TV Guide acquisition, 4K or Full HD, LED or Plasma

Hi friends, today we will talk about television, we see exactly how to choose a TV. Because there are many details that confuse us and we need some clarification.
We've talked about TVs in the past, but you know how things are in technology…
Maybe you want to see and tutorials below can only help:
Information technology LCD, Plasma and LED
What is best of LCD TV, Plasma and "light"?
The most important thing is when we begin to look to know what the TV screen diagonal is suitable for a room in which to place it.
How to determine the right diagonal of the TV?
First we need to measure the distance from the TV (location) and the eye of the beholder. This distance is calculated for every room separately. No matter how big our house or how much money we spent.
A third of the distance above will be diagonal TV, that if we 3 meters from TV to the couch where we sit, the TV will have a screen diagonal 1 meter, or close (102cm-108cm).
What resolution should have TV?
Normally the higher the resolution the better. Unfortunately things are not so simple, if the PC is even recommended to buy a monitor with a higher resolution, so stay close to his eyes, the TV must take into account the standards.
Here in Romania since there was no television station that emits 4K and even in the future is not foreseen that.
Our collection is comprised of multimedia files 4K can only pictures to see better otherwise we will not be advantaged by television.
When there 4K televisions in Romania?
The problem is very similar to "egg and chicken", normally TV stations do not think about 4K because people do not have 4K TVs, and people do not buy TVs because they are not 4K channels.
You deserve to get your TV 4K?
If interested in photography and video, it's worth investing in a TV 4K, especially lately greatly cheapened.
Worth to buy me a TV 3D?
From my point of view does not. If we still have the opportunity to 4K We produce our own content even with a Phone filming 4K, 3D can not produce new, it is hard filmed, edited difficult and hard to watch. Price glasses, embarrassing situation, etc, etc.
If you still can not find a TV 4K and content you see I'm on a lot of youtube Videos in 3D.
TV technology today:
What to choose TV, LCD, Plasma or OLED?
I would choose how plasma can still find. Even if you eat something more than an LCD, color quality and color depth make all the money. Being on the end of his career, plasmas are not so expensive.
A good choice is the LCD but must be careful, marketing is here at home, where it can turn a patty in the plane.
LCD and LED backlight should not be confused with OLEDs. Here all marketing managers and they put tail and left the world to believe that LCD is not LED.
LCD monitor is the same as the LED lighting differ only on the back side.
In the tutorial we talked about the different types of backlight and about how they can affect image quality.
OLEDs are different from LED (LCD)!
OLEDs are nothing, not even the slightest connection with LED (LCD), soon can compare plasma for both, and the pixel plasma and OLED displays have their own light.
Because they have their own light, plasma and OLEDs can achieve incredible levels of contrast on the screen and offers a gorgeous day and night.
Can I play games on TV?
To use the TV connected to a console or PC gaming, it must have a very low input lag.
What is input lag?
Is the time elapsed since the launch of a commensal until its completion. In Romanian input lag is the time that elapses from when you pull the trigger until the bullet out of the gun.
Input lag can transform a gaming session into a nightmare.
Best gaming are plasmas, they avnd lowest input lag and the fastest response time.
What is refresh the dynamic? (400Hz, 600Hz, 1000Hz)
A lie marketing, most important is the native refresh, ie how many times per second panel can refresh a TV 60Hz will refresh the 60 times sencunda.
The dynamic contrast use all kinds of techniques to artificially high refresh rate. Black frames are interpolated between interpolated frames and yield a higher figure that does not reflect reality, but which really carton.
What is the native contrast of the TV?
The difference between the lightest and darkest pixel in the scene. for LCD panels it cannot be higher than 1000: 1 - 2000: 1, and this for the most expensive models with local dimming.
Plasma can also reach 5000: 1 - 8000: 1.
Inputs and outputs?
Besides tuners, WiFi and other analog connectors, I want to recommend you pay attention to 3 jacks.
1. Support for HDMI2.0 (high refresh rate)
2. HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), the TV remote can control other devices connected via HDMI.
3. HDMI ARC (audio return chanel) sound from the TV to the reciver or conversely only HDMI cable.
What are Smart TVs?
Smart TVs are TVs with built-in multimedia player and that can connect to the Internet to download content or updates. When I said no downloadable content I referred to illegal or torrent site. it's about money or Fratu downloading the content of multimedia websites (youtube, voyo, vimeo).
My advice would be not to take a TV SMART, better buy a normal television and a Android Mini PCIn this way you will have more freedom and you will be more satisfied.

