Car charger fast charging two USB ports - recommendation and tips

Car charger fast charging two USB ports - recommendation and tips

Fast charger two USB ports
Fast charger two USB ports

How to choose the right charger for your car?

The charger has to be even more versatile than the charger in the house, because in the car most of the times we have only one 12V (cigarette lighter) socket. A good idea is to choose the double car charger.

What are the criteria for choosing the car charger?

1. High output current, as many amps
2. At least two USB ports, like loading gadgets in parallel
3. Do not heat during charging

I tried several car chargers over time.

I had plenty of chargers, and over time I made a pretty clear view of loading the devices in the car.

Some tips for loading devices into your car

1. VERY IMPORTANT - Do not leave the charger plugged in and unattended
2. Do not leave the charger plugged into the car overnight
3. While on the road, securely fasten the loaded gauge to not tighten the socket
4. Try not to put the phone in the sun, because it will overheat and will not be charged again
5. If you need to connect a dash cam, connect directly to the electrical installation (with an electrician)
6. Clean the lighter outlet well before connecting the charger
Any charger left plugged into the car may result in a fire or unloading of the car battery.

How fast is charging with this car charger?

I made the full load, from 0 to 100% for The Oneplus 3 phone;
The full charging time was 1 time and 34 minutes for a 3000mAh battery
It does not have any patented fast-charging technology, but has 2,1 Ah output on each port and loads devices very quickly, especially phones.
However, these fast charging technologies can quickly charge the phones for just a few minutes, then reduce their amperage or voltage, depending on the technology.

Load speed to original charger Oneplus, which has Dash Charge technology, Is pretty good. With the original charger, the phone charges in 71 for minutes, and with this charger it loads in 104 minutes. Pretty good, especially if we take into account that Dash Charge technology is the fastest in the world today.

My recommendation:

Universal Fast Charging A + Dual USB Charger, 4.2 Ah


Car Charger Fast Charging Two USB Ports - Video Tutorial

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  1. Daniel bulc said

    Unfortunately, it is not available in stock, as I would need for a 7 2013 Nexus tablet to keep it powered by waze, which I am not currently downloading.

  2. Daniel bulc said

    I will go today to look for and I will keep it in tests 2-3 days if it's ok to give it back to try something else, thanks for rpont

  3. I bought the charger from oneplus, the phone charges it in an hour because I have a phone. Oneplus and for other devices 2.1 amp is very pleased with it

  4. Why not use the oneplus cable? Why buy an adapter? I have oneplus 3t, I want a car charger but why not use the original charger cable? Regards.

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