Nero burning a disk with the 1 (video tutorials)

In this article we'll take care of one of the many functions it has NERO software suite.

Why suite? .For That this application contains several modules, but this new video tutorial will treat only the most commonly used, namely simple inscription of mixed content: video, audio (Mp3), images, text, Word documents , pdf and more.

In these video tutorials and other functions will treat equally interesting: Burning ISO images, audio editing, audio mixing, creating a backup and others, but up one another to follow this tutorial conducted by our colleague BOBY


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  1. You can also upload subtitles to a movie si? ​​And if so ..?
    Thank you!

  2. If you really want to help show how to make multi-session, that it is useless to 2 3 photos and music to burn a DVD omu !!!

  3. Is Corleone really that hard to make a multi-session CD / DVD? Wouldn't it really make you head to check multisesion disk? because that's all you have to do! It must be very hard! I bet that when they learned to do this, not even someone showed them how to make demolition, how to do multisesion… You also research that that's why you have a mouse, a hand, a brain, if we take it so black it can do thousands of stuff would take 10 hours to do a full tutorial about it! But that's how the Romanian is… when he sees himself with the bags in the cart and when they get home after unloading them, he says that he didn't like the road

  4. Corleone said

    I wasn't referring to me and when I don't understand something, you'll surely realize that I'm referring to what I didn't personally understand! I was referring to many poor people who break the CD trying to learn how to put the neighbor on the CD and he is left alone with the one I put in for the first time and that's it, I know one but I don't have the right to explain here and I don't even have to attribute this right to ME for those who don't know. But a question Adrian… How do you find what I'm posting? Are you a moderator on the site? :) Thanks!

  5. @Corleone:
    Adrian is one of the oldest visitors and won some moral right to moderate the discussion among others Adrian has experience in computers over slightly larger than ever.
    No you do not stop anyone to expose your views and give some advice when you like.
    Corleone're free to talk to as long as you give advice on the subject or close.
    Everyone has something to say can say free, but it would be subject to the cumpletam somehow tutorials.
    Ni from the beginning we wanted to create an environment where people learn new and interesting things in an easy and without obligation.
    If you want to know and see all comments it at the bottom of the site with a link where you can see the latest comments RSS comments.

  6. Corleone, I don't just give why you post… you saw that I answered many, as much as I could and as much as I knew… not only you, I really appreciate what these people are doing and I learned that helping is not a thing bad, it's natural and human! When you enter the site or when you enter the site it says somewhere: “Be careful not to give advice, only administrators have the right! ”??? if you want to be up to date with all the new comments and all the new tutorials that will be added on the site, I suggest you follow the tutorial with Snarfer, you can easily find it with the help of the search engine on the site on the top right. This Snarfer helps you work with RSS.

  7. Corleone said

    ADRIAN Danckesoon! :) I was curious (cat) I hope I do not die :))

  8. You have no man! I'm glad I could be of use to you and that maybe I made you smile! to die you will not die, that's for sure! What saddens me is that… if strict rules had been set… and in plain sight people would have violated them and when they are not displayed they interpret them, I deduce them why? How would it be better? but let's get away from the subject! Good luck and we are waiting for you!

  9. Adrian I have a problem that I can exceed over for me here: so ditch intro app, say something im bag virtual box and enter a child my deal on the net at the same time I pulled in virtual post box at a time while That plays a game micutz locks everything and make the speaker sound like as a ringtone (TRRRRRRRR) give restart after going Iara well, about the same jam lam had when windowsu stuffing without that noise, at about 37 minutes buf not load block but all this does not happen all the time, so I can install wind had given his side capacu down and take another bag and a cooler big fan beat him. Anyone have ideas that can be said thousand sal dedust and paste the cooler parts of the processor, can you give me some advice! Am Intel (R) Pentium (R) 5CPU 2.66GHz (dualcor), and 2 giga RAM! Sorry I posted aici.MULTUMESC advance!

  10. Corleone… I honestly don't know what to answer you because I'm not very good at hardware but software! this I advise you too put the paste on the processor… wipe it from the dust… make sure that the power plugs are put properly, the “infinity” is better… wipe it from the dust, probably your cooler is not strong enough to cool enough the processor. I also had problems with my time you hit it, you can still kick it in it, the power plugs the ram boards in time move…, I deleted it I disconnected everything, I removed each component, I put it back carefully, I "stuck" the power plugs well, I put the lid on and I was not surprised by the respective problems! Maybe boby or cristi will help you more I don't know much about hardware!

