Samsung native call recording CSC change - PERFECTLY RECORDS BOTH PARTS

What is the Samsung native call recording tutorial changing about CSC?

I think it's pretty clear. In the video tutorial Native Samsung call recording, changing the CSC will show you how to activate the native recording function on Samsung phones by changing the CSC with one outside the EU.

Why isn't the call recording feature available on Samsung phones in Europe?

In Europe there are all kinds of laws for the protection of personal data. Mobile phone manufacturers do not receive sales approval if they have call recording functions.

Even if at the software level, buried deep in the code, this function is on every Samsung device in Europe, at the interface level it is not active.

How to enable call recording on any Samsung phone

If I said above that at the software level, the call recording function exists on every Samsung phone, it cannot be found in the settings, because it is activated only by the phone's CSC.

Every phone has a CSC (Country Specific Code), taken from the SIM card and phone firmware, the first time the phone is turned on. This CSC defines the applications that are available in that region.

For example, we in Romania put a Vodafone / Orange / Telekom / Digi. Immediately the phone knows that we are in Romania and immediately adjusts the available applications.

How can you have Native Call Recording on Samsung, even if you are in the EU.

We have several methods available. But we will use the most non-invasive and cheap solution.

Flashing an Indonesian firmware. Thus, after installing the firmware, we will have it available

Why is Samsung's Call Recorder so good?

Compared to other call recording applications on the market, and here I mean all, Samsung call recording clearly records both parties.

I didn't work too hard for this tutorial, it's not my merit - I was inspired by this video made by a Bulgarian in English. Please, at least for the man, that he did a good job.

Quick steps to record native Samsung calls changing CSC

  1. Set the exact product code (to version number) Settings / About phone / Software information / Version number
  2. Determine the exact PDA code (version number)
  3. Sign up for Sammobile
  4. Find the right Indonesian firmware for your device
  5. Download the Odin firmware and application (takes hours)
  6. Unzip what you downloaded
  7. Put the phone in Download Mode
  8. Start Odin and flash as in the tutorial ATTENTION, in the CSC_… .. field in Odin, select Home_CSC …… (so as not to lose data)
  9. Press START and wait
  10. Successes

Please, be very CAREFUL!

This tutorial is not one to be replicated in a hurry. Everything you see in 10 minutes actually took longer, because I had to download the files, which take a long time (the firmware took about 5 hours).

If you do something wrong, you will be left without data on your phone, ie without pictures, without documents, without the settings of payment applications and other wonders.

MEASURE 10 TIMES AND CUT ONCE - I'm not kidding

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Video Tutorial - Record Native Samsung Call Changing CSC

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  1. Adrian Cofariu said

    Hello! If I do everything you say in the tutorial, at the next firmware update that comes to me from Samsung or even if I receive an update from Android 10 (as I have now on my Samsung A20e phone) to Android 11, I take everything from beginning? Thank you!

  2. With Frija, the software download takes 5 minutes.

  3. for Note 20 Ultra is not the frimware of Indonesia. in this case how can I proceed?

  4. Sopu Mihai said


    If we do not find the Indonesian firmwares specified in the tutorial, for an A50 what other option could I download?

    Thank you very much and I am waiting for your answer!

  5. For Samsung Galaxy S10 + it is not G975FXXU9FCD for Indonesia and from the filtered list I chose for India, but it does not have native call recording.
    Another country on the list for G975FXXU9FCD to try again?
    Thank you!

  6. Ban Margărit said

    Good greenhouse! I have three Samsung tf a J5, an A10 and a Note 10 and none of them are Indonesian firmware! Can't another firmware? Thank you

  7. G975FXXU9FUCD

    • G975FXXU9FUBD with fireware from Indonesia with the latest update works on S10 + and I chose the option with deleting all the data I recovered after installation.

  8. Cristian said

    Hi Cristi, please do for Oneplus, a similar tutorial for native call recording.
    I found something for Oneplus, but turning off the phone deletes the native app.

    • luciangl said

      About 4 years ago I started using the default record function on several samsung phones, but from some models upwards this native function is not activated so easily. One of the methods was reported to samsung (through a "friend") and hence the new "security updates" that appeared. At the moment I can confirm that most of the "security" has been exceeded and I even managed to recover data from a locked phone (either with password, email address, etc.) or completely delete any data from the phone and bring it to factory settings without to use the password, email or something else.

  9. vladimir said

    Can you recommend a call recording program for your iPhone that works?
    I tried several, but they either have a very high price / month or you press buttons and confirmations, if you don't know where you came from.
    Thank you.

