Use DSLR camera instead of webcam

Hi friends, today I will show you how to use genuine a DSLR or compact camera instead of a Web camera (Webcam) on Yahoo Messenger, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.
For those who do not have camera, I recommend This tutorial in which you will see how you can use your webcam instead.
For it to use a DSLR instead of WebCam?
Simply because the best and do not need to buy a webcam. Besides a DSLR is more sensitive to light and will automatically have a good image, high quality in low light indoors, where WebCam shows its limits.
If we put a premium lens f / f or 1.8 / 1.4, then the image will be dream axact as filming in Hollywood.
To use DSLR or compact camera in Camara web site, you have to install SparkoCam.
SparkoCam is a commercial application but we Vresse trial and we can try to see if it works and if we like.
I used?
Windows 10 (preview)
SparkoCam 2.3.5 Beta (software control)
Nikon Camera D5200
AF-S Nikkor lens 35mm f / G 1.8
SparkoCam download (trial version)

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  1. mihai1307 said

    Cristi hello, you know if it works with NIKON d3100 ?? much looking something like this!

    • Octavian said

      I have a Nikon D3200 good Cristi try to use it as a webcam using the steps in the video. I could not have used NKRemote and all for nothing. It would be great if you ace a video about this issue!

  2. mihai1307 said

    thanks in advance!

  3. Cristi no longer go download links for Windows 7, where can I download windows ultimate 7 legal x86.
    Pretty please help me !!!

  4. caisinDonici said

    Hi, on my laptop the camera burned out, meaning it gets very hot and I had to open and remove the camera because it was often windy. It was heard to turn on but the screen remained black, a friend gave me another camera but no it comes in the respective plug because it is of a different model and I would like to ask if it is possible to put it on USB, the camera is from a dell your 1510 I have asus x53u, I tried to put it on usb but usb has 4 wires but camera 6 and I do not know the order how to join… please help. mercy.

  5. caisinDonici said

    I also tried what was shown in the tutorial but I have a samsung L100 and it doesn't work even though I knew it wouldn't work. I look forward to your tutorials and I enter more often than on facebook… health and patience!

  6. Hi Cristi! I tried to connect a Canon PowerShot s5is and do not find the program in the device manager appears to PORTABLE DEVICE. I have attached a photo here: ,what to do?

  7. Thank you, and I'll try to see if the camera goes, it's a Fujifilm FinePix S5600.

  8. DJ NICHI PIZZA said

    I would like a tutorial on Windows 10 and updates from Windows to Windows 7 10 if possible.

  9. Cristi hello, I have a Nikon D3200 but fail to connect, I chose option NIKON but nothing if they choose obtiunea laptopu webcam of his works-but the device !!!!!!!!!

  10. Hello Cristi have all my respect for what you did to

    There are many tutorials on the site, about all categories, but we also want a "third party" tutorial about electricity, photovoltaic panels, what specifications we should consider. For example, we want to supply power from the photovoltaic panel to a battery connected to an energy-saving light bulb so that we have ECO light at night in the yard.

    • Constantin said

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  11. salu tCristi! In the same application can use the camera phone, crowd!

  12. Hi I have a Nikon D3100 I can connect? And if so how? I tried I connected the USB cable and I do not recognize the camera program. thank you

  13. Hello can you respond why can not connect sparkocam in 8.1 apply skype in windows, I want to mention that in the desktop application works perfectly thanks

  14. Or will you manage in the end! :))

  15. Hello Cristi tried all sorts of changes to settings and can not connect a Nikon d3200 can you ever an idea I would be very excited about it I have to DSLR setups no option for connecting the data cable simply put directly the Mass storage.

  16. Hello Cristi,
    a tutorial rarely was given me to see, however, what I would like to know, as if I can do this with a Sony DSC hx50? thank you beautiful

  17. Adrian George said

    I do not have a software detects camera Canon PowerShot a810 please help me

  18. Hi Cristi, I know it's a bit late, but I also have a question… Can I somehow get "" out of a video?

  19. Ionut Zavati said

    Works with NIKON D3100 for honest we did !!!

  20. Ciprian Marin Emanuel said

    Cristian me good and help me with information
    I got nikon d5100 and I would also like to link it exactly as you did headlamp do not know what cable I need, because I have tried through hdmi from DSLR and hdmi laptop and software not found, please help me because I want to do a live event thanks

  21. Hi I have a Nikkon D3300 and still try to use the device camera to broadcast live and I actually do not go at all I gasaste device connected via usb nothing through hdmi still nothing happened?

  22. the program is good but how do I remove the "" logo from the image ?????

  23. Cristian said

    Hello Cristi, can use a webcam video camera on the station? I have a particular soft? Thank you.

  24. Good Cristi! A Canon 80D DSLR can be used for Video Chat. Can you check if the software is compatible with 80D? If yes, do I need a special capture card via HDMI or just connect DSLR to usb cable? Merci!

  25. More specifically, for 80D, you can only use SparkoCam or SparkoCam + capture application or just the AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable FullHD capture card without the SparkoCam application. Merci!

    • I did not test with Canon, I tested with Panasonic G7 and Nikon 5200, both with HDMI output clean.
      It might also go with 80D, directly via HDMI connected to Avermedia LGP, and from there you stream directly or via OBS.

  26. Stefan Adrian said

    Hello Cristian, I've been struggling for a long time to find 2.3.5 Beta, I do not find Sparko on the official Sparko website, I've searched on google and I have a little bit of violating my pc, can you please let me know with the address where they can download exactly 2.3.5 Beta! I would be very grateful! Thank you very much!

  27. Lataretu Ciprian said

    Hello! For Mac is this software compatible?

  28. Hi, I also have a question: I have a Nikon1, J1, is there any possibility to use it as an external webcam on my laptop? I tried with #sparkocam it doesn't see any color, and with #digicamcontrol it lets me just take pictures and that's about it…. help with any suggestion, thnx

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