Instagram for Android, the most popular photo sharing social network in the world - video tutorial

Instagram for Android, the most popular photo sharing social network in the world - video tutorial
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Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about the most popular social app and photo sharing service in the world. It is the single application Instagram iOS exclusive community has raised over 30 million users. Starting yesterday 3.04.2012 Instagram is available for Android OS. From yesterday until today raised over 1 application downlod million sites.
Instagram Android runs on all versions starting with 2.2 Android application allows uploading pictures taken with mobile phone and before they are loaded on Instagram service, we can apply one of the 18 photo effects (Normal, Amaro, Rise, Hudson, Sierra, X-Pro, Lo-Fi, Earlybird, Sutro, Toaster, Brannan, Inkwell, Walden, Hefe, Valencia, Nashville, 1977, Kelvin)
Also before loading photo, Instagram allows us to make crop (to keep the photo only portion of our interest). Once uploaded the photo on Instagram, we have the opportunity to share some files on Facebook, Twitter, Forsquare, Tumblr.
Prncipiul operation of the service is simple and very similar to Twitter just is not about posting photos 140 characters but, otherwise, we can give a friend Follow us can watch others in turn. Like you give your own pictures or those posted by your friends, add comments and tags. Instagram also allows easy viewing of images, which can always be a source of inspiration for designers and photographers. Towards the end will warn that the service can only be used on smartphones with Android or iOS. Do you use Instagram on the desktop.
That said, I invite you to watch the tutorial to see what is actually Instagram and how to use this service.

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Enjoy !


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  1. but you can not change a picture and then to Salvan in phone memory?
    or you can just upload?

  2. AdrianGudus said

    but you can not change a picture and then to Salvan in phone memory?
    or you can just upload?

    If you have uploaded a picture on Instagram and you apply an effect to it, you will notice that when you open the application Gallery (application with viewing photos on your phone) you will see a new folder called Instagram that will contain photos loaded on Instagram just as it will have the effect applied ... especially when you incarcato.
    You can upload photos on Instagram without applying any of the 18 effects let normal effect
    However, those effects you can apply and without climb Instagram picture. t is simple, you're like a climb, go through the wizard, choose the effect and when you get to the step where you add comments and choose whether you want to share uiesti on Facebook, Twitter, Forquare, Tumblr, press the Home key to cancel the whole thing. Photography will not be uploaded on Instagram thread instead you have photo with the effect applied in the folder when you open Instagram Gallery

  3. I tested and it's not cool Instagram, Camera Zoom FX highly bn outruns the people at Instagram.

    PS: you can do a tutorial on the new social network Pinterest? It's pretty cool ....

  4. AdrianGudus said

    We tested Instagram and not at all nice, very bn Camera Zoom FXii beats those from Instagram.

    PS: you can do a tutorial on the new social network Pinterest? It's pretty cool ....

    Camera Zoom FX is an application for room and so. Instagram app besides a camera allows you to store your photos on their service. It is a photo sharing community.
    He does not have what to look for in a comparison with the Camera Zoom FX Instagram. There are two applications with different purposes. Not to say that the main package Camera Zoom FX is commercial application cost money. Instagram photos you stored indefinitely on their servers and it's free.

  5. Hi, I can make a tutorial for saving battery comparerare programs on Android? Settings or presentation of that helps in the sense that? ms

  6. cristian watermelon said

    hello can you please make nice (if possible) to make a tutorial about Nano Av, Russian antivirus about this, please play (Official Page " = article & id = 4 & Itemid = & lang = en "
    with all respecu watermelon cristian

  7. A quick question: What is Android?

  8. AdrianGudus said

    A quick question: What is Android?

    Android 2.3.7

  9. Cyanogenmod 7.1 or normal?

  10. ovidiu said

    Hello! Nice tutorial. But I have a question ie whether they can save the pictures you post on instagram others, eg favorite stores you find an image you like. Ms!

  11. Do you know if the Samsung Corby goes??

  12. Hello I have a question!
    As the program called that conecatati smartfonurile? (android)

  13. Adrian Gudus said

    Hello I have a question!
    As the program called that conecatati smartfonurile? (android)

    Write up the SEARCH box in the upper right sidebar "Androidscreencast, register display and control your Android phone from PC" press the enter key and you will find the tutorial

  14. hello, nustiu why can not upload photos ... I have a samsung galaxy y android 2.3.6 Is this to be the problem? Asuta me please :)

  15. dana grigoras said

    Hello! I have a problem with your instagram: after you take a picture, or select one instance of my gallery black screen appears. I mention that I have a samsung galaxy phone chat. I would greatly appreciate if you help me to solve this problem ..

  16. Hi. I have a misunderstanding ... eg photos posted by others why can not I download load on facebook or tablet? Thank you

  17. I use Instagram on the iPhone, we have seen that when they released the Android increasingly more bizarre pictures began to appear, which really does not have stituent Tagua.

  18. anonymous said

    after I upload my picture does not show picture appears black. can you tell me what to do?

  19. Laurentiu said

    What program uses Android's exposure on the desktop?

  20. Adrian Gudus said

    Laurentiu: What program uses Android's exposure on the desktop?

    His response to this question at least 400 times, if you read the previous comments is also this. I used Androidscreencast which there is a tutorial, I showed how exposed your android desktop. To find the tutorial writing in the top right search box: androidscreencast, press the Enter key and you will find the tutorial

  21. When I take a picture I get a color instead of the picture and can not understand why they can not also choose photos in the gallery. What would be the reason? I want to add that half a year ago I had no problems with instagram, but I deleted the memory needed, now I no longer go: ((

    • Try to get a restart on the telephone. If the problem persists uninstall the application and cleans your temporary files Clean Master. It is an application that was submitted and bring site.Scrie in the search box at the top right "Clean Master" and find the tutorial. Then Reinstall Instagram.

  22. Hey ... can you tell me why can not I upload my video on instagram write upload failed? I tried to make phone and video camera with which the instagram and I do not go ... ..l galaxy s4

  23. Mihaela177 said

    Hi ! Why when I post a picture on Instagram Gallery saves not my phone?
    PS I walked in settings, I uninstalled and installed a dinou, to no avail.

  24. Why can not accept friend requests or give others follow? I gave many guests. follow can be adta problem, a figure that has limited?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Yes, it is a limit placed. The same happens on Facebook. For a few days you can not follow anyone, I do not know to tell you exactly how many days.

  25. Good, and I have the same prob not save me mao instagram pictures folder, I checked everything in sterso, I restarted telu and lafel ... any idea how can I save my pictures without publicizing them ?? thank you



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