Guide on Windows 10, all you need to know

Guide on Windows 10

Guide on Windows 10

Guide on Windows 10

Windows 10 is a return to roots. With the start menu, Microsoft recognizes its mistake made in Windows 8. Then, users were shocked when they saw the missing start menu and in its place came a whole new menu, optimized for tablets; Like all thrown their PCs and were equipped with tablets.
I, frankly, I'm used to the Windows 8 and if I miss some features. For example in the browser address bar, which on Windows 8 was down; If it could, Microsoft pretty please, put an option in the browser Edge, we can move the address bar below.
Now we are in 2015 and tablets, and laptops with touch screen convertibilele are many more; Therefore Windows 10 glove fits on the PC market. At the same time we must not forget the millions of people who still use PCs with touch screens.
How fast is Windows 10?
Something faster than Windows 7 and 8.1 much faster than Windows; In addition to the energy management operating system is much improved. For example, if you leave a tab open with YouTube, after a long pause that Windows Video and conserve battery, and when you enter the tab and clip resumes where it left off.
For this guide use Windows 10, 10 I tested Windows desktop and two tablets, one of the 8 12 inch and one inch. On the desktop it normally goes perfectly with 8 GB of RAM. Even inch tablet with 12 4 GB of ram everything is super OK. The surprise came from 8 inch tablet GB 2, 10 where Windows runs perfectly, much better than Windows 8.1, which sometimes about struggling to open windows.
In conclusion, Windows 10 known to run well on weaker hardware. It seems that fits the system running, as resources are consumed three different devices.
What's New in Windows 10 - Windows 10 User Guide
1.Butonul the start menu
2.Cautare rapid filtration applications by name
3.Centrul shares instead of charm bar
4.Toogle sites quickly setting in Action Center
5.Cautare very fast
6.Desktop multiple sites
7.Multitasking improved (especially on tablet)
8.Modul tablet / desktop mode very similar
9.Zona modern settings, optimized for touch
personal 10.Asistent Cortana (Not available in Romanian)
11.Aplicatie Xbox with Xbox streamning
12.Bara capture video gaming
13.Tastatura touch can be used on desktop easily
These are just some of the updates from Windows 10. More tutorial and you discover on your own when you use the operating system.
If you have questions or problems related to the transition to Windows 10, you can email address questions heading comments, and we will answer.
Before watching this user guide for Windows 10, in case you did not install the upgrade, you can follow this tutorial forced Upgrade to Windows 10.
Forced upgrade to Windows 10

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  1. Beautiful presentation, greeting cards, one thing I don't like about Windows 10, some icons seem to be from Windows 98… 😛

  2. View Product said

    Cristi Hello! I did exactly as you did in the tutorial. Operate normally until the first restart and then the following error (0xC1900101-0x20017 Installation failed SAFE_OS stage with an error during the operation BOOT)
    I tried to install USB and DVD but give restarts immediately after the order to leave the respective USB DVD
    Win 7 and 8 mention that operate normally.
    I have the following configuration:
    Intel® Pentium® G3258, 3.20GHz, Haswell, 3MB, Socket 1150
    HyperX FURY memory 4GB Blue, DDR3, 1600MHz, CL10, 1.5V
    Gigabyte H81M-S1, Socket 1150
    120 gb SSD
    I would be grateful to you or orcui read this post for a helpful hint.
    Thank you for understanding.

  3. Nancy Loghin said

    Thank you for this tutorial Cristi, although we had found each button and I have not shown you here. What pleased me is that I have not found how to do all those steps to optimize SSD, although I note them and I made to both install Windows. If you please do a short tutorial steps in Windows 10 guys we will be thankful. Thank you in advance.

    • The SSD does not require any settings now. Windows knows how to handle it.
      If you still want to do it manually and optimization, go to This PC (formerly My Computer) / right-click on your C: / Properties / Tools / Optimize Drives and here you can manually optimize SSD and HDD if you can do defragmentation.
      However it is not necessary, these operations make Windows automatically week.

  4. Hi Cristi, as always only quality tutorials! What we did have is, to put Windows keyboard remain Romanian but also in English, and also in microsoft edge, to have those news in Romanian, although here I saw that there was Romanian. About this were my concerns now. Thank you in advance!