recommendations TVs


LG OLED Smart TV 3D, 55EA970V, 139 cm


Offers Ultra HD TVs Resolution / 4K

Full HD TV

TV offers Full HD Resolution

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial yet-m not watching

  2. I laid eyes on two tvs samsung one and the other Now I counsel that jump suit for me mention that I want to use it more for games and multimedia to choose times tn firmware or software pls

  3. viorelpicu said

    Congratulations tutorial.Super documentat.As here in the comments box like a top of companies producing televizoare.Multumesc

    • Unfortunately things are not so simple. Each manufacturer has good models and weak models. If a model fails to excel the other.
      At present the differences between models of the same leave are negligible. It depends on personal preference.
      I prefer Panasonic products.

      • viorelpicu said

        Thanks Cristi for the help. I have a Philips from the 3700 generation but it moves very slowly, otherwise it's good, I say. It's 107 cm diagonally. I'm not a fan, I'm a "TV viewer" and that's it, but due to old age as if I wanted something bigger (121cm) but not like Philips !!!

  4. Congratulations tutorial!
    However, can you suggest a TV described by you (full hd "non-split" / smart) that meets all the features mentioned (HDMI 2.0, etc.) that can be successfully connected to the mini PC? Another question: which brand should we go to, sony, samsung, lg, etc.?

    Thanks and good luck!

  5. Pelykanulv3s3l said

    I have an LG 47LB671V. It is very good in many respects:
    - very clear image;
    - impeccable sound (2.1). In HD trailers, your eardrum breaks, if you give it your maximum;
    - The WEBOS moves very well, it is versatile, configurable and easy to use thanks to the Magic remote control.
    - 3D works flawlessly, LG being the first in the field, improving viewing quality;
    - SMART does not force anyone to have it, but it is very useful;
    - WI-FI works like a razor, I have an EDIMAX BR -6478.
    - the price (3000 RON) does not seem high to me, taking into account that you do not get TV every year.
    My luck is his friendship with an IT engineer who eat bread and tv sites which took its first Smart TV 3D 3 years ago (first SAMSUNG, LG then) and we tested a lot.
    Review site has several major drawbacks:
    1. not compare the operating systems of TVs (WebOS etc.) between them and on them with ANDROID, FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE USE OF FIXED AND NON-DEVICE NOT touchscreen of a mobile device.
    2. weight plasmas, significantly higher compared to that of LCDs.
    3. at a certain level the human eye no longer differentiate between certain refresh rates and contrast.
    4. What's the problem with having a HDD mounted on a PC dedicated to 3D, connected by cable to the TV? Let's be serious, whoever takes a SMART 3D TV, doesn't just eat sana and margarine…
    My conclusion is that the reyiew is "dedicated" to plasmas, whose sales are constantly declining. Sin.

  6. Pelykanulv3s3l said

    Sorry. I wrote 'review' instead of 'guide'

  7. I like the idea of ​​android stick but where can I find one that I can change the ROM. The vast majority have little old android 4.1, 4.2. Newest Android reached 5.0 and personally I have for changing ROM, owning even a nexus 5 phone with the latest version of Android. From my experience 4.4 android was the biggest step that made android disappeared ie lag in the interface. Therefore I prefer a stick android 4.4 but unfortunately not found. I am of the same opinion as you about smart TV that is useless as 3D.

