Install MIUI most "iPhone" Android ROM

MIUI is a ROM (OS) based on Android, which is met Xiaomi phones. This ROM is, however, available for many phones, it emerged that MIUI market before Xiaomi phones. Therefore developers MIUI ROM for providing this many smartphones.
What is a ROM?
ROM means "read only memory" and refers to a chip in your phone, ie flash memory which can be read easily but you can not write data easily.
Today ROMs are slightly different and can be easily written; Still ROM name stuck.
The confusion comes from the fact that memory and operating system on which it sits and it is called ROM. In fact the correct name of the operating system image is "ROM Image", ie an image writing forced flash memory and will be the operating system.
Android operating system is different from standard PC; It must be prepared with drivers, modules and programs before installing. Virtually any android ROM resembles no other, because phones have processors, memory, graphics chip, matrix touch, sensors and radio modules, different.
How MIUI show?
MIUI has a look that sends you think of the iPhone (iOS), lack impression strengthened by the application drawer, which on most ROMs is customary.
Besides likeness iPhone, MIUI is very well thought out and very stable. Even if developării MIUI, working in parallel to port the operating system on multiple phones; They do a very good job and always managed to release a stable ROM and full of useful features.
MIUI functions
Speaking of features, we must specify that the functions are the object and MIUI users liking. For example, the torch goes out when you take your finger off the screen or applications that automatically set the screen you shake the phone. Other useful functions are highly automated recording of conversations that works flawlessly and blocking or ignoring calls from hidden numbers coming.
I could talk about functions much and I'll probably make a separate tutorial for this. Today we focus on installing MIUI and we'll take a quick look over this ROM.
Install MIUI
As we move to the installation, we must do some operations.
We need is a custom recovery, because we can not do anything with a recovery stock.
How flashuieste MIUI?
1. MIUI Download folder Download.
2. Gapps Download folder Download
If you TWRP, skip to step 6.
3. Unlock the bootloader phone.
4. Flash-uieste TWRP recovery
5. Do your current backup ROM.
6. Enter into TWRP and wipe all "wipe"
7. Flash-uieste MIUI
8. Flash-uieste gapps

Useful Tutorials:
What is the root?
How to root?
What is recovery?
How to install recovery?
How to Backup Android?
Backup android without recovery

Installing a ROM can be dangerous if done improperly. Make sure the phone battery is charged even 50%. Save all your photos and important files from your phone on storage. After you install a ROM other than the original, lose warranty and in the worst case, the phone will be damaged permanently. Producer of this tutorial or website can not be responsible for any problems that may arise.
That said, I wish to business growth and flash light?

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  1. I can not find in phones from their website and brand Allview seems normal! The question is how to find out if it works MIUI ROM on my phone? (I have an old p5quad) .Excelent tutorial, and the other, greeting cards, learn many of you!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Well since there is MIUI for your model, if you can not find any work, right?
      Maybe later someone will think to pretend terminal MIUI and AllView

      • I'm not into ROMs, but I understand these ROMs are not a standard for all terminals such as PC Windows uri.Idea is that title on YT says Install MIUI ROM on any phone and This made me wonder if it works ...

      • Julian Chesec said

        Hi Adrian
        I tried to access the link to download gapps site but can not download because the page opens and is not active any of the download button or download any connection.
        I would ask if you can help with this.
        Thank you

    • Can I help this link:
      I think that is most certainly an unofficial MIUI port so proceed with caution.
      Before you grab flash warning I recommend you read the text left by Christ in this tutorial.

  2. Hi everyone! While a tutorial on finding applications for your phone lost or stolen?

    • Something like this tutorial but I think you are pretty outdated

      • We tutorial with the best software / service location of a stolen phone.
        The tutorial CerberusWho can install recovery and reset resist.
        Next to this, we have several tutorial programs, solutions and services to locate a lost or stolen phone.
        Next time try using search engine, just as we can not put 1500 video tutorials on the first page.