  5. Thank you !!!

  6. Attention!
    The night 4 5.08.2015 to, that tonight, do some maintenance to servers and briefly will be offline.
    We chose to do this at night, in a day and at a time when the traffic is "thinner".
    Thank you for understanding.

  7. Cristi vb no nonsense and says 10 Windows Setup has most other operating systems is not so much. Linux can modify all of the root. and browserveru from Microsft no faster than chromium. Google Chrome does not. chrome from Goole Goole is modified so hard to go though comes from chromium.

  8. Are you really playing Asphalt 8 or have you installed it to test the Windows Store? Anyway… I have a much more important question than the one above: When I want to do the Update… the updates simply fail me..I also asked Adrian on his Ask and… he told me that I have ,, carcalaci ”put in the PC, it's from antivirus and torrent… .I deactivated both from the startup and the same complet the updates are completed up to 58% and after ,,, windows update ”or something like that.

    • Very rarely have time for games. I got to test Asphalt8 Windows tablet compared to the iPad Mini 2 and phone Oneplus One.
      In connection with the problem, try to install more programs that may be incompatible.

      • I don't know… maybe it's from me… but from my point of view Windows 10 is currently UNSTABLE…. For example suddenly if I download a song to my pc and play it with all possible media players, nothing is heard (PS I tried and on PC clips that were heard before) .. instead if I go on YouTube to listen it is heard… .you don't have a ask or something that maybe you find it hard to comment?

  9. Gherghisan. nelu said

    Thanks for the tutorial. I'm also happy with Windows 10. But I had two problems. Windows10 only sees me 2Gb ram although I have 4. The second problem is that I can't find "Project" like in Windows 8.1 to easily switch between monitor and TV. I do the operation in display settings which is quite awkward. Thanks in advance for any answers.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It only shows you 2 GB because you most likely installed the 32-bit version of the operating system. To find out more about the advantages and disadvantages between the 32 and 64 system, type in the search box at the top right “32 bits vs 64 bits” and press the Enter key and you will find our tutorial on this topic

  10. Although I have an Aspire 5742G Laptop can't see my Bluetooth, I tried to plug in the win.7 driver and it says it's not compatible, I tried to get it from them, and they have a lot of options, I borrowed one and I installed it and it doesn't work, it still can't find it, I tried to make it visible from the Fn and f3 option and it can't find it,… .thanks in advance.

  11. Regarding Windows Update sites Resus not to install them when I want. It can only automatic (AICA when they appear online and installs) or install them when giving restart. How do I manage 100% when to install the updates?

  12. Costelina said

    Cristi welcome
    and thank you for the patience you had with this species still distro rather that the Windows
    brothers! it's disgusting is the new Windows? 2015?
    the interface is ugly and impossible possible
    If Microsoft does not provide support to mistake for the wonderful Windows and Windows 7 8 also where things (settings) clear and separate, I am also decided to abandon the operating system and to orient myself do not know why Linux or MAC not
    what compels me sir can I have those big desktop buttons and ugly, tasteless white those windows without bling bling design sites from all over just what to say is compatible with mobile devices
    I do not want that!
    That's ignorance for the average user from Microsoft no offense.
    if all colors copied Apple's context menu to do so until the end even
    What's with the white guy in the windows disgusting (eye disturbing because there are many people working long hours on a PC)
    It has made them even gray and that's
    I don't know who handles the Windows interface at Microsoft but I have a suggestion>
    > it is better to continue with Windows 7 (finishes, beautiful themes with transparencies, resistant in time, compatible with most devices, etc., AND IT INTEGRATES Modern UI, Cortana, multiple desktops, the new Edge and that's it)
    Thank you once again, only better!

  13. Cristi, something important updates did not say anything or you left for next tutorial! Must be found to halt a Madala automatic updates for even the weakest systems is an issue as something running in the background May!

  14. Lesan Constantin said

    All well and good with Windows 10, but after an upgrade of the operating system and after testing is capabi I returned glad to Windows 7 beauty and pleasure. The first thing that I liked is not the icons, and the second start button ..
    Dear Cristi you did a superb presentation of the new operating system.
    Bafta further.

