Functions, settings and image quality Hikvision IP camera

Hi friends, a few tutorials ago we introduced IP camera Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-I, a camera which finally turned out to be excellent, in fact far beyond my expectations since acquisition.
Apart from the fact that this IP camera has a top sensor, it also comes with a very "sharp" focal length lens (2.8mm-12mm), we have some chromatic aberrations but we must keep in mind that we are talking about a surveillance camera not ARRI Alexa + Ziess.
The image quality of the sensor is perfect, just leave a little contrast and clarity as to get a more natural picture.
Pay attention to sliders, many will be tempted to raise them all to the fullest, unfortunately if you have not picked up within (reduced image noise, sharpness, WDR) will obtain images with artificial appearance and motion blur.
Aside from image quality must say that this camera has some annoying, I am referring to the focus, you need to wait a minute 2 to focus properly. Fortunately must not focus only once and have escaped. The truth is that we can not have it all, manual focus allowed the development of other components without raising costs. Speaking of cost, if you have a budget too permissive, I invite you to watch two video tutorials that I published some time ago where I talked about a little more expensive that in addition has microphone, perfect for indoor and areas Well lit:
Setting up a video surveillance system audio, the 1, installation and setup IP camera
Setting up a surveillance system, the 2, audio recording and video management
Now let's move on to Chapter recording our room here Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-I is champion, can record events based on events that cover just about everything you can think of. Of course this IP camera can record nonstop micro SD card or a network account storage (NAS, FTP, CIFS), but why do that when you can record only when necessary.
If you do not know what is NAS and FTP, I invite you to watch the tutorials about NAS and FTP:
Tutorials NAS:
Zyxel NSA presentation 320 unit for storing network and beyond
Complete tutorial on setting up and using a NAS Zyxel NSA320
FTP Tutorials:
Installation and setup XAMPP apache php mysql server containing and ftp server
How to transfer files with FileZilla FTP server
After establishing rules camera can shoot at:
1. Motion detection in the frame.
2. Move in a certain area determined by us.
3. Crossing a line drawn new account management screen (line crossing).
4. Assault camera (Video tampering).
5. Intrusion Detection passing through the frame set by us (Intrusion Detection).
In addition, IP camera Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-I can shoot before and after motion detection, that can record a few seconds before entering the thief in frame (Pre-record and Post-record)
Another security feature is the email reporting when invalid login attempts are detected.
I could talk a lot about this beautiful room but better to watch the tutorial, it contains much more detail.
If you are interested in following this tutorial to play with an IP camera, remember that I made a hardware guide about buying a camera where you can find a lot of information that would help.
Aaaa, one more thing, in the "Internet of things" (internet of things) the IP camera was about the first device, unfortunately everyone is focused on refrigerators and ovens connected to the internet. OMG!

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  1. I don't know… it seems to me that it has clarity only up close on that firefighter… otherwise it's in the fog like that ..
    wait and poe connection.
    thank you.

    • Due to the relatively large sensor and large aperture (f1.2) depth of field (line focus) is quite narrow spaced. Those who used a camera in hand, I know what it is. There is a flaw, it is really something nice sometimes.
      All the focus is only possible with very small sensors and small diaphragm from f8 up.

  2. Cristi does not get bored. You have not thought about quitting unit? get your or build your all-in on PC?

    • Honestly I thought at first glance is more efficient space saving viewpoint.
      Unfortunately an all in one do not think that level of performance is so good, and I'm used to the performance.
      Laptops and PCs all in one have a much lower performance level desktop due to energy constraints and especially heat.

      • The right ones in even small cases are bad but in something like Antec ISK 600 case, it's not all in on but dar 🙂 or other types of cases, I saw even high-performance mini ITX motherboards, as an idea I miss something different from the cases traditional

  3. caisinion said

    I would like a tutorial on - on what criteria do we choose an on-board video recorder, thank you for existing !!!

