Management of data from Android phones or tablets with Moborobo - video tutorial

Management of data from Android phones or tablets with Moborobo - video tutorial
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Hi friends in this tutorial I will present Moborobo, an application with which we can manage all your phone data on your PC We do backup, we can restore dataWe can copy files in either direction, we can uninstall apps and more.
On the phone we can do whatever we want but it seems more comfortable on the PC, at least if we stay uninstall applications on Android too much Moborobo application allows us to manage several phones simultaneously and among others enables us to uninstall any application very easy ..
A big advantage that comes Moborobo is that we can connect to PC via wireless phones, that means you do not even have to sit next mobile phone or PC so we can copy data from it to make backup or uninstall applications.
What we need?
Moborobo application installed on the PC
Application installed on the phone and debugging enabled
A USB cable or wireless connection (PC connected to the same router as the phone)
For wireless application on moborobo phone needs root
Follow the wizard and ready, in time you will need some confirmation, so be careful and pay attention to the process.
If you are only interested in Android mobile backup, my colleague Adrian did a tutorial on how to do "backup from PC to Android devices without root and without recovery"Can be useful is if you do not like Moborobo.

Download Moborobo (Free for Windows and Android)

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Cristi I think you might be interested: "" is about virtualbox transfer from PC and vice versa

  2. Cristian Zarafin said

    A pretty good schedule. The downside is that if you want to use it over Wi-Fi need ROOT, which I do not do something too recent to my devices. Frankly, I find more useful AirDroid. Why? Well maybe you do not have that device ROOT + that everything is done in browser without installing any application on your PC / Laptop [just phone / tablet application installed from Google Play (has 3,73 Mb]

  3. Weird. Wed my antivirus blocking access to the site.

  4. marian ionescu said

    Interestingly, it did not. There is a similar app (that works on the browser) and is called airdroid

  5. Cristi, you could make a recommendation to tell us the differences between AMD and Intel, following that to make a system with both! If you like. I would need! The "mechanics" are beginner and want to learn more about setting up a system!

  6. Sorin Chiran said

    High software is like Snapple!

  7. Anderson said

    A very good software, I even had one of these for a Samsung I9100 (S2) original by samsung android 2.3.4.
    Cristi why is the phone went serviced finished with rootarile or change flash, well see that that if you are caught not tell him do not even watch it puts you to pay the repair, they have a cache of their ex 0 is good if you get it done, but if 1,2,3 says the Lord what you have done with this goal root of your lost guarantee

    • Andi`s said

      yes .. you are right .. if you take the phone away from them so as to realize the root was done he / change of stock in custom firmware ... they 'deserved it :))). but who is documenting before doing this knows ... there application that deletes the counter, any yellow triangle or USB JIG for Samsung s sites

  8. vladutz! said

    And to use it by the root wirlless must download that app right from the official site ..

  9. Cristi you have root your phone? I mean sony xperia u. You'll do a toturial how rooteaza this phone?

  10. Simply Snapple's essential and what is not needed root

  11. george blabariu said

    sal, Cristi teas wondering if you installed, Windows XP Awesome Edition SP3 v2 (2011) and if so, how do you connect to internet??

    • Install and you're a normal xp brother a while ago and I install some kind last xp vienna edition and others but I have concluded that they are crap and that all a classic move better.

  12. KodeJust said

    Cristi Wow you even managed to bricku-uiesti your smartphone :))
    And I have a LG Optimus Black P970 and I locked myself bootloadeul. I just could not do anything with him, he was a dead smartphone, I pulled out the battery, did a lot of issues to manage your PC to recognize it when you connect. but I managed to unlock.
    Luckily our friends at XDA Developers who mau out of trouble again, so I managed to debrickuiesc
    I brickuit me when I am flashuit ClockworkMod, ClockworkMod was becoming but not that I did not root properly smartphone, we must be very, very careful when root device when flashuim generally sensitive when we do things.

  13. I have a question with moborobo can move applications from the phone to the card?

  14. Why can not connect to me? write connect failed retry and give nothing .....

  15. Hello!
    You can do a tutorial on the application of the

  16. Hi all I am writing this in hopes that you can help me. I bought a samsung galaxy s plus from someone ... the problem is he does not go on any card .... orange vodafone etc .. say no ... I tried sim unlock most programs, what I do as does
    Network Lock
    Network Subset Lock
    SP Lock
    CP Lock

    nustiu what can you do ... plz help me.

  17. Very good, useful and interesting tutorial. Thank you.

  18. adrian76 said

    I made a backup, I entered the addressbook and it's total chaos. can not see, are strange

  19. I have an LG G3 and if you do update the 5.0 and 4.4 want to return to, this can be solved by a factory reset?

  20. No. Even dca you restore factory reset the phone he had last firmware. In your case if you do the update 5.0



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