Gaming Laptop Purchasing Guide and School

Gaming Laptop Purchasing Guide and School
Gaming Laptop Purchasing Guide and School
Today laptops have become capable of replacing a desktop. It can be said that a good laptop is not as expensive as in the past.

What's important for a laptop?

1. Screen to be IPS
2. Quality keyboard
3. Good touchpad with fast response
4. Powerful dedicated processor
5. Powerful central processor
6. SSD - can be mounted after purchase
7. Have RAM that can change (not be stuck on the board)


Starting from the above criteria, I found a laptop with a very good price ratio that is good for absolutely any task.
The price of this laptop is not great if we take into account the fact that this laptop can successfully replace a desktop.
This laptop is good for Gaming, but also for school, if you have to do some boring stuff.
Last but not least, the Lenovo Y520 laptop looks great, a matter of great importance when you go with your laptop to college or colleagues come to you.

My recommendation to you:

Lenovo Legion Y520-15IKBN Gaming Laptop with Intel® Core® i5-7300HQ 2.50GHz Processor, Kaby Lake ™, 15.6 ", Full HD, IPS, 8GB, 1TB, nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB

Other recommendations:

For office

HP 250 G5 laptop with Intel® Core 3 i5005-2.00U 15.6GHz processor, Broadwell ™, 4 ″, 128GB, 5500GB SSD, Intel HD Graphics XNUMX

For fashionists

ASUS ZenBook UX410UA-GV163T Ultrabook with Intel® Core ™ i3-7100U 2.40 GHz Processor, Kaby Lake, 14 ", Full HD, 4GB, 500GB + 128GB SSD, Intel HD Graphics 620, Microsoft Windows 10 Home, Gray

If you already have a laptop, you can do it faster by mounting an SSD, either in the M2 slot or in the optical drive.

SSX M.2 SSD installation and SSD vs. SSHD performance difference

Second hard drive or ssd on laptop instead of optical drive

Gaming and School Laptop Buying Guide - Video Tutorial

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  1. Cristi is absolutely required to disable these services for ssd on windows 10
    Defragmentation, system restore, memory, virtual memory, prefetch, for better performance and long life of ssd?

  2. Once again, my congratulations for what you are doing, and above all, it's also educational, but for me, my opinion a leptop is a file not that I would not like it, the only thing is that when something goes wrong it's more complicated to change the pieces, The most important thing is to cool and clean it up. If we put a leptop and a desktop to go non-stop without stopping it, but working on them I do not know who resists the most.

  3. Constantin said

    Hello Cristi, I have a G580 Laptop going to mount a SSX M.2, I have unlocked it but I do not see where the M2 slot is, thank you

  4. Apetrei Paul said

    And who I have a budget of 550? What should i buy?

  5. It is a good idea for school but unfortunately I do not know what the problem is about this site on google chrome tells me something like SSL security I win xp and it appears to me to update to IE v.14. Solve the problem that persists on the site.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      The problem is not with us, you are using an outdated, unsafe operating system, a system that is incapable of new web technologies, an operating system for which Microsoft no longer supports.
      The world is not evolving, we have to give it up, to use a modern operating system, modern technologies. If you prefer to stay up and use Windows XP, you're on your own. It means you take all the risks.

  6. Ms for information although I update up to 2019 but then why do we lie at microsoft and deceive us with vain illusions plus what I know win xp is valid until 2099 I read on the net. Otherwise you have bafta and I'm just writing you allview.

  7. Hi, I got a laptop for surfing the net and serial movies when I'm out of the house this model I gave 1350 lei on it, the battery keeps 5 hours light, in a word I'm pleased at the price / quality ratio
    PS do not advertise emag but I like online store from them buy 99% of online products

  8. Narcissus said

    Hi, I bought a laptop a few months ago "quite expensive" I chose the parts and went for i7700k 4.2… 250 ssd, gtx 1060 6gb… 16 gb ram…. but how much it cost me I don't think it lives up to my expectations…. I don't know maybe I chose something wrong or do I have to do something with windows? Your opinion please

  9. André (Andrei) said

    I recommend Dell
    She kind of impressed me

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