  8. Adrian Gudus said

    In the text above the tutorial you have a link to the tutorial that talked about "Android Mini PC"
    Next time you see red text in the text above tutorial, it means that you can click on those words as those words written in red are links / links to tutorial videos found on our site made on described by words red

  9. Pelykanulv3s3l said

    And in other news, it seems exaggerated idea that a TV must have HDMI nustiu you do not know what to play shooter. Let's jump to a monitor with a diagonal 24 27-inch to a TV with a diagonal of 40 55-inch, for a game or another, it's really dangerous for health gamer.
    Just as show user's rather addressed those who want gaming on the big screen. Why not make a guide for gamers on billboards?

  10. Hello Cristi
    You do a good job with these tutorials configuration guide acquisition etc.
    We expect a procurement guide for laptops, how should we choose, advice, recommendations, etc.

  11. How do you like this AOC g2460Pqu gaming monitor? Worth the purchase, weaknesses, something strong bridge…

  12. viorelpicu said

    What about TV Panasonic Viera TX-50A400E LED TV, 127 cm, Full HD? Price: 2000 lei from an online store in Bucharest and 2400lei loco Resita.Multumesc for support

  13. Error loading player:
    No playable sources found

  14. Thank you so much Cristi! Your tutorial pat failed. You did that in 40 minutes to enlighten me. Without this tutorial I take a TV that surely I was not totally satisfied. I have purchased many products based on your tutorials, and when the time came I got the TV choice on this site just in hope of such a video. You are very explicit. Once again thank you.

  15. GHE CISTIAN said



    • Type up in the search box on the right, top: "how to reset the default settings of any browser" Watch that tutorial and apply what was shown.

  16. Cristi Hello! Please tell me about TV in the link below what you think! So worth value for money?

    • as a personal quality-price ratio is good, but the middle class is a TV with a refresh rate 100hz f least for an active and inputlag 3d of 30ms,

      • You play, you realize it's just a beautiful package, frothy solid.
        Typical of Samsung. Product launches first good, then remove the patties in the housing market leading products. Marketing Made in korea.

    • If you want to lie, I say it is a great TV.
      Unfortunately I can not lie and tell you that it is a low cost TV panel below average. If you do not have too high expectations, certainly will serve you well.

  17. Hello. Good tutorial, but just as you do about television, I'd like projectors and about if you can.

    • I do not like the idea, whenever producers put his tail, certainly have an interest (philips apps).
      The best idea is to buy a Android Mini PC, will move better and will cost less.
      Philips put on one processor and TV (tuner, menus, etc.) and the android os.
      Mixed thing….
      As a washing machine with dryer, not wash well, not dry well. Better separate machine and dryer separately.

  18. Thanks for this tutorial which helped me a lot to understand what to look for and take. I have not yet bought a new generation TV, but I wanted to take LED TV and have SMART. Now I understand that things are not really so advertising is the "soul" of trade. Thanks again.

  19. Salut.Daca may want a recommendation for a TV movie and game PSP4, I do not care brizbrizuri like 3D, smart tv (if you can because I see that most are a salad and 3D and smart and do not really give 4k do nothing

  20. Hello. What about Panasonic TX-58AX800E. It is a good choice? Thank you in advance.

  21. ajutama welcome and please me that I could not decide which of these two best models I mean the resistance components of the company image, sound, response to commands
    I want to use it with a mini PC introduced something in tutorial thank you

  22. alexandru said

    Panasonic plasmas are the owner of a 94cm. I want to buy a TV with a diagonal greater (50 or 55 inch). considering the fact that plasmas are no longer found in the store to buy that LCD TV model that you can buy at a budget of RON 6500 whose image was approaching that of a plasma? Judging from the images displayed in shops classic tv I have not found any that please me. give me an advice! I do not care 3d the only smart or image quality. TV will be widely used to watching movies on your PC 1080p quality and rare 4k!
    or at least tell me what you choose between models:

    A good day!

    • My advice is you're shooting with a camera and go with filming in the showroom. That looks natural, it is the winner.
      It's hard to replace plasma or CRT, which have natural colors, good angles and deep black levels.
      My advice is to wait a little, will soon come to market TVs 4K of good quality low price. And downscale they can do very well and you will be completely covered for the future.
      If you find a AX630 Panasonic has a good balance between price and picture quality.

