Gimp free program to edit photos from 3, making selections - HD video tutorial

Hello friends are Dan, today we will continue the tutorial about Gimp, this is the third part in which we will talk about "Making Selections".

Many of you, in the comments box, you compared with the Gimp Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop is a program dedicated PRO segment and can not be compared in any way with Gimp, which is 100% free, yet the Gimp you are very good and not saying for a moment that it is a free program.

For home users and those who want to take the first steps in graphic design and editing, gimp is the best choice, photoshop is inclined towards professional use and it is therefore a bit harder to understand by users at the beginning of way.

The theme of the third tutorial in the series GIMP tutorials is "making selections." In this tutorial there are several selection methods.'ll Have to choose when you process your own images those methods that are best suited for situations in time. I recommend for making selections as to use a larger zoom, add masks, layers and an essential ingredient to have rabdare.Acest tutorial describes how you can insert an image of a baby inside a floral frames respectively as can add various effects to a text.

For a better understanding of the examples in this tutorial video about Gimp, it is necessary to view the first two tutorials:

1. Gimp free program to edit photos 1 the installation and layers.

2. Gimp, free editing photos, the 2 masking layers.

I wish you pleasant viewing and we expect these video tutorials on GIMP. Download test files

Dan Constantin

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  1. Cristi250 said

    Hello I see that there is no comment I thought to give you one. Interestingly program is a kind of photoshop. Make a great job so keep up

  2. Catalin said

    We look forward to Dane Part 3, bravo, how many do you think you doing in GIMP?

  3. CORLEONE said

    Super hard, very hard work but ... let's see tomorrow I ever ditch a catzva crazy that something objectionable,, ba as odd that good, either that job you loser emoticon putzin,,,,,,, , and they do what and if they are able!! Dai before a Dane who likes to invetze good that you started from scratch! SUCCESS

  4. Good for you are the best in May do some tutorials on effects in photos!

  5. I hope you doing some parts!

  6. The text effects when giving effect to provide "relief" I do not change the text but opens another page identical and unchanged text, every time I try to give the effect that the output text in relief, he opens another window with image and text all unchanged. Why?
    I did exactly what you showed in the tutorial but nothing, I also opened another window with the same picture and text output without effect in relief.

    Thank you.

  7. @ Roxana: That phenomenon it describes probably happens because you checked "Work on copy" when applying filter "Add Bevel". Uncheck that option.

  8. CORLEONE said

    @Dan: You know a program that I could cut a piece EX dintrun film, the middle of the movie is a mistake and want to remove it keeps the rest of the film (ie only what is in the middle to cut)??? Thanks

  9. @CORLEONE: VideoPad tutorial man that has been made or Virtual Dub are both free!

  10. @ CORLEONE: I recommend using program Avidemux.In principle I think you succeed with VideoPad (add the entire movie in Sequence, make two cuts at the beginning and end of the time you want to eleminate it from the movie, and finally delete that section exporti film).

  11. @CORLEONE: Easy Video Splitter

  12. Thanks Dane, I succeeded.

  13. Catalin said

    Super Dane, we get bored at all with length at least not me, I found it would be no last 4 Gimp.Asteptam and other related tutorial as nice done, your style characteristic.

  14. Siti a program that can add text in movies? If you are with VideoPad doubles the size of the film is 709 1400 mb-1500 mb.Imi you recommend a program?

  15. Nobody knows??

  16. @ Sergiu: In VideoPad when you export the file to change the settings: Click on Options-Video Encoder compression settings, and choose a lower value on Average and Maximum bitrate bitrare and the sound format you can choose an option to lower Hz but with stereo option.

  17. Catalin said

    @ Sergiu
    Ulead Video Studio 11
    Power Director

  18. Michael Cerbulescu said

    Very cool guys greet all your tutorials and everything you do here will rock!
    I liked the comment lu Christ what she watch those people who instead of doing something useful to pee sitting and playing fifa or others like that.
    However I also have a question for you and a nice please, I want to give him to me at the University Constantin Brancusi tg.jiu to a section that sounds asha technological systems engineering Automatics and Applied Informatics, little thing that occupies dak and I would be more useful utlila can dekat Economic Informatics at Holy Town where akolo wanted him to give up one night and I kand button and you to find out the news on TV as something that many students at pilitehnica this year and I chose this section to choose and him saying that there are many employment opportunities AjTi said, what do you think you make a mistake or not

  19. @Michael Cerbulescu: Do not take after talking to the TV or looking after it, no way to choose the way in life, everything is much simpler.
    You gotta do what you like, if you do what you love in life will not be happy, purpose in life is to be happy and to be happy with yourself when you look in the mirror.
    If you choose a career based on what the market demands, I live a mediocre life, faded, gray and will not ever performance.
    If you do something for fun, believe me she'll be the best and most appreciated, no matter the money, first of all preforms are expected to achieve, then come and easy money.
    WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN LIFE should not necessarily be: doctor, lawyer, programmer etc.
    Can you be and toolmaker-Mould, if you like that, that have to do and you get the best toolmaker-Mould in the world, because you do so much.

