manually, because they are missing out not synchronized well.

What are the alternatives for watching movies online?

The first option would be cinema, but here you can not scroll and you have to give money too
popcorn Time, A very nice application, a kind of Netflix made by Robin Hood for the poor
Netflix, Which in the meantime has received subtitles, a kind of Popcorn Time for the rich
It would be HULU, But you have to get a little dirty with VPN to get him to go to Romania
Torrent they, Which, in a very short time, I think they will disappear, I do not know why, you do not ask me
Online movie sites that upset you with the stupid commercials

No matter which platform you choose, chromecast Can become your best companion if you want to cast the movie on TV.

Where to download Kodi:

1. From Microsoft Store (For Windows 8, 10)
2. From the Google Play Store (For Android)
3. From the official website (For Windows 7 and other operating systems)

Video tutorial - New movies subtitled in Romanian with KODI application


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  1. IULIAN said

    For the android platform, the following applications should also be mentioned. Movies and serials are the best:
    Showbox and Terrarium TV

  2. Vasile said

    Is this legal? How safe are the addons?

  3. IOnUtz said

    Hi, I've been using Kodi (xbmc) for a long time, I have 3 TVs and one Raspberry Pi on each one .. apart from these addons, if you also have a NAS attached to the network, it's nobility…

  4. It is a better exodus

  5. How can we add or add sites separately?
    ... ..editat ....

  6. Adrian Suciu said

    I'm not going to install Kodi on windows 10. Why? TRY AGAIN LATER tells me - something happens on our end.

  7. Sebastian said

    On android, when opening the add-on “” an error appears in which it says to check the log .. “check the log for more information”. Has anyone else suffered? (Xiaomi Redmi note 3 pro, android 6, granted all necessary rights to the application). If you have any idea .. I forgot to mention, the same error occurs in "", but pro TV works.

    • I have the same phone as you, but I have not met this problem so far. I watch movies with exodus and phoenix only

  8. necoara said

    On the Windows 10 desktop, no plugin is installed. An error occurs.

  9. wow very much… thanks.

  10. Cristian Chendea said

    I have a question: for watching movies with subtitles in Romanian, is something worth paying for this ip recording.
    Thank you

  11. marian said

    Question for Those who have installed, what resolution do the movies have? At least HD?

    • catalinsiria said

      You can find movies and series 1080, 720 or sd. I recommend Exodus, Specto, Phoenix. You can find the best addons and how to install them on Youtube. Ex. “Top 10 best kodi addons may 2017”. If you want Romanian addons, you can find information on You have to make settings for subtitles, because a Romanian addon appears in the tutorial, which also includes subtitles, but not all of them have. Also on Youtube you search for "add subtitles Kodi". Success!

  12. marius said

    How do you connect it to Chromecast?

  13. Hello, I do not even go to Windows 10, but it's great on the android box.

  14. Better let it go

  15. A big bang, with clicks and installation, and when you finally get to see a movie, the surprise: you can not change the size of the subtitles, it's like TVR2, 1 / 5 on the screen. Please, thanks for the tutorial, but stay with Popcorn Time!

  16. Besides those IULIAN mentioned, for android I can also recommend: FreeFlix HQ, New HD Movies, CinemaBox, OneBox HD, KokoTime. And for connecting to Chromecast, all on android, I use LocalCast with which you can search for subtotal.

  17. viorel said

    Can anyone answer how can I connect to chromecast?
    I do not see the cast icon on TV.

  18. marinescu77 said

    Brothers please pray to tell me if I can on 7 64 bit, download it and do not want to install

  19. "Http://" I recommend you need the subtitles account on otherwise you have everything you want good luck

  20. snowman said

    Better try with Soda player [url = http: //]. You can see any movie on any tracker with subtitles and without having to download anymore. And stay calm, Cristi joked; The torrents will never disappear. Rather, those miseries of online movie sites disappear.

  21. marius said

    Good I want rooney programs if possible

    • Razvan said

      For Chromecast, I ONLY managed to put the laptop on another monitor… On the other monitor I open Google Chrome and say Cast on the 2nd monitor (NOT on the Chrome TAB). Of course, the movie that is also seen on the Chromecast is already running on the second monitor. There may be another solution….

    • catalinsiria said

      Romanian programs - how to install on the subject…

    • search in google tvron installs you there everything you want. hot, go on tv / phone / tablet.sper that i was useful.

  22. cristi said


  23. Hello!
    I have a misconception: after installing the addon (2: 56 from the video), I do not understand exactly where you went to initiate and choose the options that bring me to the International Addons. Can you help me? Thanks.

  24. Hi,
    Thanks for the tutorial, but when I try to add the fusion address after entering the name and path, it tells me Unable to connect. Couldn't retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected, Wiould you like to add it anyway?
    My attempt is on Android connected 4G to the Orange network. Net enough in the subscription, no care.
    However, where do I get wrong?

  25. Narcissus said

    Hello I have the same problem as Dragod just because I'm on 10 win

  26. Hello idem and me

  27. Marginean Sorin said

    To me gives me the following message:
    Couldn't retrieve directoryinformation.This could be due to the network not being connected.
    What am I supposed to do now?

  28. The addon does not work, Could not retrieve the directoryinformation.This could be due to the network not being connected.

  29. fusion no longer works. nor the KINGUL repository. Moreover, the few Romanian addons for online movies don't work either, respectively the KINGUL developer gave up the project to one SARSAILA, who got upset about I don't know who, and the whole country . Like the rulers of this country. "Because we are Romanians, we are Romanians…" and this is the next generation. For untranslated movies there is EXODUS. and other.

  30. Howdy. Ok, I tried N times, I have the same problem as the above, got into the googal dad and I found out that they were all kind of closed, there was a way to get him to go or I just had to stop To try. Thanks for a possible answer.

    • Install zip, repository.sarsaila and you will have access to subtitled online movies. Thank you for Sarsaila.

      • I followed the tutorial steps in the video, but when I go to the add-ons or sarsail, I do not see anything to install from zip. Am I doing something wrong?

        • I forgot to mention: I have Kodi on a TV box. If I access the link provided by Victor on my phone / pc I reach the repository, but on the TV box, no.

          • You have to download the addon on the stick or card depending on which options you have on the tv box, and install it from the external storage.

        • After installing from zip go to install from repository, choose Sarsaila's addon, video add-on and choose the sites that interest you.

  31. Did you download the addon sarsaila from the link?

  32. It does not work as a tutorial

  33. I do not go I downloaded new fusion is with co and not with ag I downloaded and indigo but int / rom addons do not give me anything. Solutions? Thank you

  34. Constantin said

    Goes the addon sara, installed right now. Thanks for the. he.

  35. help ! how do I install? thank you in advance !

  36. Sebastian said

    I have an IPTV subscription and I use it for now with a receiver.
    How do I find the M3U address? I made a statement to Telekom to find out the address / list, but it was raining
    How did you find out?

  37. Hello. I followed all the steps but I stopped at zip fusion installation. Why not go any further. Thanks

  38. I don't think torrents will go away anytime soon since private trackers are doing very well. Especially when the quality of a BluRay rip is unmatched.

  39. good to have your heart cristi, a question, I use a subscription on SMART IPTV, and with this subscription I have a lot of channels from several countries for example sky sport uk or nba door national programs from several countries etc. the question if you know any other application not necessarily smart iptv that reads URL. //…M3U..example, any other application, just to have subtitles to the respective channel I want to watch or another method of adaptation to get subtitles. Thanks

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