Gladinet, all cloud storage services in one place, on the desktop - video tutorial

Hello friends, in this tutorial we will talk today about a very interesting software that will allow us to have the most popular cloud services such as SkyDrive, Amazon Drive, Google Drive and Box and many more in one place displayed as a single drive in My Computer (Windows Explorer)
We all use the cloud and know how unpleasant it is to install Service of each storage customer. If I stand to installing each desktop client for each cloud service used, we get a computer hard moves that boots very hard for all these client programs set to start by default come with the operating system.
Presented today is called Gladinet software and allows adding different cloud accounts to sync files from PC to cloud services and vice versa. You can add the most popular services listed above as the final bit to get a partition in My Computer cumulative entire space of these services. If you have multiple accounts Box, SkyDrive, Amazon or Google Drive Drive, you can add Gladinet software and it will do the rest.
The great advantage of the Gladinet software is that we can make it monitor any existing folder in our computer and all the changes, file additions that we will make in that folder will be automatically uploaded to the cloud services added by us. We can back up either folders or file types. For example, we tell Gladinet to monitor the existing "X" folder in the "E:" partition. When we put a new file in the "X" folder, it will be automatically uploaded to one of the cloud services of our choice. Moreover, we can tell Gladinet to monitor only the files with the extension .doc, .docx, .mp3, .wav, mp4 existing in the "X" folder. When we add new files with one of the extensions mentioned above or make changes to those in the "X" folder, Gladinet will back it up in one of the cloud services we choose.
Gladinet is a formidable "tool" and saves us from jumping all the time from one client to synchronize one service to another bringing all the space from our cloud services, in a single interface. We can even back up one or more existing folders in the PC, in all the cloud services added in Gladinet, thus obtaining a backup for the files important to us.
That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly what can be done Gladinet how we use and how we have different cloud services in one place.

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  1. very interesting, but you can only upload 2 accounts in free mode…

  2. I have a perfect novelty for Windows 8
    Download Media Center here:
    write your gmail address and security code on my gmail will be sent a key, not only working but Windows Media Center operating system indefinitely
    PS I do not know if I wrote everything correctly, but the method is functional!!!!

  3. Visual Studio 2012
    why did nati tutorial about it?

  4. View Product said

    Alternatively, you can use this program - "CarotDAV". You can find the portable version here
    It supports:
    -Google Drive
    -FTP or WebDAV

    As the interface is simple, it does not allocate a letter in the explorer and does not make automatic synchronizations. You can only view files, delete, upload, download. You have no limit of 2 accounts like gladinet. Net framework 2 is required.

  5. Merge and They provide free and unlimited space for 10GB 10 $ per month.

  6. Do not go with (at least I do not go)! Yes authentication error, although username and password are correct.

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