  20. Hi Dan,
    Once again congratulations and thanks for. a work that faci.Vreau to tell myself I can handle general ceva.In pretty good with computers, even working in a shop where they do service to PC,
    I've seen many tutorials and examples of "out" wrinkles, but such processing person concerned "rejuvenates" the max-10 15 years 30.Am not seen "aging" which still is not enough realiste.Nu Let's add a few wrinkles young face look young enough batrin.Sunt wrinkles and dark circles and other signs and pt. it all looks like there are plenty of other side are tineri.Pe elderly people who do not have wrinkles or insignificant, yet their expression old man ... And there is something even a blurred picture, or long distance in which barely distinguishable facial lines, no wrinkles or blemishes vb, but even so it is very obvious that the person is young or old woman ..
    What I have seen an example of "rejuvenation" dramatic and I found no friends "specialist" in something to help me I decided to experiment yourself .. and your tutorial failed to fix ..: P
    Incidentally, you may have noticed that so far, no star (so wealthy man) who resorted to all means plastic surgery (breast lift, implants, lasers. Etc. ..) does not look like 25-30 years. Considering that practically these doctors, you come away completely skin of the face and how they move and do what they want with it .. starting to become somewhat absurd that both interventions fail to restore the appearance of old May you ..
    So with those 2 pictures in face, just portion from the root nose in above, to eliminate cheeks, chin .. I started to Confront differences .. la beginning I moved only the eyes, from one to another .. then entire portion what contains eyes .. the result .. the picture is young, aging eyes, it's all just young face has a different expression but is definitely young ... and the picture is the old man .. young eyes seen from a post it's really old woman with those eyes ...
    I used the "patch tool" for blurring the differences between skin color from one to another., But it came out exactly the color I copied it, he did seem somewhat a combination ..

    Okay, so a lot easier ..: D I tried to draw an ellipse with less bold outline, write a text for it .. and I found .. I understand that might be made by concentric ellipses 2 filling the space between them with a simple color .. but can not ..?
    I hope I'll make some time to answer me, all the best!

  21. @ Neagh: 1.Te please just send me the two images on e-mail.Voi address this topic in next tutorial.
    2.Construiesti an elliptical selection with the "Ellipse Select Tool", then select Border, choose the color and finally Edit-Fill with FG Color.

  22. EoliThic said

    Very good as you described each instrument in parte.Destul hard to create a text ('carrying' my I wanted something else but this is .. )
    In other news waiting in the next tutorial tricks complex (changing the color of the face, removal of blemishes, removing wrinkles, changing the color of the sky, combining a picture of 2 2 characters pictures look so different they are from the same photo, to body fatness)
    Now I hope you do not mind but I want to learn this anyway congratulate you. what you did in the 3 tutorials so far, helped me very mult.MS!
    When there tutorialu 'next?
    PS A little problem with the tutorial, at least to me sound a picture taken before.

  23. Catalin said

    When I go OK sound with movies and I like to say asa.Aprob EoliThic Dane says the colleague can show us a little bit about what he listed, especially as we expect it last about GIMP.Abia tutorial, luck and Dane bonus at work!

  24. You can accomplish many interesting effects in GIMP. An example would be I will keep in mind your requirements in future tutorial.

  25. CORLEONE said

    Who else helps me bag yahoopinbox in wordpress?

  26. Roxana said

    I have a friend who frequently appears on television model, we recorded a few pictures with her at a special presentation of a collection developed by an Italian designer, but I would like to remove the TV station logo on registration. You tell me what program is needed to achieve this?
    Thank you.

  27. EoliThic said

    @ Dan: Much more successful your picture. :)

  28. @ Roxana: I have answered at

  29. @ Dan: Thanks for. response, I tried and it came out ... basically it was a super easy and had to be somewhere .... I think about the multitude of effects that must be difficult to imagine what each one actually .. so you know what you need ..
    I sent mail, sorry for. it's so much ..
    So see you next Sunday tuorial Gimp?

  30. not even know why I clicked and I disparaut bottom of the Toolbox and I write You Can drop dockable dialogs here .... What settings should I change to reappear?

  31. @ Alexx: In the "Layers, Channels" of a button as a triunghi.Click that button-Add Tool Tab final Options.In by "drag and drop" bring the Toolbox panel.

  32. Long but merita.felicitari

  33. Would need to make a tutorial for photoshop and would be excellent

  34. Hello!
    What happens videotutorialul "Gimp free photo editing the 3, making selections - video tutorial HD"?? The viewing just 13 seconds in this videotutorial?!?

  35. gpa: Hello!
    What happens videotutorialul "Gimp free photo editing the 3, making selections - video tutorial HD"?? The viewing just 13 seconds in this videotutorial?!?

    The tutorial goes well until the end, has 98 minutes of weak Addicted probably get yourself a good net and I'll work better! Look no further come to us!

  36. Sorry
    I thought it was a technical problem ptr all other videotutoriale go, and it just goes to my second 13.

    I have a high opinion of you, on site, of tutorials that you make them watch with pleasure. So not looking to blame anyone, just ask.

