Color images at night surveillance cameras with ColorVu

Color images at night surveillance cameras with ColorVu

What is the ColorVu Surveillance Camera at Night Surveillance tutorial about?

In this tutorial "Color images at night surveillance cameras with ColorVu" I will introduce you to one of the new ColorVu cameras from Hikvision. Rooms that can see in color at night.

What is ColorVu?

Technically, ColorVu is not a specific technology but is a marketing term for labeling surveillance cameras with hardware features that make them more sensitive than other surveillance cameras at night.

What makes a ColorVu camera from Hikvision different from other surveillance cameras?

After careful inspection, we identified two hardware specifications that stand out when comparing ColorVu cameras with other surveillance cameras.

Large sensor size:

Compared to most cameras in the same price range, the tutorial camera has a 1 / 1.8 ″ (9mm) sensor compared to 1/3 ″ (6mm) sensors, which means

Sensor size

Very open aperture:

The opening in front of the sensor, which allows light to reach the sensor, is very large. In our case the ColorVu camera has an aperture of f / 1.0, in addition to f / 1.6 or even f / 2.0 for the other cameras.

Lens aperture

Why is the ColorVu camera better?

In general, most surveillance cameras at night have a very poor image quality, because they shoot in night mode and the images are illuminated by infrared LEDs.

The images recorded in infrared light are black and white and without details.

When using images to identify an event that occurred during the night, many essential details are missing from the filming, such as the color of the clothes, the color of the cars, the registration number, etc.

ColorVu films the night as well as the day, in colors and manages to capture more details.

Where can I find ColorVu rooms?

The tutorial camera - Hikvision DS-2CD2047G1-L-2.8mm

Other ColorVu rooms - ColorVu cameras on emag

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Video tutorial - Color images at night surveillance cameras with ColorVu

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  1. Hi, where can I find the video comparison program?

  2. the untied cat said

    You're great Cristi, after I pay and download the program, I find out that the file is corrupt and I can delete it

  3. Hi,
    The comparison is interesting, but I think the two cameras have different lenses (colorvu 3,6 - 4 mm and IR 2,8 mm), it would be interesting to make the comparison with the same type of lens and with the WDR function activated.

    • Both surveillance cameras have 2.8mm lenses. They seem to have different lenses because of the positioning but also because the ColorVu camera has a larger sensor. 9mm vs 6mm diagonally.

  4. They whispered said

    The same problem with the program introduces the videos in the program (video comparator) the program opens
    and nothing appears to me only 2 squares appear to me no way videos can anyone know any setting or other similar program

  5. Hello! I understood the idea that it has weak normal LEDs… but what is the advantage of IR cameras? The human eye cannot capture that specific IF wavelength. Is my room still good if I want to put the camera so that it is hidden? No, normal LEDs give me away. (The man will look at the inevitable light source. Just like the people in the bar look at the door when it opens)


  1. […] Color images at night surveillance cameras with ColorVu […]

  2. […] Color images at night surveillance cameras with ColorVu […]

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