    • I used a few months 8.1, 10 one day. You do not know a tutorial that alter Windows RT 7 7 in detail lite?

  15. iulyca1972 said

    Cristi, I have a ques- tion for you. What version of Windows 10 you used in the tutorial, because the setting had a huge amount of options from what I am now on Windows 10 Pro, installed on a PC. Thank you for your response!

    • Windows variant 10 normally do not Pro.
      To me it appears that there are options in addition to the tablet, which has more sensors, function, battery, wifi, bluetooth, gps, etc.

  16. Dear Cristi
    Thanks for the tutorial
    I win down 10 enterprise evaluation that I then installed to test for 90 days, then after 2 days I wanted to do rearm. In the first phase showed me that he 2 rearm accounts, but has not worked at all. Now I look like I have Windows expired. What about rearm to win 10?

    • I think it is pointless not to rearm site, you can use the free Windows program Insider.

      • Cristi, I do not need insider version
        I have a win 7 license on my laptop and an 8 on my PC - I can switch to win 10 at any time
        I'm interested in the enterprise evaluation version for friends who ask me to help them with an operating system on their PC and I don't want to deal with hackers. For example. a friend bought a laptop with linux and wanted to switch to windows, but in two days he would go to Austria to specialize. He didn't want to get a license the next day because he needed money, so I gave him a win 7 enterprise (which by the way has 5 rearms). He later acquired a license…

        • Microsoft "smelled" the trick with rearm. To counter this loophole, rearm limited number of sites and temporary reactivation process difficult. At the same time, it seems to have begun to rearm record per hardware sites. I mean you can not do much rearm sites on the same motherboard.
          Besides, activation servers are extremely busy in this period, since the Windows 10.
          If you reset, do not rush, it will activate in a few minutes / hours. If you consume your rearms, you have no more "lives".

  17. a little problem said

    Cristi welcome we changed settings as in tutorial and can not get on the sites for online betting can be solved thanks

  18. Dani Andrei said

    I have a problem with windows 10 play videos from youtube in fulhd happens to chrome and firefox to IE does not have this problem. The problem is seen as less distorted image (a kind of sharpness very strong little if anything written nor understand) if you give the Full screen is seeing so stressed. At w7 I had this problem somehow know what is ???

  19. Until now I was giving rearm of 3 times. That means that after a reinstallation of windows only can give rearm the 3 7 times for new windows reinstalled?

  20. Cristi me lamurii you and me?
    I joined the program I downloaded insider and official website Build Windows 10 10162 and build key site-specific respectiv.Atunci hardly knew exactly needs to be done is upgrade over Windows you have, to you I installed the license insider.Eu clean, but I was not activated window with a command tried respectiva.Am KEYA by Command Prompt (Admin) posted by a visitor to this site and I was activated windosul (Windows10 Pro) and appeared Singla with windows10.La next update I received and activated TH1.Windowsul now but the last update I noticed that I appeared as windosul January 25 2016 it expires on
    What advise me to do? I'll be back and do the old Windows upgrade? May are eligible to receive insider and a license?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Once you sign up for the insider program, you will be part of it. All you have to do after installing the insider preview version is log in to Windows with the insider account and install the updates. You don't need to activate anything, Windows 10 Insider Preview activates itself as long as you leave the updates activated. Regarding the license for those who are part of the Insider program, I have already explained how it works in the tutorial "Windows 10 legal and free, in the Windows 10 Insider program" that you can find with the help of the search box on the top right

  21. Howdy,
    1. How can we permanently remove the Windows Metro UI window 10?
    It's annoying.
    2. It is necessary and a videotutorial W.10's cleaning (removal and closure of some functions necessary not just consume energy, speed and space).
    Thank you.

  22. Hi Cristi, a rugaminte..daca can do a tutorial on installing Ubuntu on your Oneplus one touch. Is there a while an unofficial port of my knowledge and I Oneplus system for k would be interesting to see and we can test the system on the lovely Oneplus phone. Thank you, I wish you good luck and as many tutorials as you do well too!

  23. Howdy! I got a windows 8.1 product key from a laptop (the window's was pre-installed and I took the key with a program) I tried 3 months ago to install windows 8.1 and it told me it's not a good key product (I don't remember if I downloaded and installed win. 8.1 or win. 8.1 pro then)
    Is there a program or product key verification site?
    Thank you in advance!