  11. Thanks I hope they can see one of my request and give advice sami! An evening meal!

  12. Lam de-dusted everything and source and heat sink on the processor and so do sometimes, but I found the pasta attachment dry the cooler and processor think not Fatza to cool and that is blocked, as a as costing and what form it it will not sell it on the tube?

  13. Corleone gives the tube for sale but is it really important how it is sold? Do you need pasta man, some of you are sometimes… I refrain… do you have a little more and ask why the sky is blue? because that's how it has to be, does it matter what color the tube is? what kind of lid? if it's in the box or not, if it has instructions? how do we know all this? there are several companies that produce something like this, you go and buy and you will see on the spot! if it is not sold in a tube but in a box, what do you do? find an answer, avoid these details yes why so, yes what color it should be, yes how many centimeters it should have… I would advise you to buy a new cooler, higher power with more rotations. store (I don't know if the store will have a metal door or double glazing, so don't ask!) you tell him what processor you have from the PC parts seller and ask him nicely what cooler he recommends for your type of processor, and if you have money you buy it if not… not.

  14. boby_admin said

    @Corleone: @Corleone:
    First you should know that temperatures have computer components
    Why change a fan just like you find yourself
    Christ did everest a tutorial, learn to use it monitors temperatures then give him a stress pc to see which component heat up too bad and then you can figure out if it's a component
    CPU resets can give you several reasons to PC
    Dust on the cooler does not allow proper airflow and CPU reaching a critical temperature restarts pc
    The processor is mounted meaningfully or thermal compound has not been applied properly and must be changed
    Well there could be many causes to one another tell me which are the temperatures of your PC
    Install everest and I recommend you look at all without running the tutorial that you can understand how things
    A tube of toothpaste costs 20- 30 lei

  15. Thanks Boby for installing it, for now I've dusted it off because it was a pity for his mother, and I found the paste on the processor hard as ice, and very very little, I documented on the net and saw different brands of pasta, it looks like Arctic Cooling is the best of what they say… ..I take a sami because now it crashes more and more often, if I don't manage in Virt.Box to enter, restart nusi yes but I'll see the tutorial, I'm sure I understand more!

  16. Adrian, it's not for sale on a tube !!!! :)) :)) At the syringe! Friend, you have a nasty job on the motherboard, I have 54gr. help! What do you say to ask the store what it recommends… .this is a beating and I'm on the table to sell it only money to easa, me gave me 41 giga ddr2 and although I asked for a frequency I gave another, I went on trust their skills, when I got home I started selling 2 drams that did not have the same frequency, so which I could not use with the 512 gigs! Great specialists there sellers and so many specialists here are and that's about it and you seem to be 2 of 1 !!!

  17. @Corleone: Corleone doesn't misunderstand me… I don't know if you were ironic with the last sentence, or it was real… I have nothing against it but even so details to ask, what color is the tube, is it square or round, does it write in green on the knife or with blue…? there are details, I told you there are several companies that produce something like this… and it is quite difficult to learn the colors, how to pack all the companies, to inform you… you think k we had help given to you? to be one… no one has ever shown me anything! I learned on my own, I tried, I bit my hand despite not coming out, I took a deep breath in my chest and resumed, I nodded until ideas came, I researched in forums, how much about asking someone could not even be! When I went to ask, I didn't even ask the question well and he took it with his mouth and shouted "I don't have time now, leave me alone!" Wrongly researching patiently you will learn! Until I was able to manage anyone to install a windows, I busted mine 40 times! Each comp is different from yours, another has a different bios, certain settings are elsewhere! some PCs had a different way to enter the boot menu… but I learned the basics of the bios, what it should contain, in general… and I got to handle any bios! but no one showed me, click on that on the other, I played alone in my bios, I searched, I read, I pressed… I read carefully and I said to myself… let me see what happens if I click on this… and look, so little by little, through work, the will of patience, you get to learn, if you don't feel at the mercy of others, but I don't really advise you! because I know what it's like .. I went through this. Until I got annoyed and learned on my own, adik another has 2 creations and I have one? I'm not an expert, but I can do what I need!

