Glasswire firewall that sees the entire network - see what applications are moving in front

Glasswire firewall that sees the entire network

What is the tutorial Glasswire firewall that sees the whole network about?

In this video tutorial called Glasswire firewall that sees the entire network, I present a firewall-type application for Windows, also available for Android.

Compared to other firewall security solutions, Glasswire provides user information in a clearer way.

What is a firewall?

Firewall, or fire wall in translation, is a security layer that takes care of what enters and leaves our computer or our network.

The firewall can be hardware type, usually used in data centers, or software type, such as Glasswire, in our case.

Firewall in a certain form also has the router, which analyzes the traffic and can block certain incoming or outgoing requests, depending on how we set it to react.

Glasswire is like a book with many pictures

Usually, setting up a firewall is a task that everyone runs away from, because it's quite difficult to figure out "what all that is doing". And as we don't want to "spoil there", many users choose not to get involved.

Glasswire comes with an interface that the user can understand better. We have a timeline with graphics, we have icons and other things that can turn a clunky software into a friendly one.

What can Glasswire do?

  1. It shows us all the traffic as volume and destinations
  2. It shows us how much applications consume, what they connect to and when
  3. It shows us in detail the servers, IPs and countries to which the applications connect
  4. It shows us the application traffic even if they are in incognito mode
  5. It allows us to block applications from accessing the internet
  6. We can verify applications using VirusTotal
  7. We can see all the devices connected to our router
  8. We receive notifications related to when applications connect to the Internet

Corroborating all the information received from Glasswire, we can get an idea of ​​the apps that are going "crazy", who are stealing data and where they are sending it. We can also detect suspicious devices connecting to our network.

How do I like Glasswire?

An application that opens your eyes! This is where the name "Glasswire" comes from, because it's like you see what "flows" through the cables.

For sure, everyone should at least try the app, to see with different eyes what mice are dancing on the table when the cat is not paying attention.

A disadvantage of the application is that it only works with the PC on which it is installed, turned on.

Download Glasswire

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Video tutorial – Glasswire firewall that sees the entire network

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