  24. Hey. I want to know if I install Windows 10, 7 making upgrading from Windows will work with Windows drivers installed in 7?

  25. Cristian Tanase said

    Hi, I have a tablet surface UGRAD pro and after the windows 10 not light up my keyboard, after all my searches I found how I can solve this problem. It was very useful when working at night, probably sensor or acceleromertul presence felt I was nearing the keyboard and NSE lit, now. Can you help me please?

  26. Hi Cristi.
    I ran windows update from the Windows 7 10 while doing well but when I want to put it back where windows 10 how do I get a license for Windows 10 if I only original license to 7?

    • If you had the original license (legal) Windows 7, should be automatically available in Windows 10.

      • and if I reinstall Windows 10 where do I get a license? or need the wind 7 after this update to wind Sadau 10?

      • axelluny said

        It will allocate another specific license vechi.Cu new system in place of the old no longer have that new face.Cea also no longer necessary because the computer will be identified when accessing clean installation can learn a internetului.Noua many variations, but as I said matters less.

  27. But to me the update goes again pt.Windows 10, KB3081424? It seems that many have this problem.

  28. I try to Intal 3-4 days and I Win 10, but I worry NIC.
    I built a board, but I also have a Wi-Fi stik can somehow cancel my NIC and remain at stik ??
    Maybe, maybe so and I'll manage to do the upgrade ...
    Or if anyone knows a way I could use very well.

    Thank you!!!

    • Daniel Radu said

      Control Panel - Network and sharing center - (left window) Change adapter settings - search for right-click network card Deactivation (top first)

  29. Dani Andrei said

    F2 you enter the BIOS with the integrated peripherals and of Onboard LAN and disable somewhere, what does wifi network card and you can use Windows installation while also sticku ala net and network card that has no connection wifi, do not understand you want to give it win7 or upgrade to 8 10 or download it and install it on the net?

    • I want to make the upgrade to Windows 7 10 win, but I can not ptr this error occurs:

      Here's why Windows 10 can't be installed on this PC.
      There are no supported networking devices.

      And I know how to fix this error!
      I upgraded network card, but all in vain!
      Really I do not know what I can do!

  30. Dani Andrei said

    disable it in the BIOS

  31. Adrian, I do not know how to proceed.
    I 10 Pro Windows PC with this problem,
    I did not do any old Windows upgrade.
    I signed up I downloaded the program and build insider who was then the download 10162 and I installed it on clean and I woke up with this problem, as it expires in January 2016 license.
    If the clean install WinXP old I upgrade to insider account is ok? Or make a bootable stick with Media Creation Tool, install the required KEYA give clean when I login with skip and insider account? Or otherwise advise me to do? Wait your opinion

  32. I did upgrade to Windows 10 a good asus touchpad and mouse problems when I enter the system moves less then locks it very difficult one and two in the system. I mention that I formatted USB mouse and at this time I have at home. I tend to think not taken all the correct drivers.

  33. Marian Serban said

    Hi, I upgraded to win the win 10 8.1 pro and tune up utilities no longer work, Kasperski, Maxthon brawser and trackers that uTorrent is emptied immediately after upgrading to win remains to be done 10 .What I want to put continuare.Macar trakerele in place in advance .multumesc uTorrent help.

  34. Howdy ! I have myself a intrebare.Am a Lenovo Laptop g50-70.Am 7 had windows, I did all updates until I managed to install Windows 10.Problema is as follows after installing updates and win 10, laptop stand very long until the Windows booting my laptop ul.Configuratia: Intel dual core i3 core1.7 ghz, 4gb ddr3, HDD 1Tb, unnecessary programs from the startup are oprite.Care would solve the problem? I must say that until I installed updates laptop does not do that! Will you give me an answer chew!
    All the respect !!!

