Fixing screen in an application in Android - cure for the curious

Fixing screen in an application in Android - cure for the curious
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Screen pinning an application on
Fixing screen in an application in Android is a function that allows us to fix the screen to remain in one application and can not get out until we put a password or fingerprint.

On the phone screen you can fix?

On any phone with android 5.0 or more should be available this function. Now it depends on the developer, if he decided to keep the position or turn it off.

How to activate a setting screen in Android application?

Find the setting in: Settings / Security / Setting screen
Be careful: Remember to request your password.

When the screen area setting function in an application in Android?

1. If you show your phone to a friend curiously
2. If you have a partner / partner paranoid
3. If you give them a child's phone

How does setting screen in an application in Android?

For example, if you give your phone a child, of course, you do not want it start wandering through all the phone but want to remain just a game, nothing easier, enable Screen pinning and I whacked you curious Borac

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