  10. Hi Cristi !! 🙂 I was terrified !! Ioooi !! I don't know how much damage it would have been for an A8 2018, but I did exactly as you said and in the end "FAIL" appeared in Odin !! Obviously blue-green display with some warning there to do a data recovery! The phone repeats, as if it no longer had android!
    So, for you and for everyone, I tried to download the package from Sammobile from the computer. I already had an account. He replied that the unloading started and the top, he didn't unload anything even after one night !!
    Miraculously I accessed Sammobile from my phone !! On top of that, the download started instantly, and 2.54gb did not last 30 minutes. He transferred everything to the PC and I followed the steps, including "home CSC" !! It didn't work and I received a "fail" !!
    I repeat, everything is done as you said and it is not very difficult !!
    I thought the phone was lost, but wonderfully, I also did "emergency recovery" with Odin, where in the "CSC" section you have to put "CSC" not "Home CSC" !! This way the phone backed up online until it recovered.
    This is how I proceeded as in this link:

    And now the top of the peaks: although I received "FAIL" and I no longer had android, after emergency recovery (identical steps as in hard reset) I found in calls "call recording" button !! You'll say I'm crazy, but I swear, I have that button, it records automatically, and bingo, it records both voices !! You know, there are shitty apps that only record your voice !!
    Anyway, even if I had carrots somewhere, even if I was afraid for an A8 2018… ..your tutorial taught me a lot! I guarantee you that I followed all the steps, and I don't know why "FAIL" !! But it is certain that I have registration. In addition, it put something in Indonesia for me as a phone payment application.
    Have life !! 🙂 You need us !!

    • You took a risk, you went on fire and a sword, and you came out victorious. Congratulations!

      • Buna Cristi !! 🙂 I hope you didn't write "a lot, stupid and pointless" and you understood something !! 🙂 The idea is for others to know that there is the possibility of it happening like me! Attention, in order to avoid the excessively long download time on the pc, access sammmobile from the phone !! In 25 minutes the 2.95gb file was downloaded. Now I fooled the site and it is downloaded on the PC for 8 hours and it has only 16% !! I don't know why the download from the phone was practically instant !! One mention: for a few moments the wifi signal was interrupted. Was the download incomplete until I received "FAIL"? That's why I want to remove it from my PC !!
        I noticed that at Sammobile there is also a Romanian in the team !! I don't know why the site functions work hard. It actually doesn't let you pay for high speed download !! I'm struggling and I can't pay !!
        Cristi, that's all: if you installed this patch, from what I realized it is not lost on hard reset. I had the "chance" that it doesn't work properly and that I have to back up to the original state with Odin. To return to the initial, you actually reach the stages of a hard reset !! And if after the hard reset I woke up that it had the recording function, it means that it is not deleted once installed. Maybe it's good to know for those with 7000 lei donuts who want to do this: the warranty may be lost, right?

  11. Pavel Marius said

    Good evening! Am S8 + / G955F / XXS7DTA6. I entered SamMobile and there is no Indonesia. What do you recommend, I take something at random, which is not from the EU, USA, China,…. or do you have any recommendations? Or do I take the variants and try several in a row, until I find something functional? Can something bad happen if I try several times until I find the right version for my phone model?
    I hope you come here and answer more questions! That would be nice of you!

  12. Pavel Marius said

    From the link provided by you, I notice that the Bulgarian says android 11. Will it work for android 9? As I no longer do these up to 9, at S8 +… I intend to take from Argentina, are there chances to work? Does GDPR apply to that? Maybe come back with some help, I hope! Can I make more attempts, or risk damaging my phone? It's the first time I try to do such tricks on the phone, I would like a little guidance…

    • You see, this tutorial comes with no guarantees. That's why I specified in the text that you should not start if you are not confident.
      There are no guarantees when it comes to installing firmware by methods other than OTA.

      • Pavel Marius said

        I'm fine with confidence! You didn't tell me, if you have this information: does it work on android 9? Countries where GDPR does not apply? I took Argentina and Bolivia; does it have something if I try repeatedly until I find one that doesn't block the recording? But especially: there is the function of recording calls in android 9; or will at least a third-party application work, as I used to, before the ban appeared? I would like to mention that I took the 2 kits very easily on the phone, and from the laptop, with Sam's free account, not at all! One more question: if I'm still giving my name and email address here so I can post, shouldn't I get an email alert that you answered me? I saw the answer because I kept this page open; Ideally, I should have received a warning, right?

  13. Gabi Costin said

    Thank you very much ! It worked perfectly for the S10 Lite!

  14. View Product said

    Hello, does anyone have a solution for Oppo Reno 5 5G?

  15. Alex Nicholas said

    Hello! is any warranty lost? can I put CSC back in case of something? that I found both Indonesia and ro (orange)

  16. Cosmin said

    Hi, I tried to go through it as a whole, but I think the part with HOME CSC is only valid for android 11 because I have S9 + with android 10 and it gave me Fail to write with odin and the error “AN ERROR HAS OCCURRED WHILE UPDATING THE DEVICE SOFTWARE USES THE EMERGENCY RECOVERY FUNCTION IN THE SMART SWITCH PC SOFTWARE. ” Fortunately, it was solved with the normal CSC file (home CSC) and with the restoration of the backup. Now I also have native call recording and Samsung Pay. 🙂 Thanks for the interesting tutorials!

  17. I confirm on SAMSUNG Galaxy A52s 5G works even though at pda I had A528BXXS1AUL3 and Indonesia had A528BXXS1AUL1 it seems that the last two do not matter but only A528BXXS1AU on this model Thanks for the video tutorial

  18. Dan Ilcus said

    A Samsung S22 tutorial wouldn't hurt. I tried with firmware from Ukraine and the Czech Republic and it doesn't work. Indonesia does not exist yet. THX

  19. Dan Ilcus said

    on my S21 ultra it worked


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