  35. I do not really know how to change the language EN 10 windows. Ro language
    thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It's very simple, type in the search box on the top right "How to activate the Romanian language and writing with diacritics on Windows 8" press the Enter key and you will find the tutorial. Do the same on Windows 10

    • search> add a language> ”add a language” __ Remove_ Move up_ Move down__

  36. Hello,
    Cristi, we prefer to do a clean install tutorial, and explain where to get "my PC" on the desktop and others… how to activate windows and others… I see that you have already switched to advanced as if they used windows prewiew… it's not correct for the most experienced… and by the way only change the language and leave in English (as there are many who get confused in Romanian… and look like crazy)…. : ((
    C esteem.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If you have forgotten everything and do not scroll tutorial, you had to know and how chickens for Desktop PC This showed this in this tutorial! Scrolling and another time, what is the point to look at all the tutorial? It's nice to rewind and then get us out eyes on comments that appeared X and Y, right?

  37. Adrian Popescu said

    I have an HP laptop i3 GHz 2,3 2012
    I switched from Windows to Windows 7 10 pro pro and system booting from 10-12 seconds windows almost 7 120 seconds !!!! Windows 10
    Does this happen to new systems or only to old ones (relatively old - 3 years)?

  38. Hello!!! Thanks so much for this tutorial you've saved several hours of ^^ ^^ looking through windows anyway button to it and I personally but with your tutorial you gave me a good start
    For me, the most useful thing was the share of the wifi password. From my point of view this option should be deactivated from (default) and activated by the user …… once again thank you very much for the work submitted in this tutorial, as well as for your tutorials on this site (very well done pronunciation correct and to the subject, professionalism). Thank you.

  39. sall adrian. I also did a forced installation on windows 10 home and I eat a lot of the processor only with the google chorme browser my videos are blocked from yootube. although the defragmented hard drive is always cleaned by the system with cclener the drivers are updated in time installed windows 8.1 pro im you can answer you fro idea. something… .ms mlt

  40. Iulian Mihai said

    I have a problem with Cortana
    When talking to someone on Skype and want to talk at the same time with Cortana, the microphone is given more slowly and Cortana can not hear me and no one on Skype. Do you know what I do?
    I tried to go to Playback Devices and then to Communications and then select "Do nothing" and it does the same.

  41. Hello. with the thought that someone can answer I will ask 2 questions. 1- how can i install adblock on microsoft edge ,,, or something similar? 2 - on youtube I have no image in videos using the same microsoft edge.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      That is not the picture you have not fallen for, Add-on you mentioned is to lock / hide ads not play videos properly. Check you have the latest version of fllash player to have the latest driver for your video card.

  42. I have a question: how can I install and an older version of uTorrent for Windows 10? do not leave me, I have an ss to see what it is.
    If anyone can help me a Mare Merci.

  43. I do not hate black taskbar. You can change w7 look like? Thanks.

  44. Hello, What about Windows 10, that is better than 8.1 move faster and runs better?

  45. I joined in W10 Insider, I downloaded the ISO image but I forgot to copy the activation key.
    How can I activate fucking W 10 now?

  46. Cristi welcome
    I went and I 10 Windows on a laptop with windows8.1 and I have a problem with echo sound is much slower and what can I do?

  47. I do not see you in video no problem with scaling a normally see

  48. Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 15R N5110, i5. I received the icon to obtain free win 10 (am licensed to win 7), but it says that "The PC can not run Win 10, the BIOS is not supported" I did upgrade to Bios, we arrived at A07 to A11 last version. All in vain, the same letter, the Dell cue is something to do? Merci beaucoup!

  49. I installed Windows 10 pro and when I click on start nothing is right, how do I fix?

  50. Lucian Duran said

    W 10 bothers me, every time introducing the requirement of a password after a short break from work on the laptop.
    Please if you can help me, only to enter the password to open the laptop (the email address) and not every time you make a small break in its use.
    Lucian Duran

  51. How to enable writing on windows accented 10?

  52. Hi Cristian, I would have a question as to why it appears in my task manager almost always no matter what I do that my hard drive is 100% used and when I show what it uses it is often that I have several applications with 0,3 MB… .is the hard drive really that old?

  53. Dear friends, I 8.1 windows, but do not want to install window 10 because it has a very laborious espionage. Even if I agree checkbox not to forward the data to Microsoft, your data is transmitted anyway. How to get rid of these cookies brothers. If I can not disable access e-mail, facebook. They entered these cookies in our lives and follow us everywhere. What antidote you have to stay away from these cookies. No browser is not safe, I tried to install Safari, but it seems that is not only compatible 8 win for Apple. Related wait a Videotutorial how to escape prosecution. Thank you !

