Black Friday Guide, worth buying? My list!

Guide to Black Friday

Black Friday !
Like every year, we hit inevitable Black Friday, the day consumerism is elevated to an art.
Everyone wants to buy something, no matter what, when you grab fever you can not help, if you burn suspecting his pocket. Parking is an invisible force that pushes us from behind, no matter how cerebral.
Keep calm !
Black Friday when it's coming, we keep our good head on his shoulders, that does not end the world if I did not get anything. Usually in days like this, most buyers choose products which do not necessarily need products that will gather dust afterwards through shelves and drawers.

Make your priorities and move calculated!

Black Friday is best to prepare a few days before. Emag provides us favorites, tuck the products you need, and then you see if luck will smile and if one product is on sale.

What will be the Black Friday discount?

Nobody knows, except those from stores, preparing lists.

Black Friday maneuvers by some stores?

1. Products are selling very old, which would not normally sell.
2. Black Friday discounts do all year. On them is a permanent black Friday.
3. I increase the prices before black friday, in order to “decrease” them then.
4. Bring ultra cheap Chinese products, to appear that I was on sale.
5. SALE skin of the bear in the forest (products not in stock or distributor).

    All these tricks do not just small shops.

Why Buy Black Friday 2016?

Only things that we need. Do not buy just for the sake phenomenon.
Things about which you informed. Do not buy impulsively.
Find a generation older, who are just as good (DSLR, Espresso, Objectives, Loudspeakers)
I have prepared this Guide to Black Friday a list of products, That I would buy if they were on sale.

Do not buy:

Components that do not fit on your PC.
TVs that you have not previously seen
Tablets and very cheap phones
Memory cards and USB sticks no name
Gadgets that seem to be fashionable (smart….)
Smart Watch Cheap (on amazon and ebay are given almost free)
Dubious products, with descriptions incomplete
Impulsive buyer!
You have to admit, we all did. We see something and feel irrational impulse of the moment. Of course after buying the shit respectively, which have not necessarily need feel guilty or downright stupid.
Do not buy just the eyes and use your common sense.

My list of recommendations 2016 Black Friday Guide


And if I do not get anything for Black Friday?

That's good, you've left money in his pocket, because you did not need anything.
Black Friday Guide - Video Guide

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  1. Sandu al-III said

    I'm curious if on Black Friday there are discounts on micro SD cards. Or are they usually changed to "negligible amount"? Does anyone know anything ??

  2. the espresso you're not good at all.

    • Well what I said as I know. But I'm good to drink.
      I read a lot lately that I love to know. Now we deepen our coffee varieties from different geographical areas.
      If you're good, give me some advice about good places for coffee beans and an espresso grinder.

      • I parade with a capsule tchibo…
        the capsules reuse them… obviously I exchange coffee… ..
        the most successful coffee that is usually found in our country… is davidoff 57 espresso…

      • any answer about espresso coffee can be found on the forum: “
        EMAG, only espresso that can be taken into account are those Lelit.
        The last time I ordered coffee and tea at “, but there are many coffee roasters in the capital. use only freshly roasted coffee.

      • “Http: //… .. maybe use it for. purchasing a grinder

      • View Product said

        Hello Cristi
        First I recommend you change the filter, you definitely one pressurized. (There is one non-pressurized)
        At Rajnita cheltui.iti depends how you want to have one to be able to adjust the degree of automatic macinare.cele best cost as espresso. the cheapest are the kind manuals: Hario Skerton (somehow not buy from those on the grandmother's time, the knives have metallic and high speeds)
        I recommend the fresh coffee outdone in Ethiopia and Panama Geisha

  3. Hello Cristi, deunde you get espresso outside, what site?

  4. even for me it was very interesting tutorial acestta, Regards and good luck continues

  5. Not really agree with the article is too negative. If you set a shopping list before you are informed and can make such huge discounts instead you can pay only 2000 1300 discounts depending on what you catch. And is a category of people who just want cheap products like tablet to use her lei 180 1 year and threw for that little. For those uninformed may be a trap to take a tv in 2500 lei and after bf 2200 to see the lions and then say I've got impaled.

  6. In this price range, the espresso has pretty much the only option would be Gaggia winning classs. Not to forget the importance of espresso grinder equation.

  7. Ptr choosing an espresso is well read on
    And a question, how to use -Mini PC ASUS QM1-C008 - (what it connects to, because I do not see the display)

  8. Try a Julisu Meinl ,, ,,

  9. ptr pay well those from emag advertisement?

  10. Dear Cristi why not say anything emag exaggerated prices rose last week to fool us tomorrow. I look at myself in cos to favorites such increased price of products that I know more today ales.Eu prices for products that interest me I will not be fooled as not to order.

    • I had in cart at emag components for a PC. 3890 in total. I say wait and I can drop by 100 at least on Friday. When the empty basket on Thursday. Emag reset the baskets so that people don't know what products they had and the prices. I knew exactly which components I chose and the final price (which we expect to decrease.). I remade the PC in the basket: 4120 lei. From now on, there were "discounts".

  11. Very good advice! Personally I do not buy anything this time, until the 1 February next year.
    You must resist the impulse!

  12. Black friday on promotions that do not have fost.O it said that advertising is the soul of commerce, or uninformed people who buy on impulse without analyze the market in advance overpaid to buy something thinking that we discussed promotie.Daca and morality of these practices stretches useless discussion. Electronic promotions are old or do not buy the rest of the year but if you want a quality product promitii are limited and must be pursued in several places.
    In conclusion, think before you buy, find out that this is the only way the buyer can win and you will catch the black friday promotion from next year can ……

  13. I also found laaa… emag multif a multifunctional CANON MG7550 for 400 lei. What do you think ?

  14. Here, I do not know how it is elsewhere, the supply can not keep up with demand, meaning they sell everything and all they would buy, so they thought, if we sell as the years passed with attractive discounts sell everything, if sell sell without discounts throughout all
    So instead of directly employed good marketing to them supplies of all kinds, be to us like in America where you can find everything everywhere, any and oriqm that have facutm have chosen the 2 laziest without great efforts.

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