Sound recording from Windows without loss and no stereo mix

Sound recording from Windows without loss and no stereo mix
Sound recording from Windows without loss and no stereo mix

How do you record Windows sound from your PC at the best quality without loss?

A method that I introduced to you a few years ago involves using a Windows setting called Stereo Mix.
Unfortunately, Stereo Mix is ​​not present on any PC, so we had to find another solution. PCs and new laptops do not seem to have Stereo Mix, or their sound cards do not support Stereo Mix

How do I record audio in Windows without Stereo Mix?

The solution was right under our nose all the while, "hidden in sight" in Audacity and is called Windows WASAPI, or Windows Audio Session API.
The Windows WASAPI setting makes it possible for the operating system to record sound without any loss.

Error resolution on 5.1 speaker systems

If you have the sound set on 5.1, you will get an error. This error can be easily resolved by switching to Stereo (from the sound card settings).

Download Audacity, software for recording, editing and audio processing!

If Audacity seems interesting to you, we have other video tutorials on this topic.
Other Audacity tutorials (for some you need a browser with flash player):

Sound recording from Windows without loss and without stereo mix - video tutorial

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I've tried this method now and it's really okay like sound. Is there any difference in quality between these methods? I did not find out.

  2. Congratulations. I use the "Apowersof" older 2.3.4 version, find the new one, but it will put you on record. Very simple and efficient!

  3. It reads "off", with emphasis on the second syllable, and not "audacity"!

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