    • What you have hidden from the brothers so beware not to be spied upon? (Wtf!)
      And then, I'm happy that the CIA, the FBI, the SRI, and so on are spying because that's the only way they caught them and they'll catch the terrorists! If you're not a terrorist, the CIA or the SRI won't reveal themselves forever because you illegally download movies. or programs…!

  54. Hi, I recently purchased a lenovo yoga2 tablet with windows 8.1. All good and beautiful until I upgraded to 10… the tablet drops and has lag… what advice do you give me to stay on 10 and wait for optimizations or to return for a few months back to 8.1?
    Between windows 7 and 8.1 which moves better? I mean resource consumption, rams, processor… etc?

  55. After upgrading to w10 not go on the second monitor.
    After typing W + P I get “Your PC cant project to another screen! Try reinstalling the driver…
    Of course w8.1 went brici.Am reinstalled the ATI Radeon HD driver w4800 10.
    Display Settings appears to have Microsoft Basic Display Driver in Device Manager Though I 4800 driver ATI Radeon!

  56. Windows 7 had wallpeaper site that changes automatically every minute.Aceasta 30 10 option is not in windows or I do not know how to get it?
    Also in my window only appears Uninstall programs 3, 2 one AMD and Microsoft do not understand
    We have installed over windows 7, 10 Windwos with the option to remove all applications and data, and now I do not know if I installed Avira (antivirus)
    What would be the explanation?

  57. Dorin Romulus said

    Thank you for your videotutorialele!

    How to make the transition from WIN 98 LICENSED - ON THE COMPANY (CLOSED / LIQUIDATED) to WIN 10 free! (as a license and not as software itself!) THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR ANSWER!

    • Daniel Radu said

      Windows 98 licensed, to Windows 10? It is impossible to upgrade. Only if you install "clean", but you lose the license.

  58. as you installed google chrome in windows 10 so I have it but on 64 bits and it only worked one day after it didn't want to work, dak I wanted to reinstall it it doesn't let me, the download file appears and I stayed 5 min and I wasn't going to install it <has something dak install google chrome offline or standalone offline one of them.

  59. mircea Dima said

    I wouldn't want to chew on the previous discussion. I have another problem. 3 days ago I installed windows 10. I had windows 7. I think it's ok. But I made some changes in Colors and now, for example, the doc files are not white but blue. How do I go back to the previous color?

  60. mircea Dima said

    Sorry to silly text…

  61. Is there an "auto-connect" option in windows 10? If so, tell me, please, how to proceed? Thank you!

  62. Cristina58 said


    • Cristina58 said

      I'd also that button for screen capture, I used Win + G but does not appear.

      • Cristina58 said

        I solved it; I checked in a pop-up question if this is a game and now have bar button screenshot, enable to press Win + G.Multumesc for tutorial.

  63. Hi! Pretty please help me, I do not use Windows 10 and chamber works, I have an Asus notebook, I installed a driver but it worked only one day. Thank you in advance!

  64. hey!
    I've watched the tutorial installation win.'s stick 10 and 32 not let me than the bit (I really need 64 bit) and teas pray you give me a link or something to get along!
    Thank you in advance!

  65. Hello, I worked in wind 7 10 now and I passed. In Excel fail to find my page margins can size. merci

  66. Viorel said

    Hi everyone,
    I may be a little off topic but I can not find another similar tutorial that I could leave this question:
    I 2 is an ASUS laptop one K53SJ and the other is an ASUS F550J both Windows Pro 10 64 bit (as he came through updates from 8.1 I did a clean installation) and a headphone Somic perechede G927.
    The headphones work perfectly on ASUS K53SJ without me installing the drivers so probably the ones that come with windows are enough BUT the same headphones don't work on ASUS F550J and I don't understand why, I tried to install the drivers but it tells me "USB device not recognized ”and due to this problem I can't install the drivers because it asks me to connect the headphones to the laptop during installation.
    - Windows is up to date with updates
    - I also tried windows compatibility mode
    I think everything starts from the fact that I do not recognize headphones.
    I hope you can help me with a solution, because I do not know what to do, I tried everything I could find on the internet without success, probably did not know what to look for.

