Vault Gallery, Securing and hiding private photos from your phone

Gallery Vault, password and hide private photos from your phone - Android application

Today, when there is virtually no privacy, it is very hard to keep our private data away from prying eyes of the cloud's or relatives.
Suppose we take a picture with your phone when you are in an intimate depiction. Picture is saved in the phone's memory, then it can lead automatically to the cloud, depending on the settings you have made.
Google, Facebook, Dropbox, OneDrive, and many other applications, have access to your photos, all for the god "share".
If you feel that some part of your life should remain private, you must use an application that Vault Gallery, which puts us under lock and key phone pictures
What is Gallery Vault?
It helps you keep a second gallery parallel to the phone, you can keep photos, footage and files. The phone is a digital safe
A very interesting option Vault Gallery app, the app is able to hide. Thus, the application can not be seen but can be launched by a secret way, that only the phone owner knowing.
What about the private photos that already have?
Gallery Vault allows us to import photos from the gallery stock in the password vault. Imports can be done in Gallery Vault interface or directly on the picture, with the share function of the phone.
For absolute security and privacy, it is recommended to take pictures directly from the Gallery Vault application panel, so cloud services and "curious" applications will not see your private photos or videos at all. You can also take pictures with the camera application, after which you can send the pictures to the safe, with share; But unfortunately the pictures can be seen by other applications, until they are sent to the safe.
1. Email that put it at the start wizard (installation) must be real; So you can recover your pin in case you forget it.
2. To hide the application must choose at least two ways to launch.
3. If you uninstall Vault Gallery, previously restore photos from the safe, otherwise it will be lost.
Video tutorial - Gallery Vault, password and hiding private pictures from your phone
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    I also liked the phase with the police 'if you see the gallery vault installed, it will automatically beat you until you put the pine' there ':)))))

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  4. Hello . can I make a sound when I unlock the android? with access code or model…. is there any application that knows how to do this?

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  8. Cam yes and no thing too since hide photos with your hand give a lot of agreement pertaining to privacy permissions when installing a not you think?

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  15. A method of password cards there ??

  16. I stayed at the pictures in the file manager! Now I have two jobs!

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