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  1. gheorghe Sirbu said

    Very good deacu securuzare to like big big Telphers

  2. Dorel dumitru said

    Please help me with a sfat.Nu can install Windows on C drive, MBR can not delete any of linux cuGpart., I am in the UK .Domnul Cristi, Adi Lord, help me to bring to life leptop.

    • Costelina said

      Obtain a CD with Windows XP does not matter any version and then put his boot on that cd -eze in NTFS format then simply not quick

      • May read once you lord above, can not do anything with partition hard and I happened to it once no more could any format or to delete partitions, we solved only know how after a night sleepless.

  3. 1. Hello, I have Oneplus One for now, bought two years ago after I saw the tutorial here, I will buy my 3rd in a month. I watched here and I know from you Cristi, that he is really a "beast" that only Iphone 7 "beats" for the time being in all the tests, instead he has no rival. It is worth buying just for the simple fact that it uses only Android, and not IOS, where you really can't change or do anything with the phone. "What are you served on that tray swallow"
    2.Tin to thank you for downloading images previous tutorial original windows, looking for a long 7. I'm tired of 8 or 10. These guys know her name now and my mother, not to mention the shit.
    3. THE MOST IMPORTANT! Please Cristi, we have seen and we all know that either you work at EMAG or you have a commission related to them, which doesn't really matter, but maybe you have someone you know there, or you have the right to an opinion on "those above ”. Please suggest them to implement a cross-border product delivery system, at a low cost of course. I have been living in the UK for about 3 years, I have often wanted to buy products from them, but I have stumbled upon the fact that the products cannot be delivered across the border. And God, I spared a lot of them while I was in the country. I upgraded my entire desktop after the hundreds of tutorials seen here (motherboard, graphics, processor, RAM, SSD, network card, etc.) What a shame!
    Good luck!

  4. as well as people to read your phone's manual. as it says how to correctly mark register

  5. it's the first time I see the movie 4k.

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