  4. Hello! I also asked the question but I did not receive an answer! I want something and I'm willing to pay for it. I appreciate you, among many others, for telling us the cheapest solutions. I want to have a site or on my personal PC something to stream from location A without static ip (like on ustream, for example) and to be able to access that streaming from another place - location B - as an ip source you could put it in a video mixer. I would ask you to give me the cheapest solution you can find and then a price for implementation and maintenance, a price that if it suits me I will pay! Thank you

    • In what way do you mean streaming video files, audio files, live radio?
      Be more specific and know what answer I give. Of streaming methods are different. The idea is that you should know exactly what you want and tell me that.

      • Events live without being bombarded by ads. Thanks

        • You overwhelmed with the details!
          Where do you get the video source, what hardware you have, what you streaming method (one to many, one-to-one), ie how many customers will see the stream or streams.
          I already feel like a cop interrogating a suspect…
          You can be generous with the details, I want to help you, but some you do not.

          • Sorry, forget all the details. I have a 4G modem (can't assign static ip) to the internet and a laptop. Using a USB 3.0 capture card (blackmagic Intensity Shuttle) I capture a video camera in my laptop. I want to stream with that source to something, on the ustream model - for example - to my own PC with static ip or something, I don't know, and then to be able to access that streaming from another pc, I'm thinking of manycam or splitcam for that they have the possibility to use ip-streaming as a video source and can put them in a video mixer without commercials. In short, I want to be able to use the 4G modem to make it live to a video mixer. Thank you for your patience!

          • If the source (camera image) is seen well in the system, use VLC media player. You can also use flash streamer.
            To use a server so it does not deserve. VLC or ManyCam going well for this.
            But I knew that the capture cards are accompanied by software that allows you to do what you want with a live stream… check the CD of the capture card, it can escape more easily.

          • Just do streaming without static ip we did, the modem 4G not handle me!

  5. alberto Hub said

    I would like a tutorial or guide on achizitionearea LED monitors do you have thoroughly done one a long time ago when there were only lcd would be nice and a continuous D and I would like a LED but there are many criterions to consider and many do not know and the price is not always be the easy way. [I heard from my monitor unite play a real black other that I have smaller pixel size and etc] Excuse me for this paragraph would be always grateful for the tutorial, I have heard that is taken into account.

  6. alberto Hub said

    thank you very much can not wait rankings and everything.

  7. Hi guys when a tutorial on how to fix Shutdown

  8. Cristi LagFix application works on nexus4?… And I want to know if this application is necessary for nexus 4…

    • Adrian Gudus said

      LagFix is ​​useful on devices that have Android version 4.3 or later. Especially is it useless on a Nexus device where the hardware and software is perfect because aft from the same producer

  9. Costel Besliu said

    I have a question for you. How can I make a backup of the operating system on a tablet with Windows?

  10. Hello!

    How resistant is acceasta ip camera from lightning (lightning), which affects NICs, switches networks are UTP or FTP.

    • No switch, router, network card, ip camera, etc., do not withstand lightning.
      We need a sacrificial component. Soon I'll make a tutorial in which you present something to protect us from lightning on the LAN.
      I just lost:
      A router D-link DIR 655
      Gigabit Switch
      Panasonic Smart Card TV network.
      Lightning can strike at any time and must be prepared for that.
      For a long time we have this problem in networks providers, dir that never talks about it.

      • Even today I wanted to mount, unfortunately it's a very strong wind outside and I'm kinda afraid to throw me down the stairs.
        After a mount will inform you and tell you how I did the route data and POE power.

  11. I hope the next tutorial will be about protection equipment or which would be their name, IP cameras, switches, and network placde Components that could be a sacrifice if Compounds with good results and a handy replacement option with a cost acceptable. But the measures to be taken by providers, or you have asked for better protection provaiderilor an equipment to individuals.

  12. constantin said

    Hello Cristi and I'd like to see pictures or a small video camera that you got a final position in which a fix (at the eaves of the house or beams) to figure out how it works exactly, distance beating and if can shoot with the infrared day and night. Thank you.

