Cyanogenmod installation 14.1, 7.1 Android Nougat

Cyanogenmod installation 14.1, 7.1 Android Nougat

What is Cyanogenmod?

CyanogenMod is a free operating system based on Android, which offers functions in addition to the stock Android, but it is loaded on a Samsung or LG Android.
Users prefer to install Cyanogenmod for perforating, speed and lack of bloatware's (unnecessary programs), that often runs in the background, consuming resources.

Cyanogenmod advantages compared to the original rom.

1. OS is a very small and easy hardware
2. It has lots of useful features that you do not find the stock ROM
3. He was moving well on weaker hardware
4. Nightly version, is made from the root settings
5. Updates are almost daily
6. Security patches are up to date
7. It is simply a AOSP Android (Classic)

Cyanogenmod disadvantages compared to the original rom.

1. It is difficult to install
2. It may have some bugs in early versions nightly
3. It is simply a AOSP Android (Classic)
4. It has some special functions (MHL, S-pen, etc.)
However Cyanogenmod is very popular because of the trust that users have made it over the years in CM.

I used the tutorial.

1. Cyanogen 14.1 and recovery software from the official website (Look Left your phone)
2. Open Gapps (to have PlayStore, etc.) (Choose carefully version)

Preparatory operations (they were not in the tutorial).

1. Unlock bootloader Android phone
2. Install TWRP Recovery on Android
3. Before installation, I recommend a general backup of TWRP
If you do not like Cyanogenmod 14.1, and want to return to stock, you must install the stock ROM, and you may need installation method Android ADB Sideload.

Cyanogenmod installation video tutorial

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  1. gherghisan.nelu said

    Kindly please ... I understand that if you unlock the bootloader LG G4 they own after the tutorial you and if flesh-uiesc TWRP the tutorial presented may flesh-uiesc CyanogenMod the corresponding device of my not making root ( as in the above tutorial)? Thank you.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You can not unlock the bootloader on G4 simply command "fastboot oem unlock" unfortunately
      Unlocking process is more complex

  2. Hello know if you receive official update to version Cyanogenmod 14.1 and OnePlus one.

  3. !!!! Maybe doing advertising and other than "for Googaletii naughty guys !!!" These guys have guts even greater than sheds or Roma from Ciurea (Iasi County) .Nici distinction: Gypsies all !!! .More Stop himself !!!!

  4. "Const" brother drugged you? What are you talking about?
    I OnePlus one, there Cristi specific: sure which version to download google apps. I downloaded ARM 6.0 Pico and gives me error during installation.
    PS: Now I saw, sorry, you must select 7.1, my mistake

  5. Hello, I have a question. I have a Samsung Galaxy J5 (model 2015) and I keep forgetting I install myself CyanogenMod phone but I find no color model my phone ... does anyone know tell me and me when it will be introduced in the list interminable and Galaxy models J5 (2015), Galaxy J5 (2016) J7 Galaxy etc ... ????????

    Thank you in advance…!!!

  6. I like the oxygen we did os update to the beta version is 4 but everything seems to work ok. I put ACIP, cyanogen, resurrectional guise bone Slim remix pt. OnePlus 3 and oxygen made Comunity bone seems best

  7. Hello Cristi,
    If you have time and if you can, please make a tutorial with installation, configuration Kodi for android and a tutorial with a firewall for Windows 10.
    Thank you!

  8. Hello Cristi,
    I tried to install a multiroom op3 but I do not succeed, if you could do a videotutorial with multiroom on op3 I would be very grateful, I already bought a tl-wn722n))) .... respect the work they do, good luck continues
    Thank you…

  9. gherghisan.nelu said

    You can specify please your opinion on information circulating about the dissolution of the company soon CyanogenMod? To what costurom trusted sites we could migrate where we will not support CyanogenMod? Thank you.

  10. Word is Cyanogen.Inc will disappear. CyanogenMod founder has done (by 2013 I) together with other developers a company that handles development Cyanogen OS. A version of Cyanogen Mod developed for specific devices. One OnePlus came with such a version called CyanogenMod 11S. CyanogenMod is supported by the community and I think it will disappear so fast.

  11. gherghisan.nelu said

    Let's hope it will not disappear. In the meantime I upgrade about five days. Curious.

  12. Hello, how to make a last totorial of CyanogenMod in TWRP Recovery

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Like when installing for the first time a recovery. The same procedure. Nothing special.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        Or, like when you have stock recovery and flash TWRP uieşti first. Excluding steps to unlock the bootloader assuming you already unlocked

  13. Cristi hello, can you help me and me with a link for CyanogenMod 14.1 for elephone s7 pretty please!

  14. Razvan said

    Hello Cristi, I tried to access the site. Cyanogen 14.1 but to no avail.

  15. Drug stefan said

    Hello Cristi My name is Stefan and I tried to install android 5.0.1 with TWRP and was able to install and cm's and Houdini but opeen gapss we did but I downloaded the website that you downloaded you for OnePlus 3 the I can be unlocked bootloader or ADB sideload.Apropo have a tablet samsung galaxy tab tablet 3 I gt-p5200.Eu broweser but play store am.Am could talk privately send me your address and skip or Mésanger I'll call you.

  16. Hello!
    I have a Oneplus One ... but I can not find them anywhere CYANOGENMOD 14.1 NOUGAT (official) ... Where are the links, the download is no longer valid, it bugs ... The tutorial link does not work, says "Over qouta! This application is temporarily over its serving quota. Please try again later. "
    Can someone help me with a link, please? Thank you.

  17. Geani Dumitru said

    Hi, I am the "happy" owner of 3g evolio tablet, the software is the official 4.0 update that does not help me anymore. Can you help me with some advice? Thank you

  18. I installed this rom on the note3 n9005 galaxy from the official lineageos site and after the installation I noticed that I did not have a sim card and the network is not recognized. If anything can be done and if anybody else has this? I would be curious .. I have tried all the possibilities that shows XDA developer and it still did not work. Please help me if possible with an answer. Thank you very much!

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