      • alexandru said

        Thank You! My first choice was PANASONIC TX-55AX630E but I have messed up some sellers from Flanco that I said they are worse than Samsung and noticed that they had only 2 Panasonic LCD models on sale of which only one was in operation but see little stupid (but it was a TV in 1400 million).

  23. I want to buy a lcd to a bigger room and you should look for a minimum of 55-inch diagonal. The TV will be about 5 m sofa! We found a good deal on a Panasonic 55as800! Worth It? I'm looking for a lcd tv movies 70 30% and%.

  24. Hello. How to see movies on a full HD LED 4k? It pixelated see?

  25. Please help me, where can I buy glasses for Panasonic TX- 48ax630e.multumesc

  26. can you help me please . ami asi worth the money if you can tell if ami lg70LB650V or can recommend a minimum 70 inch diagonal at a decent price; ms ptr anticipated response

  27. stefan said

    I am interested in a TV with a diagonal of about 60cm (+ - 5cm) .As want to take the cable channels without setbox.Sa can be seen well to connect a receiver satelit.Plasma, LED, OLED or LCD? And what models Samsung, LG or others? I have a LG 81 cm catchy digital channels without having to put setbox. Thank you !

  28. Desperate Kodi tvmc a tutorial or can thanks in advance

  29. caldararu mihaita said

    hello, between Samsung and Panasonic 6400 h640 I advise me? Thanks in advance

  30. Hello,
    I would like an opinion about 40T5435DG Toshiba model.
    Thank you.

  31. Dear Cristi,
    I want to buy a TV with a diagonal 100-110 cm, Samsung, Sony or Panasonic and do not know what model to choose. I use it as TV and sometimes to watch movies on the net. Now I have a Panasonic Viera 66 cm diagonal bought 2007.Pentru watch movies connect the cable to a laptop Toshiba Satellite Intel Core i3.Vreau a TV with a diagonal greater. Please help me choose the model. Thank you.

  32. You say we do not recommend smart TV. I think you get my smart one, but I have an chromecast I want to use it on him. What do you recommend in this case?

  33. Suggestion, a new guide, monitors explanations about how to choose the diagonal, how to be, etc. What about VA monitors? 18.5, 19.5 or 21.5 inch? can 24

  34. Hello! I'd like to buy a LED diagonal (50inch) or (55inch) mention that the distance from the TV to the couch is 6 meters would be fine or are too large for the room ... .and that have led at il I buy, I mention that I do not want to be 4 k, ultra hd or smart possibly 3d and full hd ...... and to see well off cable tv. Thank you!


    • It's OK to think 6 meters and can accommodate a bigger TV.
      The idea of ​​distance calculation, depending on the diagonal, applies to small living rooms, where you short distance from the TV.
      Best to see if it's ok away, go to a showroom and look similar to a TV diagonal from distance 6 meters.
      It is now and to everyone. For some it is hard to cover the entire screen with his eyes, and the eyes often move subtitles, this may cause a headache.

  35. Invictus said

    Good evening! Congratulations on your writing!
    I would be interested in your informed opinion about the so-called upscaling of certain graphics engines of TV sets, which says that low-resolution content can be brought to a level of clarity that is almost the same as UHD ...

    • Upscaling is a method that works partially, only if the content source that has a lower resolution, is perfect in terms of quality (color depth, bitrate).
      If we have a good quality SD signal, we can get it scaled to HD without problems.
      If the signal from the TV, or some highly compressed files, upscaling just makes inraurateasca quality.
      In 4K LCD TVs (accessible), one can see the outline of objects or artifacts of people, when making upscaling because of cheap panels and lack of serious processing.
      Most times, a SD content will be seen very well on an HDTV or 4k if quality. From 2-3 meters away, you can not make a difference anyway. But I repeat, SD content to be quality as a DVD.

  36. Please advise me if it is worth buying a Sony kd55x8509, in terms of quality and the brand.

  37. Hello! Why do I say no video modules when trying to hook up your Blu-ray player to a 4k of 102 inch Philips TV? I understand that something happens on the TV's HDMI or soft side?