  13. "Lightning protection, flash, LAN lightning rod, network, router, AP"
    Price: 50 RON
    If you have problems with lightning, will fail router, AP, computer or components from a network, then this product will get rid of trouble and provides surge protection that appear on the external LAN and can bring you more damage by failure echipamenteleor Expensive connected to the network.
    The product is compatible with 10 / 100base any LAN
    and will provide a dispersion of surges of up to 13KA
    It is mounted at the entrance to the house of the network and needs a grounding with a resistance below 4 ohms for the dispersion of the overload "
    Not advertise! I am not the seller.
    I just searched on "Goagal" (according to vanghelepedia): lightning network protection
    There are many results there. That's just primu of them.
    I'm sorry but your sponsor (emag) sells "Surge protector APC PNET1GB for data lines"
    at a much higher price (129 Lei)

    • I like your comment:
      "If you have problems with lightning, it will affect your router, network card." call now to take advantage of the offer....
      The park is at Teleshop.

      • ....... if you had read everything I wrote you would have seen that I do not advertise, that I am NOT the seller ……

        • I don't understand why you're so…. What you didn't understand, I told you that I like the comment, in addition it is also funny, it seems detached from a teleshop advertisement (protocol form).
          I have not accused you claim as proof I left and url, just got him in quotation marks for security reasons. Who needs the device can put the link in your browser bar and enter.
          May relax you, a compliment is always jerking off.
          ...... ..
          Or you just want to insult?

  14. Nicushoor said

    Cristi, please say 2,3 more about the Nexus 4. I hope you didn't get bored of it :)). Android 5.0 is coming soon as an update and we don't know what's new. Maybe you can tell us…. It's worth it, it's not worth it.

    • It's like you're behind me, and you see what I'm doing…
      Right now 5 minutes I checked on the official website Android Factory Images. I check 3-5 times a day to see if they have put the "goods". Rumor has it that the images appear on November 3, but you never know
      How does how you say what and how, sitting without worrying!

  15. ioncaisin said

    I want to know if anything can be done with the wireless mouse, if I lost its adapter. usb, that is, if it can be put on the usb cable? … ..Sorry… it's easier for me to express myself in Russian, but I hope you understand what I mean

  16. ioncaisin said

    it would be good to make a vacuum. tutorial on repairing memory sticks with the help of vacuum and pid codes, codes that are identified with the help of software such as ChipGenius or CheckUDisk, because many throw away the sticks that can be repaired, sorry, it's just an idea…

  17. Marius Nechifor said

    Hello Cristi. I searched through your tutorials, but I found how to do port forwarding to use a tablet as a camera via the ip webcam. Inside the wifi network goes, but if I go home and I comectez 3G phone to not work. I understand that to do port forwarding on the router. The router is brand TPlink with a dish (do not remember the exact model, we do not have on hand)

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We already have a tutorial on port forwarding. I don't know how you searched for it but you didn't find it, but for a simple search with the terms "how to do port forwarding", the tutorial can be found using the search box on the top right from our site.

  18. Hi Cristi. I have a request to you, you tell me if the IP cameras can also be used for voice / video skype, yahoo mesenger, etc .; I want to buy a Dlink DCS-room apartment 942L for supervision and would be good if I can use for calls; Thanks in advance for your help and tutorials that you make.

  19. Gabriel Costache said

    Hello! In a few days you must receive a package with Hikvision IP camera and I have a few questions; if I want to make more room in the same surveillance system must purchase a NVR? or the NAS is only sufficiently. The second problem is that the NAS is one location to another location and IP cameras, both locations with dynamic ip RDS net. The third question related to power IEEE POE IP camera 802.3af, power can be poets but also with PoE switch has 12V and feeder ports 48 50-4V order not to risk burning room?
    Thank you and best day possible!

    • 1. A nose is enough room for more if you set Ip well and if you have enough space on the disk.
      2. For dynamic IPs use DDNS service.
      3. The standard makes sure that each device to receive the necessary voltage, it is normal feeder switch to be stronger, as also needs energy.

