AZ Android phone screen recording Screen Recoreder

AZ Android phone screen recording Screen Recoreder

Whether you want to record gameplay, a chat window or simply phone screen, AZ Screen Recorder is the best choice for Android.

What is AZ Screen Recorder?

AZ Screen Recorder is a screen recording application for Android that lets you take screen captures video with background music, overlay text, logo and more.

Edit video!

AZ Screen Recorder is not only a video capture program for Android is a catch editor. Registration sequences can cut, we cut, we can crop, we can overlay text, etc.

I graduated!

Until recently the Android screen capture could be done only if you get root, or If you use desktop. Now it is not necessary ROOT and in addition the app is very well equipped to functions and settings.

Windows like?

Windows have Camtasia Studio, which is the best screen capture program. Even we use Camtasia most of the time, when we tutorials Windows. If you find Camtasia Studio expensive because it is a commercial program, you can use Cam Studio, a free capture
If you are passionate about gaming and want a program to capture responsible for games, I recommend Bandicam, a soft capture not only good for gaming.

How's AZ Screen Recorder?

General opinion.
From my point of view, AZ Screen Recoder is the best screen capture app for Android. Even to this free version, AZ Screen Recorder gives you a lot of super useful functions such as control frame rate, bitrate control, overlay text and logo, etc.
Video quality is very good, especially as we use a higher bitrate. Basically do not differentiate between the actual home screen and video capture.
Gaming is useful option to amend the frame rate's where obviously the capture gameplay will choose 60fps.
The audio comes out very well, as long as the phone's microphone is good. We can also use an external microphone, if we have a special adapter.
AZ Screen Recoder in Google Play Store

AZ Android phone screen recording Screen Recoreder

- video tutorial

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