Detailed guide to choosing a camera

Hi friends, today I will try to give all the necessary information when choosing a camera. There are many details about the types of devices, the differences between them, endowments, performance and more. Therefore please armed with patience and you will surely learn some new things that unless you are already a skilled photographer who knows the ins and outs fine art photography.
This guide is for experienced, they surely already know all the details of the tutorial is a guide for enthusiasts who want to shoot some pictures and do not know what camera to choose.
The three categories of cameras are:
1. DSLRs
2. Mirrorless
2. Compact + bridge
DSLRs are those large cameras with a "hump" in the middle, that "hump" houses the pentaprism and the focusing system (be careful, not all humps are DSLRs). These devices are preferred by professionals due to the efficient focusing system but for ease of use. If you have to enter the compacts through menus to change basic settings, for a DSLR the basic settings can be made from the dedicated buttons on the go, without looking up from the viewfinder.
Mirrorless is a new category of devices, they are on the market for several years and gaining more and more popularity. Technical performance are equally as DSLRs but are much smaller in size, that because missing a lot of mechanical and optical parts, which are replaced by electronics.
Mirrorless devices are basically DSLRs in a permanent live view mode, but these "mirrorless" devices perform much better than live view DSLRs.
The only advantage DSLR sites in have a front apratelor mirrorless is autofocus type Phase Detection, and this advantage will soon be removed due to technological advances that allow placement of sensors autofocus Phase Detection directly on the sensor CMOS, which will improve lot autofocus system in Mirrorless devices.
Mirrorless devices with the Phase Detection Sensor:
Nikon 1
Sony Nex 6, 5N
Sony A7
Canon M
Samsung NX300
These devices besides Contrast Detection autofocus system have this Phase Detection that makes them act like real professional equipment. Focus is made perfect in fractions of a second, in addition it is possible to auto focus between shots in burst shooting.
Another important category of cameras are compact, they have been viewed quite ironically for a long time, now with the entry of professionals like Sony RX100, Sony RX1 and Fujifilm X100 in the landscape, the world has changed its mind about "compact", so you can and otherwise. Of course the price of these jewels is equal to or higher than that of entry level DSLRs, but as we know the performance costs.
At this point the most cost devices with a perfect report features performance-price-range DSLRs are entry level, they come with a huge sensor, battery generous (600-800 pictures), ergonomic design, resistance to shag, high quality good image quality and shooting a good foate aesthetics, all this bundled with experienced companies like Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Sony. These companies have refined while focusing systems, measuring devices and ergonomic processing algorithms to the point that not much to reproach them.
A few recommendations:

Entry level DSLR:
Nikon D3100, 14.2MP + VR Lens 18-55mm

Amateur DSLR photographer:
Nikon D5100, 16.2MP + VR Lens 18-55mm

DSLR shooting
Canon EOS 650D, 18MP + EF-S 18-55mm III DC

DSLR for professionals:
Nikon D7100, 24.1MP, Body (Sports, adventure)
Nikon D610, 24.3MP, Body, Black (Portrait, wedding)

Mirrorless entry level:
Sony NEX-3NL, 16.1MP, Black + Lens 16-50mm

Mirrorless performance
Sony NEX-6, 16.1MP, Black + Lens 16-50mm
Olympus E-M5, 16.1MP, Body, Silver

Compact entry level performance:
Digital Camera Canon PowerShot S110, 12.1MP, Black

Compact large sensor (excellent):
Digital Camera Sony Cyber-Shot DCS-RX100, 20.2MP, FullHD, Black + Leather Bag LCJRXAB

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  1. What do I like tutorials like this… 5 STARS… to do ..

    • I hope I have not bored. I wanted to be shorter but there is so much to say that I barely managed 70 minutes.
      There are a lot of very useful information for those who want to buy a camera and do not know.
      Better look closely at this guide and you are certain that you choose the right room, than go to the store and spend money on who knows what stupid device.

      • Hello! I have watched all the tutorials on DSLR's are very bune.MUTUMESC
        I want to buy a DSLR for video about 80% will use it only ptr video, I would like if you can please some recommendations by 35.000 lei. Thanks again I've been a big help.

      • Bored? I didn't even notice that the tutorial was one hour and twenty minutes long. if you didn't point this out. Congratulations and I'm waiting for a "boring" tutorial on video cameras.

  2. Hi… I also have a question..why can't I see your tutorials on my mobile phone? .. I have a samsung s3..before we have a samsung s 9001 and I had no problems..I also installed flashplayer and I still can't see them ..I tried different… what's the explanation?
    thank you very much…!