  18. @Corleone:
    I Corleone home through syringes and a bottle of paste, like bottles of nail polish from Zalman is not important as packed, probably because those who put the paste on video cards have a keg or bottle.
    The temperature of a PC depends on many factors:
    Ambient temperature
    processor type
    absorbed power
    source used
    The space ventilation
    Ropes used in PC (do not impede air circulation)
    Placing your PC in the room
    seniority components
    quality components
    revision components
    Cleanliness in the housing
    Periodic cleaning of coolers
    Periodic cleaning of the fans
    Periodic cleaning of the ventilation holes in the casing
    Cleaning filters (if you have)
    Heat generated by other consumers (video card, hard drives, memory)

    All those gathered to give you a result that can be good or bad, the temperature of the processor is not high, instead motherboard pretty hot taking into COMT that's winter and no house is not quite so hot at the height stand pc CPC (if you hold it down) and if you top it tries to put it down, maybe longer returns.
    Video card do and that warmth, to take her and her temperature!

  19. @Corleone:
    Get your Zalman paste the bottle that is easy to apply, has a brush that comes in the syringe does not apply so easily.
    Make sure you give uniform all over the processor, but do not put much, you give and how to cover a thin layer of metal ala pa proc.

  20. salut.e hard this program can burn an iso image windows. Kest is thing I did put on a windows xp cd with nero 3 sp7 premium. thing is, when I put the cd in cd rom to install a Windows PC that I did not I get anything, that does not appear something like press any key to boot from cd ... nothing sort of thing. Must be Windows on the lam because done (I learned to do on the website you) o be because I loat from microsoft? / thanks in advance

  21. @George:
    You need to burn an iso image to disk with the "BURN IMAGE TO DISK" option in this tutorial.
    Future uses and the search engine that you have him on the site as put dust on it, not hardly anyone uses it and then I say that not found.
    If you do not look normal not find.
    Stop waiting for us to use the search engine!

  22. @George: Microssoft does not offer to download any windows… you probably only got the Service Pack 3… that is not a windows it is only SP3 SP3 are some fixes to SP2 practically some improvements… adjustments… renewals… days as you want…

  23. danezu said

    I like nice tutorial very well explain why Cristi and sees tele tutorials are the longest duration.

  24. bitchslayer said

    Hello how to write a DVD that contains a singular film on it to be read by older DVDs do not read more than one movie on dvd?

  25. Chicken fries only one movie on it and make sure the format in which the film can be read by DVD

  26. you could make a tutorial on Windows Vista

  27. @ Bitchslayer:
    and label one movie on dvd and watch the film format and should be read by your old DVD.

  28. i0nutz_turcu said

    Hello! I have 2 problems: 1. When I try to burn a cd / dvd with nero it doesn't let me burn it, it doesn't let me select the speed or in the "Current Recorder" list I only get "Image recorder". I can use dvd-writer- If I insert the software CD for the motherboard, I can select the dvd-writer from the "current recorder" list, if I remove it, only the "image recorder" remains. 2. I had allocated F: \, G: \, H: \, I: \ for card reader. They disappeared, I only have C, D, E and J (dvd). The green LED of the card reader stays on and when I insert a card the LED also lights up red but I can't get on the card. I guess the problem is with the software between the motherboard and the dvd-writer, respectively the card reader. Can I somehow solve it without formatting? Thank you…

  29. you are good


  31. nikhorel said


  32. Please help !!
    I do not understand much of this stuff, I use nero little time to copy CDs, DVDs and something changed in the program.
    After you give him the copy should appear a window to ask me to insert a blank disc but instead it appears to me a window asking me to save a file image.
    How do occur and window that asks me a new disc?
    Please help

    • Please help !!
      I do not understand much of this stuff, I use nero little time to copy CDs, DVDs and something changed in the program.
      After you give him the copy should appear a window to ask me to insert a blank disc but instead it appears to me a window asking me to save a file image.
      How do occur and window that asks me a new disc?
      Please help   

      They fail to realize in your explanation of your problem. Take a screenshot and post it somewhere. If you do not know how we screen print tutorials about it. Look HERE one of tutorials about how print screen and put it online

  33. Alexander Sebis said

    make a tutorial nero multimedia format foctory vo 10 and using them please nustiu

  34. Hello friend, was doing the job facultadade and was depending on some stuff info | we found here in the post, thank you.

  35. I have a confusion, it did 1 cd (used nero 6) that he had on some driveuri and I put something else on it after I finished I obs that only what I put on it the last time there was being put first disappeared.
    How can I recover I put the first time, please help if you know how.

  36. I would like to make a DVD with music for a car DVD and I can't do more than 2… 3 songs because it doesn't read it, how to set nero so that more songs can enter. I bought a DVD with 100 songs and it reads and for mine no more than 2… 3 maximum

    • valy: I would like to make a DVD with music for a car dvd and not more than 2 3 songs ... he does not read, how to set the nero can get more bought a DVD with songs and we 100 read mine and at no more than the maximum 2 3 ...  
      Click here and see how you can write your songs with NERO 6608… maybe this version satisfies you.