    • Hello. They made such a tutorial guys for a great app, I say, looking in the search box on your website "Cerberus" see what you can find about it, installation and operation; I tell you before, you can see in the tutorials, you need the phone (or tablet depends on the install) to be at the root. Otherwise ... use the application on your phone and tablet when I heard it and it was excellent (well, we have not had "happy" someone to steal my "toy" ...)

  3. Dinu Boisteanu said

    Tell me please I Cristi Samsung Galaxy s3 (i9300) I went to download the MIUI but sal choose from this Alista throw a look in lita please download and zimi please and stable that the best I have seen it many versions 4.8.8, 5.7.7 and do not know in advance ..multumesc

    • Theoretically first option in that list (Version: 4.8.8 (V5)) should be the most stable because it is developed by official team MIUI, the rest being gatekeepers of some third party developers. You could try V6. Incidentally Cristi tutorial uses MIUI 6 developed by a third party developer. Well speak of phones and different developers, but to have no idea.

      • Dinu Boisteanu said

        Please thank zimi well as save game progress hill climb as mam played too much and do not want to EPRD nimik game

  4. Adrian said

    I searched MIUI ROM 6 For Lenovo A536 and found on google. But their list is not my phone.
    This MIUI ROM has Romanian language? Thanks.

    • The most likely version for your phone that is not developed by a group in Indonesia.

      • Adrian said

        And you think this applies to Lenovo rom A536? Can I trust? T
        Tell me, please, this MIUI (any model) has Romanian language? Thanks.

        • Marius L. said

          Cristi aberrant when generalized "for any model." Do not try to put ROM made for another phone on your phone. ROM must be specifically for your phone model (Lenovo A536) Otherwise the brick phone and you'll only be good junk. If you can not find in your phone list of supported devices, it means that this ROM has been developed for your device.

  5. Cristi Zarafin said

    Tad bit rude people at Xiaomi. I had to get an account on their website that you can download to my phone's ROM, otherwise download fail ... Otherwise, I see this ROM interface looks very nice, and everything is moving smoothly. Recommended!

  6. Adrian S. said

    Sal for Samsung Galaxy S4 I9515 found MIUI?
    Thank you.

  7. nick5roo said

    I put on Oneplus MIUI is not good gapps One and rum. It has something for flavor. Please check the link and make a good one. This gapps blocks TWRP and phone.
    ROMs with Miui have Romanian language in general.

  8. Omeo Huţanu said

    Hello . The tutorial is good but incomplete. You forgot to mention a few important things, such as what operating system you had to phone ahead to get to MIUI 6? Those who have Cyanogen Mod 12 on One Plus can directly install MIUI 6 or must make a downgrade to Cyanogen Mod 11S? The link you posted it on the website is not the same as what you have in your phone at the time of execution of the operation in the video.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      No matter what operating system you have as long as Wipe Dalvik Cache, System, Data, Cache
      I personally flash and I look before I CyanogenMod MIUI 6 12 5.0.2 is based on Lollipop.
      As long as you wipe everything (Advanced Wipe tap in recovery) outside of Internal Storage, MIUI 6 will operate smoothly.
      My colleague gave the tutorial link in the text above to the homepage where each manufacturer and model found because the tutorial is general and not necessarily one for OnePlus One.
      For some models MIUI is only available 4 5 or for some (as is the case of OnePlus One) is available MIUI 6.
      The postal links in the text of the tutorial, you can reach for OnePlus One 6 MIUI, which my colleague flash watch.
      It takes into account the version of Android had before flash-uire Wipe only if you did not or only if a flash-uiesti, a theme and it only works on Android version X.

      • Omeo Huţanu said

        Yes, I understand about the first link, but I forgot to metion that this is the second link at the Google Play apps. But maybe your partner link is also posted to the "general".
        Thanks for the reply.

  9. LgIONarul said

    Fail to download; MIUI6 download about 25% maximum. At least there V5 Hash MD5 to check.
    The phone is LG D802.

