Guide purchasing wireless router

What is the best wireless router? It is the question that everyone is asking and when they want to buy a wireless router. The answer is not so simple. First we have to determine the minimum of decency when it comes to wireless routers.

Guide purchasing wireless router

The required minimum a decent router in 2015-2016:
1. WAN and LAN should have Gigabit
2. NAT must have hardware acceleration
3. You must have at least a WiFi stream 802.11 AC (433 Mbps)
4. QoS basic
Now that we have the minimum necessary, and we thought the more advanced features; For wireless routers are some super smart devices lately; They all sorts servers, QoS, advanced firewall and even parental control.
Advanced features found on smart routers:
1. Guest WiFi Networks
2. Server VPN (PPTP, OpenVPN, IPSec)
3. Advanced QoS
4. FTP Server
5. Samba Server
6. Print server
7. Advanced Security Network
8. Advanced DDoS Protection
9. Dual WAN
10. Network connection 3G / 4G (USB modem)
11. USB Ports 2.0 and 3.0
12. DLNA server
13. ITunes Server streaming (iPhone, iPad)
14. Advanced control bandwidth on IP
15. VPN Client (router connects to another server VPN)
To be better for everyone I found two routers that fit the above description. The first is a very good router, but without any advanced features too, and the second is a router with something for everyone. The latter is a passionate router.
As pure speed, these routers are probably in the same place, making a difference functions that add value, comfort and security.

Best wireless router basic (decent price).
TP-LINK Wireless Router C2 Archer, Dual Band, AC750

Best wireless router with advanced (at decent price)
ASUS RT-AC66U Black Diamond Dual-Band Wireless AC Router Gigabit 1750, 802.11 a, b, g, n and ac

I own a router Asus RT-AC56U best Wireless router that I ever had, and this AC66U is even better.

If however you want to buy super cheap routers (almost free), I invite you to watch the following video tutorials:
TP-Link router Tutorial
Tutorial Netis
Or maybe you want to see how to amplify the weak wireless signal…

Video Tutorial - Wireless Router Purchase Guide

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  1. Can you give me some examples of specialized sites about routers?

      The best site in the field.

      • Teodor Manole said

        Forgive me Cristian for using this way, please recommend me a very, very much a router that offers a dynamic IP, or… and from here I don't know anymore, vpn server? ..only if it encodes the IP; I don't want this router to log it to another vpn server, because the prices are very high, and I don't want to carry out hacking activities. For now, I have 800 RON, but I can also find other money. All the routes I studied do not clearly state if the ip is dynamic.
        Thank you very very much.

        • There is no method of hiding or as you say "coding". You may want to make a VPN connection to a server, with the router being a VPN client. Then you will have a tunnel to the IP in "Alaska" and all your hacking activity will seem to be initiated in Alaska. Of course you have to have a VPN server in Alaska.
          Asus routers, but not all, can be VPN server and client.
          Theoretically you can do dozens of tunnels through which you walk with your data. From Romania to Alaska, via Japan and Nigeria.
          However, if you mind skilled people, you can be found and if you use a VPN server on the moon.

  2. Thank you, I ordered an Asus RT-AC66U so a tutorial would be welcome

  3. Some opinions about "Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini Router" would be welcome.

  4. Cristi we see if the router has hardware acceleration, as I read the specs after emag and does not write to any router that has hardware acceleration ????

  5. Catalin Bularca said

    I recently took a c7 archer. I rds FiberLink 1000. On asus ssd n61vn to win 10 and catch the speed 380Mb test cable and WiFi n 85Mb. The WiFi phone S4 needle-80Mb 85 almost everything. On utorent fail 4-5 Mb WiFi. I find little to investment. It is true that I have a i7, but otherwise have all the specifications that should bring me much better speeds. And uploading is very close sometimes even higher What surprises me. What should be done?

  6. Very good tutorial, can you please do a tutorial on the new browser called Vivaldi?

  7. Daniel Radu said

    I just ordered a C2 Archer, the EMAG not wait to get it, and I hope will be very performant

    • is good. mine works for 3 months without restart. Too bad I can't put dd-wrt on it even though I would lose hardware acceleration. wireless is a bit bad yes .. it works… I would take an asus if it was cheaper. yes 500 lei I do not give on a router

  8. Please nice, be nice siajutati me! I Lenovo i510 G5 processor. I uninstalled and installed instead Win8, licensed professional Win7 ok. A few days appeared in the notification bar Win10. I upgraded to Windows 10. . At one point, you are warned: ,, You can not install windoes 10 because the processor does not accept NX "!! (You Can not install the CPU Because windoes 10 does not accept NX) are self-taught and although I doing in different situations, are now outdated. I do not know what to do. You could do a tutorial on this topic?
    Antcipat Thanks!

  9. … Has a sequel: “Unfortunately, this PC cannot run Win 10. This is why Win 10 cannot be installed on this PC. Processor not supported "

  10. Archer use C2 almost 1 year and are very satisfied.
    Media Share and FTP functions are useful.
    Smart TV with Media Share view movies.

  11. Hello ! I have an asus RT-AC66U router and I would like a tutorial about print server on asus + vpn server + cloud storage / media server (I have a NAS - ZyXEL 320). Thank you.

  12. Hello,
    Sagem Puma Phone I go to them and not download the software in Windows 10 Pro (through USB data cable).
    Windows sees the phone, charging a window.
    Then it announces that “Puma software was not installed successfully (9)”.
    Press OK and the window disappears and the charging of the phone.
    The phone goes smoothly on XP, Vista, Windows 7.
    There is a universal program that helps the phone to be supported by Windows 10?
    Thank you.

  13. I'm dead after Asus routers due to software possibilities. Even the cheapest have a wealth of options. I hit a "meatball" from them but I did not discourage I took another, still cheap that works great but is poor on coverage. When I have money I get something good. The rest go on TP-link; I think I bought about 10 TP-links, various models, so far for friends and relatives. The old WR740n does its duty to relatives and friends even today!

  14. I am the one who cliknet. and I am satisfied with it. and I can fae samba port etc. but I do not use these functions

  15. I bought the archer c2 router a week ago from emag… the price is very good, I have been following it for a few months but the price was a bit high… around 240 lei… at 160 lei it's really the best with gigabit and needle, I have gigabit from rds, unfortunately I do not have compatible devices on the 5 ghz band.
    system up time 7 days, when I was not configured offline, much better signal and speed compared 740n

  16. I think it would be interesting tutorial about print f routers Asus server.
    Thank you.

  17. Hey, a tutorial on how you can be connected to ipv6 RDS?

  18. Cristi could you recommend me a network card for desktop'm not so happy as I upload the embedded processor

  19. Hello Cristi I have a problem with a router that I brikuit because of firmwere I took my other now that recommended by one from TP LINK archer c2 but if you could do a tutorial unbrick router Regards.

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