The importance of a solid and easy-to-remember password for email or other services - video tutorial

Passwords are very important for the security of our accounts, I do not have to stress this, but how we choose the password or password?
The password is often chosen oestrus simple: day month and year of birth, name, initials plus year of birth, etc.. Unfortunately these combinations are known to hackers (dictionary attack) and thus it is easy to enter where they want.
If we choose password with attention to the task hackers would not be so easy, it would probably be impossible to break or enter your email address on our accounts.
How do we choose a secure password?
The answer is simple, we use an online password generator (pay attention to the rating of the site) or software like KeePass, unfortunately the passwords generated by these "tools" are not easy to remember, the human brain needs a certain simple logic to he could memorize something complex like a password. A string like ".?, '30'45] hxt)]" is almost impossible to remember normally, only if you are Rain Man.
The best method to generate a secure password, and at the same time easy to remember is to use a logical pattern, a rule that our brain will use to generate passwords depending on the site or account we access. For example, we have the password "ion1980" for logging on to the "" site, we can reverse the characters a bit and we can introduce some new characters "[email protected]@ ”, I just replaced the letters“ o ”with“ @ ”, additionally I entered the store address in the equation. The first password, ie "ion1980" can be broken in 5 minutes, while the second, ie "[email protected]@ ”Can only be broken in 8 billion years.
We can apply logic everywhere, that is, instead of emag we can introduce "[email protected]"And we will get the password"[email protected]@ ”The trick is not to reveal to anyone the formula we are guided by. This way the passwords "look" good and are quite secure.
Another extremely important thing to keep in mind is: Don't trust anyone! Today's friend can be tomorrow's enemy and if he knows your passwords or the logic you are guided by, you are eaten! Most passwords for email addresses are broken or rather stolen in this way, ie you log in from your friend's computer, and he steals your password and logs in to your account, he only needs to have a keylogger installed, you can empty the "mother" of the historian, the keylogger remembers any keystroke.
For those who want a password manager to handle everything, storing passwords, passwords genrare, automatic login, I recommend two tutriale:

LastPass password manager a brilliant comfortable and extremely safe

Protecting and managing passwords with the free KeePass

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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  1. AdrianGudus said

    Another logic to generate a secure password is to generate in your mind a phrase, a favorite quote. eg
    "The most precious being for me is Ioana"
    We take the first letter of each word / preposition and password will be:
    Or we can turn in figures calculating the number of letters in each word and password will be as follows (for the phrase above):

  2. yes it's good to know .. but still not get paranoid!

  3. Good tutorial Cristi… I think everyone needs a strong password that nowadays problems with hackers grow everywhere: Look when you continue the hardware tutorials? I heard at last that you do a tutorial on a normal size case… super ar be a little longer the tutorial and contain a cable management…!


    My password! And that's before I saw tutorial :).

  5. Daniela Balan said

    Good tutorial Mr. Cristian… and thank you for the information… whether we care or not I would like to know if this password could be broken and if yes… in how long… not another..but I would like with all my heart that those hackers to read it as soon as possible…. in case my password is broken …… ..ITS LUTEGED UEM UIGOLJIM? if the hackers..will do this… they will do it for money… .and other reason you would not know.Sincerely… you must have a pretty significant reason to do this… And yet maybe you have time to tell me… this password can be broken… and if so, how long? I admire you for your tenacity and desire to develop this site… you are a very good administrator… .much success .A good evening.

  6. manticore1580 said

    Hey all.
    Download STICKY PASSWORD is a password manager, this software is great.
    Download IObit Random Password Generator, password generator

  7. Interesting and useful tutorial. Thanks Cristi.

  8. sklipy said

    Incredible :))) I also tested the site with different passwords and one "could be broken" in 21 years! But this in theory, as in practice can be easy! Anyway, the tutorial is excellent, congratulations

  9. I know that is not related to the tutorial. But I would like, if possible, to make a tutorial on how to remove a clip up on youtube.

  10. Hi friends! please if you can make a video tutorial about “bluescreenview” blue screens, today I met the blue screen and I don't have time to see the error and thanks to “bluescreenview” it also shows you the error and what it comes from and I solved useful you do not know when it will catch well! Regards.

  11. AdrianGudus said

    Hello friends! please if you can do a videotutorial says about "BlueScreenView" blue screens, today I encountered the blue screen and do not have time to see the error and because "BlueScreenView" it shows the error and what comes and we solved .. is very useful not to catch Cando know better! Sincerely.

    Write up the SEARCH box located in the sidebar, top right: BSOD, press the Enter key and you will find the tutorial.

    We also vary by site passwords. I use a fairly complex algorithm to invent them.

  13. Please tell me how can I permanently delete an email address.

  14. Bobby Bogdan said
  15. KhnumDC said

    Another interesting manager's

  16. AdrianGudus said

    Please tell me how can I permanently delete an email address.

    Write up the SEARCH box in the upper right sidebar: how to delete a Yahoo address or how to delete a Yahoo account or how to delete a Gmail account, press the Enter key and you will find the tutorial

  17. About 109 decillion'm good years
    to hack your password

  18. Why not say:
    it is very important to use a virtual keyboard, which is found either in control panel or in run / osk.exe.
    Another thing to add is the recommendation and use numbers and letters, especially upper

  19. sledge-hammer said

    good and inspiring tutor, but saitu where you put passwords are hard to see how can it records all passwords and II (to be from someone)

  20. beni2 - 1 said

    My password can not be broken even in a billion years

  21. I have a question not of the tutorial. can anyone have any idea how to access in romania without proxy? I rds. pote sounds stupid yes are extremely surpirins

  22. AdrianGudus said

    I have a question not of the tutorial. can anyone have any idea how to access in romania without proxy? I rds. pote sounds stupid yes are extremely surpirins

    Hulu is not available for Romania, or for many other countries. The only solution is to use a proxy or VPN.
    Type up in the SEARCH box in the sidebar, top right: "Hotspot Shield, browse anonymously, secure online payments and access sites like Hulu" or "What is and how to make a VPN connection in Windows XP, Vista and 7" press the enter key and you will find the tutorials.

  23. @ Adrian if you read carefully what I said I said I understand how you can access as aceseaaza no / yes I also discovered later that you enter the site you can register gives the player just does not let VPN or proxy

  24. AdrianGudus said

    @ Adrian if you read carefully what I said I said I understand how you can access as aceseaaza no / yes I also discovered later that you enter the site you can register gives the player just does not let VPN or proxy

    One is you can access the whole site and another is to benefit from that site itself. So Netflix or Google Music and can be accessed but that does not mean you will benefit from their services.
    And in the weapons store you are allowed to enter, to look, to ask questions but you are not allowed to buy a weapon if you are not allowed for such a thing. Dang dang

  25. ZoRoXxL said

    ehe are good

  26. FaraVirusi said

    This whole is quite sensitive passwords, many people make mistakes when they put a weak password, whether it's the messenger, facebook, email, etc.. It is important not to put the same password, even I change a few characters. So we put a secure password only needs to think a little.
    It would be important not to put passwords like 123123, qwerty, last name, so our password will not be broken by neighbors or those who know us, I tell you from my experience, so I managed to break some accounts from facebook

  27. My password can be cracked in: About 8 quintillion years

  28. Hi just want to ask how can I pass the password from USB, I myself at work BSE is password protected and can not put a movie. may

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