  20. Gabriel Costache said

    Hello! Please nice if you can make a tutorial about connecting the camera to an NSA Zxyel 320. I think ZYXEL not support IP cameras. NSA must be in the same network camera? I NSA from one location to another location and room both with RDS net. Thank you.

  21. Mircea Filipescu said

    I have some more complicated questions and I would like very much to be able to help me.
    1. Hikvision rooms can transmit live, store card and cloud imagery but also make one photo at a set time on certain days of the week, all at once?
    2. From images taken at a time (eg one hour) can form a time lapse?
    Thank you.
    Mircea Filipescu

  22. Hi Cristi! your video tutorial convinced me and I got something similar model 2132F-IWS. I installed it as I knew how and in the settings I was very inspired by your tutorial …… what can I say ???… .large viewing angle, super day image, super microSD recording, detect EVERYTHING. and a fly approaching the room… .I still have some settings that I don't think I hit… .I mention that I have the room located just like you, on an eaves… ..on the 1st floor, at about 5,5m height :
    1. The night with IR on the live image is almost zero + something like some spots on the left side more… some round… .as if someone played with their fingers on it… .I don't know… .is the LEDs cleaned with something?
    2. Very important…. in LIVE VIEW after every 56 seconds the image freezes for a fixed 16 seconds each time… .is it normal?… ..or it has a defect… .we went 100% on your settings….
    3. I CANNOT activate LINE CROSSING DETECTION… seems to be set… appears on LIVE VIEW but does not start recording when hovering over it… ..
    Thank you for your answers!

    • 1. The night is a problem, especially during warmer when butterflies and other insects are close to the camera.
      Another problem can occur when dirty or sensor inside that dome. Day not seen, but the night is stressed that ISO is raised to the maximum any amplified beyond measure.
      2. It is possible that your PC be weaker or connection to be weak. Check records to see if you are registered.
      3. See there are several places to make settings. Settings checked once again and see if the card is formatted in camera.

  23. You may have gotten your hands on the lens and IRs when I fixed the adjective… ..with what could I erase them?
    PC is good i .i3 with 4GB of RAM… .good net connection… .from Romtelecom via fiber optic IPTV… ..
    I formatted the card at installation… register register… ..
    It has a soft circular sponge / rubber on the edge of the lens… .this may cover the first row of LEDs… .I saw it on the net… .That must be taken down… .It is called FOAM RING…
    Thanks for the reply!

  24. cristian said

    It doesn't work for me…. I can't change the ip and what's left there in SADP. Can anyone help me?

  25. Cristian good I have a problem if you can help me somehow, I want to tell you that I love your videos more room .I ds-2cd2122f-IWS and fail to I set my email all crashes, I saw your videoclopul but it does not work, and still cVA settings once I did not set would need to remain even if disconnecting from the instant I saw eg storage that has not checked .Dear sd card but my problem is I can not set the address email if you need advice 0742818510.Ms than I have learned from you.

  26. Hello. I have recently bought a DS-2CD2420F-IW camera, which I can not even record it on my SD card. When I walk into the room with my phone with the ezizlife program, it records in the phone memory. When I go after the computer with the same program I record on my computer hard drive. When I enter the IP address in Internet Explorer and go in with the Hikvivion program presented by you in the tutorial not in the storage setting I choose the memory card to save, it says it was saved but the registration does not work because it says the file can not be created. The rest of the room is OK, but it is useless that it does not record without a computer or telephone. Can you help me.
    I have 8 GB formatted NTFS format
    I've also formed the camera with the camera and for nothing

  27. Thanks, now it works, I had to select "continuous recording"

  28. Hello.
    The camera uses 5 hours per day for recording (surveillance) and the rest of the 19 (plus weekend) time is still on.
    How do I stop it from going into a standby mode in order not to consume current in vain?
    Thank you in advance.


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