Wifi password finder for any network

Wifi password finder for any network

Wifi password finder for any network

Wifi password finder for any network

Probably everyone once connected to a WiFi network with your PC and for some reason forgot password; Or maybe we want to transfer to your phone, stored on a laptop wifi networks.
Finding passwords from wifi networks that have been connected, it is quite simple if you use NetShell "netsh".
Just use CMD and within seconds we can find passwords that we were all connected networks.
How do we find the networks that are saved?
Order finding networks:
netsh wlan show profile
After displaying the list of saved networks, simply choose our network which we want to know the password.

Order for finding a network password saved:
netsh wlan show profile numele rețelei key=clear
In the "Security Settings" in the right "Key content" you have wifi password.
You can do the above operation for all networks stored, just changing the network name.
Not to type the command manually for each network, use the arrows on the keyboard. Up arrow and down arrow last order return.
You want to do this on your phone or tablet?
Nothing easier:
-Display Save your wireless password or tableta-
If you are interested in logging on for WiFi networks that do not have passwords, watch the tutorial ...How to crack WPA wireless password, or WEP with BackTrack WPA2

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  1. What are the controls for Ubuntu Linux ??

  2. Vlad Andrey1456 said

    I followed these steps but I do not see "Key Content", so no password that network ... I 3 networks that have been connected to none appears to me. What to do in this case?

  3. Vlad Andrey1456 said

    I apologize for the comment posted earlier, I opened again CMD with administrator rights and this time I managed to find all the 3 networks. If you meet someone the same problem, open CMD with administrator rights

    • It's good that you specified. Thanks for completion.
      I use Windows and I 10 on their local admin rights. If you use Microsoft Windows to account or are not logged as Administrator, you must open CMD with Administrator privileges.

  4. Hello Cristi
    Maybe it's not really suitable tutorial but ...... Can you please tell me why when I want to record a video with low light conditions oneplus one I greatly darkens the picture? while the camera is turned on auto mode for example, one sees quite well but when I give it gets dark very hard video full screen image and black. I use 5.02 lollipop, all I searched everywhere and have not found troubleshooting where the problem is. Oneplus forum I found a topic with the same problem but no answer https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/camera-problem.332373/
    thank you

    • At any camera and not only electronic viewfinder (screen image) is just an emulation is not exactly what you have captured file (photo or video). A quick change of exposure:
      1. Chickens room in auto mode.
      2. Simply click on acran circle and enter the circle with + and - in him. From there you're doing.
      Also, try to play with ISO and exposure metering. Choose cernter or matrix mode for auto exposure and a bigger iso image brighter. Ateny however, high ISO noise means.

      • I've changed all the settings and nothing. In a place with low light did some pictures of all the car but also on how night (without flash) and photos were good but when I gave video darkened all images and no longer saw all the people at the table the darkness was just some very bright lights were visible.

        I was thinking that if you increase the ISO should be brighter shooting with background noise, in vain, to me that's not too visible for the image noise is almost completely black.

        • It means that where you want to film is quite dark and the camera in video mode shutter speed can not fall under 1 / 30.
          Limiting the video is 1600 lower for ISO, aperture and f2.0 1 / 30 shutter. Photo mode shutter can stay open longer, up to 8 30 seconds and the video was part of a second. That's because it must bring 30 fps and of course the shutter must open / close 30 times per second.
          On the photo you can leave the shutter open and 8 seconds, thus collect more light.
          Look at the photo's EXIF ​​and you will see that the shutter is open longer in the picture.

          You can try a camera Next:
          Mod this can go up to ISO 3200, that besides many other functions in addition to the official room.

  5. Cristi play a 4 Moder Warfare Call of Duty MP :))))?

  6. Cristi how can we stop unnecessary processes running in Windows 10 like Cortana, I stopped Cortana but the task still runs in his icercat meneger I give end task but does not close and ram eating nothing.

    • Cortana is related to the Search Service and Edge. I'll look for an elegant solution and will do a tutorial.
      Until now, the solutions are quite destructive, leaving the user with no search or Edge functions.

  7. When I test Acer's V Nitro ... you can try and GTA V and Metal Gear Solid V or 3 Witcher?

  8. Hello. Can you please do a new tutorial on how to crack a network but Kali Linux? The other is already outdor. Thanks

  9. A tutorial on Android keylogger can in the near future? Thank you

  10. Mihai ionescu said

    Good evening, Mr. Cristi, no country Videotutorial Contact actualu but another anterior.De that I apologize.
    I wanted to make a Clockwork Mod recovery and can not find my phone model in lista.Am Samsung Galaxy Core Prime.Este root at (I root at the KingRoot and it worked perfectly) I checked with root checker pro . Can you help me? Thank with plenty stima..m.ionescu

  11. Good morning Mr. Cristi, my facebook account temporarily closed, over how long it can open. Thank you very much.

  12. Failed with no wi fi password app on the Play Store to find the password to the router's Wi fi.care best app? ... - Surfer wi fi?

    • AdrianGudus said

      So you can find a WiFi network password on your phone or tablet must fulfill several conditions: to have phone or tablet root at / A, that you are connected to the WiFi network once that. Once you meet these two conditions, you can go on with our tutorial on "Display wireless password stored in the phone or tablet" that you find using the search box at the top right

  13. mostwanted said

    Great tutorial! The presented works, noting that must have turned off User Account Control.

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