Format Factory, the software that converts any file into any audio, video, image format - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial we'll talk about Format Factory, a software that allows us to convert almost anything into anything. I think everyone would like a great software that is able to convert any file into any file, but unfortunately, there is no such thing. Format Factory is close and allows us to convert the most popular audio formats, photo and video in other formats audio, video, photo. I think that any PC user should have in this wonderful computer or software.
Format Factory converts who knows?
Video - MP4, 3GP, MPG, AVI, WMV, FLV, SWF
Audio - MP3, WMA, AMR, OGG, AAC, WAV
Other features of the software Format Factory
CD / DVD Ripping
Audi and video files fix corrupted / damaged
Can join two or more video clips
Can join two or more audio files
Mux allows adding an audio file over a video without sound
In other words, software is ideal, whether you want to convert a video format for mobile phones (Nokia, Android, iPhone) or convert files into formats supported by iPod mp3. That said, I invite you to watch this video tutorial.

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Enjoy !

Adrian Burlugeanu......

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  1. LucianGL said

    it's very complex with subtitle options, this is one of all the converters I've been using for a few years…

    • LucianGL: Is very complex at The options for subtitles, converters that of all that we have been using for some years ...  

      "OBTAINES" ???? =)))))))))

      • Does anyone know how to do to open the movie taken with the iPhone? .AAE Extension and I desperately do not find anything anywhere can open them nor the iphone can not put in place. Help me as I can to burst and your nerves and everything. Thank you,

  2. E Concrete for video conversion and compression fraps.Imagine quality and compression ratio mare.Foarte good for something moca.Mersi software.

  3. Very good tutorial! How do I subtritarea film occur with diacritics? subtritare I put a movie, but I see subtritarea Lite phone.

  4. For those who do not go there to download can download it here thousand one I did not go on there site but here only

  5. bebe407 said

    Audi and video files fix corrupted / damaged
    You were wrong …… you don't hear… I respect your work and I greet you

    • 3 10-15-11dan says pntreu trying to do a cover of an e-book but fail to use this site, do not know where to start. asked to login, here comes a box pntreu a serial number, for this number trimitla me an address where I can not find anything about serial no. So everything remain as before. I would like eventually to find other sites that deal with the same activity, creating covers for e-book. Attention adreasa e-mail is not valid, I received a mailer daemon with a bag of formulas on! -3V helped this answer?

  6. mk3_cdj said

    the coolest software I use much do very well or what

  7. claudiusss said

    Sorry for offtopic, but I have some problem with the option of a partition in win 7 how to change That file folder appear not to mimic, to be so (As I show in partition alata) ms in advance for your help!

  8. I love wallpaper

  9. Very good software for a free version, but do not know how to be free.Va Thank you have made known.

  10. It's super strong so I really wanted the program.

  11. I is used for a long time I can say that I did go OK.Am a Romanian sutitrare in a movie that I could not use diacriticele.Urmariti this video

  12. Thanks Adi for the tutorial… I also used this program… I reinstalled windows and forgot what it was called.:D

  13. is there any prog. with that audio video out on the net. or my computer from me and put them on the car GPS.?
    thanks a lot!

  14. I'm pretty sure a nice to try, but was also a little walk to settings (some) to see how to do the picture, thanks.

  15. sumomanu said

    thanks for the tutorial

  16. thanks for this software
    very useful

  17. prigoana70 said

    Bravo Adrian for the video tutorial! I also use this software and I can say that it is very good. I also gladly recommend it. Good luck and… I'm watching you…

  18. axelluny said

    Congratulations tutorial.Este a pleasure to watch when you find time necesar.Sunteti true professionals in the field, and I think you are about the only ones in Romania.Faceti a great service and our country promavand Romanian language used in this tutorial, but also by Changing Perceptions from the Romans, as being intelligent and not just thieves, or whatever.
    We see that we can make this program portable by unzipping the 7z.

  19. I say fail to decode, what to do?

    • AdrianGudus said

      par: I say fail to decode, what to do?  

      Let me install package of codecs. Write up in the search box to the right of the black border: Klit, hit enter, watch the tutorial, do what was said there and it should work.
      It was good if you were trading details which file you tried to convert in the format?