  10. allwiev pity that models for this rom is not. although for other chinezarii are. I can think to stick.

  11. Cristi Hello! I would like if possible to do a tutorial about JTAG. Let us know what they eat (if I may so). Thank you in advance!

  12. Servers MIUI is dust and I have a problem to download? Very slow and 3-4% to discontinue any rom downloading on their website.

  13. How to go back to stock after installing MIUI Android?

  14. MIUI OS comes installed with the Romanian language pack? If not, where I download it and install it like? I mention that I own a Samsung Galaxy S4. Thank you in advance

  15. Hello, I have a problem on the phone, I have a vodafone android smart phone 4 and every time I turn Facebook or YouTube but most times I do not Facebook upload and closes well and appear \ ndumi message:, unfortunately stopped Faceebook report / ok "and error if you reopen all so happens, what can you setup?

  16. Interestingly tutorial, as all other otherwise, it would be interesting to know if it's possible to install Windows on an Intel device. I ask this because I am seen a lot of phones, tablets Chinese in dual boot windows that android!

  17. Hello Cristi. Thanks for the tutorial. I have a phone QILIVE 5, I searched the site put in but I found MIUI description for this phone. But I found something on this site, do you think is suitable for my phone?

  18. Hello Cristi.O Question: I bought a phone from China Oppo R7 and has installed Google Play and in addition has a lot of applications in Chinese, which can be as or better, but only in the phone's Chinese ... very good, moves very well, but I wish I could install Google play.Am tried several methods, installs, but not deschide.Ce could I do? I mention that they are in China and that without VPN, do not open almost any site on internet.Totul is controlled, it pare.Si of VPN programs, 2-3 just works and you can download.
    Thank you.

  19. I installed it on Allview p5 quad, it's going very well and are super happy ... until now ... but has a incovenent can not make video calls in the network 3g ...
    With you are kept informed more or search the archive for some tutorials ... bravo work performed to enlighten and to keep track of everything so ... will 2009 ...

  20. Cristi can make a phone I 4 review?
    It is worth to buy it?

  21. Maybe you can clarify Christ, what to buy between Xiaomi mi4c or oneplus 2 and where !!!

  22. Beautiful ROM, but in my phone already come with a rum iPhone :))

  23. Romina language to miui7 is ????

  24. Howdy! I want to congratulate tutorials! I Meizu m 2note after a software update Romanian language do not have any store no more play can help me how to convey in initial room pricep.Multumesc not have received little advance!

  25. Why can not guys GAPSu children?
    What is cy joke?

  26. If anyone can install the Lenovo a328 to ajuta.mail [Email protected]
    MIUI is super! Thanks guys for Videotutorial.

  27. Paul does not said

    but what I can do when I say it's not enough space?
    I used es file explorer as manager to move them.
    I have Samsung. Can I use Odin. can you give me a picture or tar .md5
    thank you in advance!

  28. How is restored after flashuirea Miui android?

  29. I installed myself and I 2 this rom problems: I do not go gapps and the big issue of it CHINESE

  30. Julian Posircaru said

    Sall I want to install MIUI rom..ul those of the s4 gt i9515 anyone knows how to give this rom my modelu. looked on their website and I found nothing. Anyone know any solution? Waiting advice or concrete answers.

  31. They all ask: MIUI 7 - He Romanian language? . The answer: A deep silence?! .

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Has the global version MIUI and if it does if version for China. If you still want to scatter silence I, not end of the world! You can install MIUI and convince yourself personally if eventually MIUI supports Romanian or not.

  32. mister Bean said


  33. Good rum can take from here Phone Oreca or only model that I have I Allview viper V1 S .If not passed, then where can I find rom for this model?

  34. Abram Nicholas said

    You can help me and me with advice namely, how do I reinstall a Huawei Ascend Android Y530-U00, he disappeared configuration wizard, no intra-n factory reset, etc., I can 't throw but I money from another (P-that it was a gift) Thanks!

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