    Thank you

  67. PREDA COSTICA said


  68. PREDA COSTICA said

    Thanks for useful information, a great day,

  69. Hello ! How can I see the technical details 10 windows on your laptop. Windows XP know that right click on My Computer and choose Properties. I want to see each CPU core has and what RAM is. I'll buy a used laptop with Windows 10. It will be the first time will use Windows 10.
    Windows 10, Nero program uses all the same? I want to test the quality DVD-RW.

    Thank you.

    Anton Razvan Militaru.

  70. By default, the laptop has installed Linux, but I buy it used with Windows 10 Pro. Affects this laptop?
    Thank you.

    Anton Razvan Militaru.

  71. Hi, I have a problem: how do you see the desktop (I know that sounds strange) to see meaning and application, and all the times he tried that and it's not the problem with shortcuts I see only start bar- and not the desktop and when you give your desktop from home I do not see anything that I can do?

  72. Ungureanu Floian said

    I put a greeting in cmd command:
    PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Command “& {$ manifest = (Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.WindowsStore) .InstallLocation + '\ AppxManifest.xml'; Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $ manifest} ”
    and it disappeared store bar not go to access
    I wanted to look for a solution to store when it opens in in an application and I went out
    It can be solved? or reinstalled windowsu?

  73. Ungureanu said

    there is a solution for this error? simply does not load

  74. Giosanu said

    you wouldn't give me the start button… and I hit the camera and it doesn't work

  75. kovacs fabian said

    Hello, my name is Fabian, would you need help if it can be understood? My brother bought a new laptop and the problem is that when he installs a game on it it works perfectly at first and after that it only works well, forget the features Laptop: Laptop DELL Inspiron 5567, Intel® Core 5 i7200-3.1U up to 15.6GHz, 8 ″ Full HD, 256GB, 7GB SSD, AMD Radeon R445 M4 16.04GB, Ubuntu XNUMX, please kindly you can help me too, thank you beautiful.

  76. kovacs fabian said

    can someone help me please? Thank you.

  77. Albu Ioan said

    Recently, in December 2017, we upgraded from windows 8.1 to windows 10 for free and everything went great! I am very pleased. Do not compare to W 8.1!

  78. pescaru Ion said

    Howdy. Tell me and I will ask if I am more likely to install a win 8.1 or win10 from a toshiba wt-7c tablet that has full storage space and I can not give it anymore because the small ones were playing at she does not know what they've done that just does not work. If so, what version

  79. Q: I reinstalled Windows 10, but I do not have the keyboard lit. Please nice, can someone help me? Thank you in advance. The laptop is a new ASUS model.

  80. Dorin Romulus said

    How much maximum RAM does Windows 10 "see" on 32 bit and how much on 64 bit?

  81. Dorin Romulus said

    How do I make Windows 10 Pro 32-bit see the 8 GB RAM on my laptop with 64-bit processor (compatible) and win 10-32 upgraded at installation? or how to switch to Win 10 on 32 to 64 through those commands in DOS, without losing data on the other partition D: (where I have multimedia ++ others) and others without reinstallation. The automatic upgrade from 32-bit installation does not allow me to upgrade when trying to install by upgrading a win 10 to 64-bit (do not give me any active partition, the message appears: "Windows cannot installed to disck. The selected disk "(I would select any of them)" has an MBR partition table. On EFI system Windows can only be installed to GPT disks ". Even the attempt with Aomei Partition Assistant failed the attempt to convert to GPT; message received : “” Windows 32 bit system does not work on GPT disk. The operation will result in this disk ”(oricare)“ into a GPT dis, but your system is 32 bit, sothe operation is unable tocontinue. We sugest you to upgrade your system to 64 bit "! I think I don't understand English better or I don't know what to say! WITH RESPECT Romulus Dorin,"[email protected]"!

  82. Hi Cristi… I watched the tutorial you put here, very helpful ,, I would like to ask you, where to delete the password from pc to windows 10 ?, thanks ..

  83. Hi Cristi, please leave a name on facebook or any number in private, I need your help. Thank you very much.

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