Honor Band 5i measures SpO2 blood oxygen - at an affordable price

Honor Band 5i measures SpO2 blood oxygen
Honor Band 5i measures SpO2 blood oxygen

What is the Honor Band 5i tutorial about measuring blood oxygen?

Honor Band 5i measures blood oxygen is not a tutorial, as we used to, but a presentation of a smart bracelet from Huawei, which is called Honor Band 5i.

Honor Band 5i is a special bracelet in that it provides us with the function of measuring oxygen saturation in the blood and does this at a more than decent price. Around the amount of 100 lei +/- (depending on where you buy it).

What has Honor Band 5i interesting besides measuring blood oxygen SpO2

  1. SpO2 measurement (peripheral blood oxygen concentration)
  2. USB charging directly (has a socket on the belt)
  3. 24/7 pulse monitoring and graphical display in the application
  4. Sleep quality monitoring and analysis (extremely accurate and detailed)
  5. Control the music directly from the bracelet
  6. Initiation and registration of trainings (graphical analysis in the application)
  7. Text notifications and the ability to reject calls
  8. Recording steps, distance traveled, calories burned throughout the day
  9. Warning when you sit too long in a place (on a seat, behind the wheel, etc.)
  10. Weather forecast, current, by hours and by days - quite detailed
  11. Battery life between 5 and 9 days depends on the settings

Why would we want to measure our blood oxygen levels?

During this period, when the virus travels the world, it has a habit of damaging the human lungs.

Lung damage can be detected very well with the help of this value of the level of oxygen in the blood at the peripheral level. The technique that is also used on this gadget and is called SpO2.

If values ​​below 90% are read, we should think about notifying the doctor, because it is possible to have affected lungs and it is a good idea to act in time, not to wait until we can no longer breathe.

I had a close relative with this problem, just 2 weeks ago, and he told me that he could not breathe again at the hospital when he arrived he had 77% oxygen concentration in his blood.

She's home now, but she's still not feeling well, she's white as her cousin.

It was probably good if he got to the hospital earlier, when his lungs were less affected.

Honor Band 5i Bracelet - prices

Honor Band 5i - evomag

Honor Band 5i - emag

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