Record calls with optimal ACR settings and unchained version

Record phone calls with ACR
Record calls with ACR

What is the ACR call recording tutorial about?

In this video tutorial (Recording calls with ACR), you will see how to record phone calls, so that both sides can be heard.

There are settings that we have to make and that I will present to you in detail in the video tutorial.

What is ACR? - Record calls with ACR

ACR, in this context it does not mean Automobil Club Român, but Auto Call Recorder, and is an application with which calls can be recorded.

Why can't I see the names of the contacts in the call logs in ACR?

If the call recording application, ACR, worked well at first, it has had two problems for some time.

One of these problems is that Android no longer allows Play Store applications to access the dialer.

SOLVING the problem with the lack of contact names in ACR:

As the Play Store application does not allow access to the dialer, we will use the unchained ACR version, which can be found in the Galaxy Store.

ACR Unchained can access the dialer by running it as an accessibility service. * see in the video tutorial

Why can't the other side be heard on ACR recordings

As we well know, Google does what it does sometimes and spoils our desire for anything with all sorts of new rules, which even if they come from the desire to make the OS as secure as possible, often spoil the fun.

Android no longer allows third-party applications to record sound from the system, but only through the microphone. This way you can no longer record the sound of both sides during a call.

RESOLUTION of the issue with the registration of the other party participating in the appeal in the RTA:

The solution is to make calls to the speaker and gradually change the volume of the recordings, if necessary.

Where do we get unchained ACR?

The app can be found in the Galaxy Store or other app stores.

* ACR Unchained, from Galaxy Store, is an application identical to the ACR in the Play Store, only it has an additional option, an option that would not be allowed in the Play Store.

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  1. omer metin said

    Hi cristian… I'm glad you're helping us with this problem ..a lot of success, I have a samsung note 10+ and being like at home I don't get close signal activate WI-FI CALL I'm on orange but I have a problem put on airplane mode or just activate call wifi and of course wi-fi active when i call the person i am calling they can't hear me at all… i tested and i can't hear my voice those i call… but the interesting phase if i call… then i hear the ones i call and I can talk… so I give you a challenge how we can solve this situation is useful to you too because it is on airplane mode but appears to be connected to the ORANGE and only consume a lot of battery for calls and internet… only use 4G but the condition to have connected to wi-fi and to be active from the phone settings Samsung CALL WI-FI, I want to know if you know the solution why I can't hear those I call by wi-fi call to Orange with no. personally but when they call me they hear me..thanks (PS; I called Orange and they told me that for Samsung 10+ notes they don't have c compatibility but only for Note 10+ 5G but why when I'm called they can talk and they hear me but when I call no one hears me.

  2. the recording cannot be played
    possible to be corrupt
    These are the messages they receive on the phone when they want to play the sound of the recording
    I mention that the contact's name appears in my list
    I have a Samsung A10 phone
    Is it possible that I did something wrong?
    or is there another recommendation for this model /

  3. adrian irimia said

    Does not work on xiaomi redmi note 8 pro.

  4. RUSU NECULAI said

    Hello . I have a samsung galaxy a7. I go into settings and I can't find a record. Why? Thank you .

  5. How do you like Cube ACR?

  6. Antonie Tudor said

    I installed the application and made the settings indicated on my Samsung A50 phone.
    The contact name appears in the ACR pliers but the sound is not recorded.

    Cube ACR works on many phones without any problems. Exactly how the ACR you mentioned in the tutorial went before

    • It doesn't work for me, I can't hear the interlocutor, and Cube ACR is not compatible on S8

    • I installed Cube ACR and checked with all 7 options on - the phone's audio recording source - and it has the same problem as ACR
      Connected with a bluetooth headset, it only records my voice, the participant's voice is hardly heard at all.

  8. I tried, but in the settings the speaker is inactive. What I do ?

  9. Constantin said

    The Samsung A40 does not work, the interlocutor's voice cannot be played.

  10. Cristi Hello!
    Did you find a solution to the recording problem without the phone on the speaker?
    I own a Samsung Galaxy A70 with anroid v10
    If I root them as you mentioned in the video, the ING homebank application will no longer work.
    I have to find a solution that reconciles both

  11. I have the same problem as Johnny with call recording
    When the bluetooth headset is connected, it only records my voice (and this is very weak)

  12. boys
    I see that for many of you the acr application does not work, it is not because of the application on the contrary the application works very well, you have the android of the phone I have a phone with android 5 and it works perfectly it is a company phone that I keep only for the application and It took me many times out of cases where I had complaints as advice those you need for the same problem that I tried with a smaller version of android up to at most android 7 on those works for sure


  1. […] Recording calls with optimal ACR settings and unchained version […]

  2. […] Recording calls with optimal ACR settings and unchained version […]

  3. […] Recording calls with optimal ACR settings and unchained version […]

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