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What is the Google Lens actual use tutorial about?

In this tutorial I will show you the actual usage of Google Lens. Ways that everyone can use every day, to gather information faster and to streamline certain tasks.

What is Google Lens?

In fact, the Google Lens application cannot be included in an existing category, because it is a hybrid.

In fact, Google Lens is a front end, meaning an easy-to-understand interface for the average user, for certain parts of the Artificial Intelligence that Google keeps

What does Google Lens know how to do?

Some of the capabilities that are constantly being improved are:

  1. Instant translation, in augmented style, of a text from one language to another
  2. Instant text recognition with the ability to copy it, kind of Live OCR
  3. Recognition of objects, plants, tourist places, animals, dishes, etc.

Google Lens is an "organ" or "member" of the Google Assistant (google now).

Google Lens is just a small part of the huge AI (artificial intelligence) Google, through which the search giant offers us some functions and through which it continues to collect data for polishing or educating the AI ​​monster.

However, we cannot deny the advantages it offers us. A little horse when it comes to text recognition and its transformation into editable text, it is a very big time saver for the user, especially if we work in the office environment with a lot of text to transcribe / digitize.

What I use Google Lens for

Without making the mistake that many make, of outsourcing my memory more and more in the cloud, a business that leads to a decrease in human memory capacity, I try to use Google Lens as a last resort tool, when I am cornered by solving a problem, which I could not solve in a reasonable time.

The main feature I use in Google Lens is plant and object recognition.

Google Lens actual usage tutorial:

  1. You have a plant in the yard, and you don't know if it's useful or not
  2. You see something and you don't know where to find it
  3. See a beautiful picture from a tourist place
  4. Transcription of text written on paper into digital text
  5. Translation of documents into more difficult languages ​​with characters other than Latin

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  1. Hello. Isn't there an app on iOS?

    • It's not in the AppStore, but it comes integrated into the Google Photos app. When you view a picture in the Google Photos app, you'll see the Google Lens button at the bottom.

  2. Florentine said

    is there any tutorial / solution to permanently stop Antimalware Service Executable in Windows 10 Pro? I specify that I tried almost everything that exists on youtube, tutorials, tips, etc. TrustIstaller has control over them and won't let you change them

  3. Adrian said

    Very interesting, thank you Cristi!

  4. Hi, I have a Samsung A70 recently updated to Android 10 and Google Lens does not open. Any recommendations?

  5. Constantin Necula said

    Hi Mr. Cristian Cismaru, I followed your tutorial on Google Lens and decided to use this application from Google, but I encountered the following problem:
    -when opening the application, the options do not appear at the bottom of the image (translation, documents, search, etc.) but only a bar on which it is written to select the text that interests me, and if I "pull" the bar up, it displays information about what can make this application.The same version of google lens installed on two identical A20e phones behaves differently: on one are displayed the normal options and on the other not.Also on two Huawei on one OK on another without options! Do you have a suggestion?
    Thank you!

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