  37. It is interesting because you learn things you do not know

  38. delinquent said

    I have another problem iu I know how to write a cd / dvd but the problem is different… when I write a cd or dvd you see the led of the dvd working, that is it writes but when i take the cd / dvd out of the unit it is at the way I put it, meaning it doesn't have any wrinkles [grooves] that show you that a CD is written. I suffer the same thing with magic iso and imgburn

  39. how to get rid of the restriction of nero? ie I put a file larger than 2g lasa.imi I did not say anything.

  40. when inserted CD does not let me choose the speed at which sal burn its meaning will not let me burn in fell give it what to do ??

  41. Silvana said

    Please, please, please, gentlemen, let's not forget why we come: how to burn a DVD with subtitles using nero vision? Thank you

  42. Lala28 said

    I have a problem occurs and does not shoot Image Recorder CD nic million striaca please even ajutorrrrrrrrrr

  43. Silvana said

    Can someone help me: how to burn a DVD with subtitles using nero vision? Thank you

  44. congratulations tutorial !!!
    a forward to watching all the episodes about nero

  45. good and I have a problem with nero. I have an Acer Extensa 5220 with DVD-Super Multi DL .Using Windows XP. I installed nero 6 but I do not write any cd or dvd nor allow me to walk at speed. you can face.?multumesc

  46. Try Madalina @ nero 7 or 8.Poti to do with lucru.In same if the problem persists it is very possible to have dvd_ul defect.

  47. Good evening! I burned a CD using laptop optical drive and now I want to read it, but I do not show any file on him, although it looks to be partially occupied with data. What do you think? Thank you

  48. Good evening! I burned some files on a cd with the laptop's optical drive, and now I wanted to see what I have on it - no file appears on it, although in 'properties' it appears to be partially occupied with data . I tried to launch Nero smart essentials 7, but a 'Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Librery' window appears and it doesn't allow me to do anything. What do you think? I'm waiting for advice, thank you.

  49. Dorynutza said

    Hi, I'm not very good at calculating, but I also have a problem… so I downloaded Nero… it works fine, I put the songs, but when I write them on the CD, it says that I didn't insert a CD am. I tried it on another PC, too da nush what does it have what can I do… I also tried with dvd that it is DVD-rom… .so I really don't know and I don't know what it has… .I have Windows 7… I hope you help me those who know you…: D

  50. Yes
    masi dumenza of hell
    as I made a CAR OF NERVES
    Fuck dumenza DE MASI NERO
    I installed 4 6 7 8 9 VERSIONS


    Tuz THE JET BLACK MA-TI, whose god I needed VIDEOS


    nikhorel: If bag CD with software for motherboard can select your DVD burner from the "current recorder", if you just stay out "image recorder".

  51. I installed Windows Vista on your computer and burn dvd and cd's program lettering. Why not readable and DVDs, other than those of computers? What wrong? Or do not!

    • When I read my CD / DVD, I want to have the image taken directly (I wouldn't want to right-click-> power iso-> mount image and other things, I want to have the DVD directly the image made I would like to copy a windows (I HAVE POWER ISO, I WILL TAKE MY NERO7)

  52. Aurelia radulescu said

    I burn DVDs and CDs progranul on Windows XP and can not read nor laptop that I wrote! Where is the mistake? Thank you

  53. Aurelia radulescu said

    About the impossibility of reading burned data on CDs… does anyone know if and how to recover data from a CD that cannot be read?

  54. I have a question if I want to transfer from CD to CD stick and opens directly in WMP, what?
    I copy the files, but on the stick it doesn't open directly with WMP video format !!!!! I kept trying when I put the stick to press Play instead of Opening the file… .and it still doesn't work

    Thank you in advance!

  55. How to set up multiple music folders mp3 on a memory stick?

  56. Radu Iulian said

    (Please insert a disk into dvd drive) don't boot my blank blank .. what could be the problem? the written CDs are read by the DVD writer, and the blanks are not. the dvd-writer tries to boot (spin) but gives me this message..Please insert a disk into dvd drive.specific cd-dvd is inside. I tried all the methods to make it work..from entering the bios to changing the jumper moved to master, slave..etc. i changed the belt ide connector, power connector..etc… help me! thank you.

  57. Thanks for help

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