    Keep up the good work
    S'auzim only good

  37. How can I change the language in Gimp 2.6

  38. Alin: How can I change the language in Gimp 2.6

    He exemplified 1 Dan in this tutorial has shown how to change the language, this is the tutorial series number 3 4 GIMP tutorials.
    Follow them all that so that you understand many things, I am not vain 4 GIMP tutorials.

  39. It is a very good series of tutorials, I hope you do not end with the fourth. Congratulations Dan, looking forward to other interesting effects, eg Gimp can do 3D swirling effect of pictures or emblems? Thank you.

  40. Hi ... I have a question ... how do you remove writing from a picture? I'm interested in pictures, not writing and do not know how to do ... does anyone know? thanks ..

  41. I do not know what intanpla, but now when I open gimp program also appears that the layere.Imi icon appears only one man called toolbox.Stie what to do? Thank you!

  42. @ Edy666: You can achieve such an effect using GAP.
    @ Bitzu: You can eliminate writing using cloning tools in Gimp but it requires a lot of work and the results are not always asteptate.O Another method would be to crop the image so that you do not include the area of ​​writing, if possible of course.
    @ Dany05: Windows Access-Layers Recently Closed Docks ...

  43. Excellent! Thanks a lot Dan.

  44. Thanks so much Dane!

  45. Very good tutorials, congratulations sir Dan.Am entered videotutorial ac tutorials a week and started to deal with your own tutorials Gimp.Astept forward

  46. Where can copy extensions from FX Foundry after you've downloaded and unzipped? Please help me

  47. Hello ... I need help. How can I remove white begru effect of a picture? That image is already black and white, but I want to eliminate this effect, the picture to be colored, normal? There is this option in Gimp?

  48. @ Alex: 1.Fisierele resulting from FX Foundry archive is copied to: C: \ Program Files \ GIMP-2.0 \ share \ gimp \ 2.0 \ scripts
    2.O black and white image can not be brought into any software to its original state when it was colorata.Singura option would be to color the image yourself. Here Find a tutorial that describes this.

  49. Cristian P said

    Extraordinary all tutorials before and I'll come through soon 3.Il than on the fourth. Thanks Dan. There are things super interesting and I was wondering all the time when I saw various effects and gimmicks such as efectuate.Acum, mostly I built.
    What can I say, if all you dedicated this work free, maybe create other tutorials, because from what I see there are many things that can be done with this program.
    Anyway thank you again for everything you've done so far (and that's enough), but I can not hide the desire to November tutoriale.Jos viewed hat!!

  50. sylviu said

    every time I turn on my PC box appears that says the following:

    This program requires at least Windows 2000 1.60 with SPTD or newer.

    Any 'kernel debugger' must be disabled "ajutatima !!!!!!!!!!!

    • sylviu: Every time I start my PC a box appears that says the following: This program requires at least Windows 2000 1.60 or newer with SPTD .Any 'kernel debugger' must be disabled "ajutatima !!!!!!!! !!!

      Try response here.

  51. costel_pescarul25 said

    Very interesting and util.Mulţumesc.

  52. yeah .... interesting ... I might even say education.

  53. Marian M. said

    I've seen the tutorial ... finally BV hottest super tutorials for me

  54. tibyarad said

    Muult Thanks for these tutorials and all the time you've ocuat in making tutorial.

  55. I have a dilemma
    If I closed the window layer do to regain înnapoi?

  56. Very nice bravo!

  57. Mircea Teodorescu said

    Dear Dan Constantin,

    But address you team.
    I 56 years and take care of electronic 40 without necessarily being a fan of software and programming.
    Instead I taught in parallel with a major telecommunications company to several generations of students and even students (laboratories). I'm writing this to congratulate you on how ralizare of this tutorial, not only by the complexity of explanation or high level of knowledge of the program, as evident by teaching skills that you have.
    I wish you continued success and if you are not already TEACHER IN THIS hungry people who know how to educate the young, daring ..........!

    Sincerely yours,
    Mircea Teodorescu

  58. robert said

    I downloaded the latest version of gimp. no longer appears black white panel tollbox. do not know where you activate occur. can someone help me? thanks

  59. I like all these tutorials because they are very explicit, being an elderly person who has never worked with such programs. Mr. Dan you are an excellent pedagogue. I would like you to continue doing tutorials in this program, I know that there are many on the internet, but I think that many others do not know English and we find it difficult to understand.
    I'd like a tutorial explaining how we can turn a black and white photo into a color, where the person in the photo is hairy and colorful and I'd love to help with a tutorial if possible.
    I would like to do a tutorial like this in Romanian, I'm trying to do this for my game but I can not, I do not understand the language and it's hard. This is the tutorial: which I would like in Romanian and more explicit if it can. Thank you in the hope that you will help me. I have the Gimp 2.8.22 version in the computer because I recently saw your tutorials and I started to learn how can I do with this program?

  60. Zeno Serban said

    I have a problem with the Gimp 3 tutorial, more specifically text editing. When I get to the Pasted Layer, after switching to the To Path option, I delete the top layer and press the CTRL + C + V keys, the tutorial shows the layer called Pasted Layer written in green, and the Fooating Selection extension, written with black and do not understand where they are wrong.


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