      • I uploaded a video clip (mpg) is the extension of this, it's a piece of 10 min from a surveillance camera outside

  20. Where is the repair option? An automatically when choosing a conversion?

  21. How do you see the width after my conversion? have a DVD player connected to my tv and after Converse sees long with bands on the sides 2 TV like to see on the screen, as filmele.mentionez as dvd player is well set

    • AdrianGudus said

      cuibaru: How do you see the width after my conversion? Have a DVD player connected to my tv and after Converse sees long with bands on the sides 2 TV like to see on the screen, as filmele.mentionez the dvd player is well set  

      You go and settings (it was shown in the tutorial) and choose a higher resolution, each file format has advanced settings. When you throw the clip in the software list window appears where you can choose the format you want to convert. After you click, and select which format you want to convert the video, click on the Settings button in the same window in which you are shown vide Size formats and choose the desired resolution and to choose 16 Aspect Ratio: 9 or Fully Expand

      • thank you very much

        You go and settings (it was shown in the tutorial) and choose a higher resolution, each file format has advanced settings. When you throw the clip in the software list window appears where you can choose the format you want to convert. After you click, and select which format you want to convert the video, click on the Settings button in the same window in which you are shown vide Size formats and choose the desired resolution and to choose 16 Aspect Ratio: 9 or Fully Expand  

  22. Paullik83 said

    not support diacritics. I know of this thing is fix pack installation site of Lb. RO of Windows.
    Does anyone know another option?

  23. tibyarad said

    It's very good program to a point
    It's beginning to appear and update him with better versions.
    It's good that it's free, Xilisoft asked if Vree make money making factory format.

    Thanks for the tutorial

    Sincerely Tibyarad

  24. yonuts_01 said

    I've wanted to try this soft sh
    but I've always had a problem
    tells me "illegal file name"
    iam changed the name of the video
    but nothing
    : | |: |: |: |

  25. respect! pt.munca yours!

  26. bravo very good software I learned a lot here. and how to install Windows etc.

  27. Very good program. in height. Thank you.

  28. Cristian Cretu said

    hello my name is Cristian Cretu and I was wondering if you could make a videotutorial about autocad 2007, I've be helpful

  29. best conversion software that I ever folosot.

  30. with what program and how to convert a video clip in photo images (to make all images, photos automatically to all video) THANK YOU!

  31. Gabriel Lungu said

    Adrian Thank you so much! You're a million

  32. please tell me how to fix audio files with this program, thank you

  33. Bau25Bau said

    Hello !
    I have an AMR file and when you enter the program and want to make it fail wma.
    Gives me the error "Encoder exception"
    Can you help me ?

  34. Hello,
    pretty please help me to introduce the phone audio file with the extension. AAX. Thanks in advance.

  35. Howdy
    How can I watch videos on a TV. samsung full hd, because when I turn on the camera (OLYMPUS VG - 130) in which I have the video it tells me that the TV does not support the resolution.

  36. Dan Demeter said

    Hi please say how can I do if I 8 files in MPG format camera filmed them together in one file then I will convert MP 4.

  37. Thanks a lot for the tutorial, I was helpful! Spor in everything you do!

  38. I greet you
    I tried this software, it works very well and I like it great, but something happens at the time of the conversion.
    I use a Corel software to edit movies, or a photo collage with music background, here I do not have too many options to choose audio formats, but mp.3 is, now i have a video file format mp.4 downloaded from Facebook and from Ytube, I put it on this software and makes it mp.3 without problems, but when I want it too the software from Corel tells me there is not this file and can not be opened. I have tried 11 with 3 conversion software and the same message, but if I take X.3 what I find through my computer, it sees and installs them as a musical background. What can happen to this conversion? No matter what I do, they are not .XNUMX as other songs I have. Please help me to discover this strange conversion phenomenon, what can be done. Thank you very much.

  39. Dan Iv. said

    Very good tutorial: how to extract the soundtrack from a PPS.
    Question: Why Error00001 appears when extracting the sound. ?
    I followed dcaf exactly as you described the procedure.

  40. 23.04.2019 - Hello Mr. Burlugeanu,
    I come back with the request to answer me why extracting the soundtrack in MP3, from multiple PPSs
    at the end, when I wait for Erorr 0 conversion, ooooooo1.
    I just followed your tutorial. Where is the mistake they are doing?


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