    • What does "I don't see the tutorials" mean, don't you see the tutorial at all or it doesn't start?
      Try to describe your problem better.
      Normally tutorials go with flash player on android, unfortunately you have to use the old AOSP browser, flash does not work in Chrome.
      You can use Firefox for Android.
      Our video streaming is more complex, it is perfectly optimized for Flash. Perhaps you have realized that the tutorials on your desktop, laptop or phone with flash loading very well, running is instant and buffering is nonexistent, that's because it uses a special streaming server.
      The problem comes from the fact that large companies are in a constant war of proprietary video formats and technologies.
      We are caught in the middle between Adobe Flash Player and HTML5 first is excenent but not agreed on mobile and HTML5 can not provide the same level of comfort.
      If tomorrow we go on HTML5 certainly we would swear everyone because it will not load / run so fast.
      Currently a very small fraction of our visitors access the tutorials for mobile phone and upload them to YouTube.
      Believe us, we all want what's best for you but sometimes disadvantages are too big to change the boat moving.
      When HTML5 will have matured and will be browsers support different codecs generous, we will but until then we wait and do tests.

      • Instead of the tutorial, a small square appears and it says ,, get the flash player ,, .. I clicked on that square to open so I did it on samsung s plus and it worked, but on s3 I see that nothing happens .., as I said above, I also installed the flash player and still nothing I wouldn't think it's from the phone…
        thanks ..

  3. What happened why you're on Issues section Crashes

    • You can not write it into the address bar
      If you saw that button with (problems) doesn't work, why not start typing the address bar or google it…


      The site with questions and answers is good, thank you online, add it to your favorites and you can access it whenever you need an answer to questions related to IT & C
      Also on can also find answers to your questions through the search function, this is because often our problems may be common.

  4. Cornel @

    Try the PlayStore Puffin browser.
    But tell me what version of Android are you using?
    Stock? Custom?

  5. Hello, Cristi!
    Tutorial says that in the viewfinder of a DSLR is nothing electronic. However, I noticed on my DSLR NikonD70 remove the battery when the viewfinder image is dark and defocuseaza less.

    • When removing the battery because it closes the lens aperture lever on the lens can not be held in position.
      When the diaphragm closes enter very little light.
      DSLR viewfinder image is real, there is no screen. However, there are electronic components, it is autofocus sensor and sensor measurement (metering).

  6. 4.1.2 android tutorials here can see through the browser Puffin

  7. We salut.Videotutorialul is very well done and to the point so maxima.Dar note I want to say some things so from cunoscator.Mirolless sites and all compacts have a big minus that makes them preferred not no photographer whether amateur or the professional, ie it's the image you want to view a imortalizezi.DSLR sites as you and explained videotutorial are sincurele rooms that mirror system that wants photograph image as seen through the lens so is very close to the real image and that matters a lot, even I would say that it is imperative necesara.Fotografierea with an electronic viewfinder is difficult and not Sicur that you see will be in the photo, and the camera screen is the same thing then do not say that if you shoot the day when light is not much ecran.Si see what's on there is the thing which the ergonomics of a DSLR and has a mirolless or campactu anu has, and do not forget and stabilization the image must admit to not perfect in any of the rooms on the market so if flosesti a DSLR and you nail it in the style of photography for this camera camera shake is much smaller in comparison with that of mirolless keep in hands stretched out in front to see the screen and therefore can not hold him nemiscat.Asa that conluzie DSLR will still dominate long and hard to what I said above will be somewhat resolved, but I think it would be so in the near future.

    • Thanks for the note, glad you like the tutorial.
      However I have to specify something, in this tutorial I said because I wanted to bag world details.
      Any DSLR Camera Viewfinder image is viewed through the lens at the moment, this picture is not the same as the final picture, that's because we diagram, shutter and ISO to change the final picture. The viewfinder can be taken as an aid in classification, not the final image. For example, if you have an exposure 1 / 200, iso 100 and f16 diagram on the inside, even though the viewfinder image is ok, the final picture will be black.
      Applies only to the DSLR in normal mode in live view camera trying to emulate the conditions and the display will have the final image (or almost).
      Mirrorless sites do not have this problem because according to emulate the image and display settings in EVF (electronic viewfinder) and the picture on the screen close to the final picture, as in live view DSLR.

  8. Given that we are a nation among other photographers, I think you have success with tutorials on how to posing and posing various techniques.

  9. Bravo! Great tutorial! Cristi again proves to be the best developer in Romania tutorials. There are others who try to do good tutorials and hats off to them for their efforts, but the tutorials on this site are by far the best. Cristi Bravo!

  10. soon begin full age frames

  11. in the future please make a tutorial for some cameras and other price categories… such as Best camera up to 500 lei, up to 1000 lei etc

  12. March lens Tutorials interested how to choose a lens for the camera.

  13. Stefan B.Cluj said

    I pretty much follow a intrebare.De that all components, devices, IT make reference to eMag.Aceleasi components are also found in other stores, and other valuable and you follow the link posibilitalea manufacturer which that the Emag usually disparut.De prices other distributors are rezonabile.O good day.

    • Emag is the store where I buy normally.
      Unlike other stores offer some advantages, of which the largest is the possibility of returning the goods in 30 days without comments.
      Another advantage is the pick up and return warranty. Think about what it means to ruin your fridge, you just need to fill an online form and those from EMAG will send a car to take your refrigerator in service, after it's done it will send you back home.
      Several years ago I sent in an old monitor service for two years from the official service could not fix it, then those of EMAG returned my money I paid two years ago on the monitor . With that money I could buy me a couple of monitors at that moment.
      Each purchase where desired, the idea is that you should think and then support.