  38. Hello! Cristi what do you think of X-Reality Pro from Sony (Sony 32wd600) to take my worth but is not full hd hd or I take a philips with android (32PFH5500 / 88)

  39. salut.sunt about to purchase my Sony Bravia KD-43X8307C .is a 4k and I want to know if his job on the part of upscaling and if one another is ok considering the price revolves around price 4.000 lei .mersi

  40. Hi. I bought a smart tv led, ku6400 series - uhd and 4k… The idea is that the image looks pixelated and uneven. I don't know if it's a problem with the TV or the cable of the service provider. I mention that I still have a TV about 5 years old, Full HD, but the image is much better than the new one.
    I noticed that when I play a movie on the USB stick, you can see all pixelated and blurry.
    The question is how can I check if it really is a problem with the tv? Opinions something about it? Has anyone encountered something new TV models?
    Thank you,

  41. I took a Polish TV mantle led to the offer of Esit here 28 of warranty. Does any 2 months of intermittent red and green light can 30 minutes and come up aces year scart signal so that it is set. hdmi give the phone as the source I risiver hd from telecom, the catch out of the las few minutes but still hard to take a bunch of red green loc.falfae Ledu., a few seconds show ,, www pole etc. etc., and after that, anything that has any chip to the PC that is on the go and where to find myself a mini PC to connect to it with respect dm cristi,

  42. Stefan Popa said

    Hello, I watched with interest the information presented to you, clear and interesting, thank you for this, I want to buy an LCD Panasonic TX-49DS500E which is priced 2200 at this time, what do you think? Mention that I 4K need, just watch on youtube, I need 5 years and guarantee a good image, are less subjective because I have 2 Panasonic LCD, so expect an objective response with interest.

    Thank you in advance!

  43. Good ziua.ce I recommend between a Sony KDL-40RD450 and Panasonic TX-40DS400E.Ma more interested in image quality.

  44. Andrei From said

    Important to know before opting for a Sony product! For many people the name is synonymous with quality Sony rooted in a country where politeness and customer care is proverbial. But Romania is not Sony Japan and therefore more Dambovita Romania has policies with negative effects for customers. In short, you should know that if you buy a Sony product, especially a TV, and you have a problem with it even if it is under warranty and can no longer be repaired according to Sony's policy, Romania does NOT give what is called "Negation", a document that offers the opportunity to choose from the store where you bought whether you want another Sony TV of the same model or another, a TV from another company or money back. It is the ONLY company that makes it. Moreover, according to their policy, they will change your TV with the same model or another BUT VERY IMPORTANT: not a new one but a refurbished one and as one of their representatives told me (I think it escaped) you will receive a TV that does NOT pass factory tests, without original packaging, reconditioned by them… It seems incredible, I know but I can prove to anyone with the furious exchange of emails between me, the damaged customer, and their great Sony Romania, pictures of the original TV, pictures of the TV " new ”sent after checking for faults that had even larger faults (with both corners on the right of the screen with large white spots f visible), call logs. Among other incredible things is the fact that an employee of the department that dealt with "solving" these problems, as far as I understand even the Head of the department (!!!) She offered in a honeyed voice to change my TV with one more recently (obviously not new), mine being "old" for 8 months. Being in a state of discomfort and disgusted by such a situation, I said that maybe it would be better to shorten and get rid of the situation and accept, only as a surprise: I check the product at various stores on the net and what to see… that “lady” it offered a much cheaper refurbished TV than mine (from 3700 as much as I have but I was given one for 2200). In conclusion, the product is important from a technical point of view, but also the services for which we go and buy from companies with a “whip” because otherwise we would take anything from the net because it is much cheaper than at the store. PS: After I reached the consumer protection we received advice that any problem like that do not appeal to the parent company (Sony, Samsung, LG etc.) but the store where you got the product that they, allegedly, have more leverage to solve the problem .. That may be so but think I would have got a new TV or a refurbished better so you do not notice .. But more important question is worth the risk? Below are the names of people involved in the scrape Sony Romania and the biggest jerks who call Sony dealer. SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE SONY JUST IT -ADRIAN CRETEANU,, REPRESENTATIVE SONY ROMANIA - MRS. STEFAN.

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