      • Honestly - about how much did Emag give for this phrase? Their prices are at least 20% higher than elsewhere, so in the case of purchases of 2-3 products, their inconvenience is also covered, which involves lifting the damaged object! At the risk of erasing the cement, I just want to say this: Let at least we young people have a backbone !!! All the best and a beautiful winter

        • I don't know what you didn't understand from the phrase: "Everyone buys where they want!"
          Did someone put a gun to buy on FAME?
          I repeat:
          If you wish to purchase any product recommended, you can do it from any store. You can buy even from abroad.

        • Costelina said

          only visit the site means you spine and you're interested
          I congratulate you is where you learn, to make comparisons, to see other opinions, you to have your opinion

  14. A tutorial about proxy server (not necessarily squid) on windows xp you do?

  15. Costelina said

    Cristi, Adrian respect for your work and for your time and patience that you have
    for so many years we explain detailed information so that we do not like anyone telling them.
    it's about buying, it's about assembly, useful software and many more.
    Who's job is mischievous but is a name.
    we also let the Romans smart people have hearted people.
    to open the browser go on google and find all his ads only English information, that I understood not only the British are smart?

  16. please do a tutorial on: What is the difference between a camera of some megapigeli to another room with more megapixels, to explain how such an image 10 15 megapixxeli and one megapixel.

  17. Note 10!

  18. Alex Petrescu said

    Hello, Cristi! I think it is about the most complete tutorial on this topic in Romania. But I would have a small remark. You said that DSLRs fall into two categories - entry level and professional. Shouldn't the middle class be introduced (as it is present in most rankings)? The class includes the Nikon D7000, D7100, Canon 60D and 70D, all with APS-C sensor. There is a big difference between them and full-frames like Nikon D800, D3, D4 or Canon 5D Mark III. An overview of this group of cameras I think is welcome… even if an amateur photographer will probably never take a fullframe.
    I look forward to a tutorial about possible targets, and even I had some questions (which I have not yet found the answer) that I guess should put before designing the tutorial

  19. Cristi, if you do not want to disappoint readers, try to post at least once each tutorial to 3 days recently began appearing increasingly often. Thank you!

    • I'd like to post daily, unfortunately you can not always prepare the tutorial so quickly. Preparing a tutorial takes something. I work a 5 tutorials in which they can complete various reasons.
      Last tutorial was very long and I spent a few days.
      Home plan does not fit

  20. tiberiu said

    I can not run video are abroad specifically in Israel, all the videos that go on youtube it works well functioneaza.Internetul not going well. What to do? I tried on the phone and nothing.

  21. tiberiu said

    Server not found error appears: rtmpt :/ / 80 / simplevideostreaming / mp4 :/

  22. Daniel said

    if you really want to shoot video input device have microphone can record the sound or in parallel with the device and then to combine the installation?

    • Preferably have 3.5 microphone jack so the sound of the first capture.
      Of course you have to buy and a good microphone for DSLR or compact mirorrless.
      Not well integrated microphone captures sound and even if it does, there can be unpleasant sounds from the lens or after handling unit.

  23. Thank you for all the tutorials about photography, I'm very very utile.Ne would be of help and tutorials on acquisition obiectivelor.O good evening

  24. Hello. I had a Nikon compact and, as a beginner, I was pleased with him. It was the device that we have learned to take pictures. It worked perfectly well above the frames manufacturer warranty. It worked, until I dropped and I knocked. The repairs cost more than the purchase price.
    Now, I think that I know more, I want a more advanced apparatus. But I do not allow more than Nikon compact. Today I saw a Kodak zoom 30x. Only 500 lei. What do you think? I do not care filming. But I want clarity, brightness and good contrast images.
    Thank you.

  25. Hello my name is Marius and follow you for a while pretty please tell me if you want me what opinion
    I on DSLR Nikon D3300, 24.2MP, Black + AF-P 18-55mm VR want to use it for my family but also to know if taking pictures as clear for sometimes longer edit in photoshop and therefore we He said to ask you not to make a bad choice. Thank you very much.

  26. Good evening
    I had to navigate to get something up or just to find this tutorial on the correct choice of a camera. Especially considering that there are many variables to consider, and I have a rather limited budget for the purchase of. If before I get here I decided to get a compact camera, somewhere around 1000 lei after seeing what are the differences between these three types of appliances I decided it would be better to get a DSLR. considering that I've never held a camera before I think I could do little effort to get up to speed with what each setting and how they can manage to photograph something and then to be pleased with the results obrinute. I saw online currently on a Canon EOS DSLR Camera 1200D, 18MP, Body at a decent price and I wanted to know your view about his purchase. I mean I could buy it tomorrow, but I want to know what someone and endorsed front of the device and may occasionally wait some discounts as possible might not occur. Thank you

  27. At the moment the device there are several online stores, the lowest price of only 899 lei which makes me reluctant because it's still a difference of 300 lei to the price we have other stores in general. You should take into account that price or me towards a classic store where I know I have not really shopped and had problems?

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