Install Polkast on Zyxel nsa320 NAS, your personal cloud - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial will show you how to install the server Polkast on NAS (network atached storage), after which we will access photos, music, movies and documents on the nose, we do this by accessing Polkast software on NAS application Polkast for Android (and iOS is).
Most people today have smartphones and tablets able to do almost anything we need, unfortunately storage space available on these devices is limited, so storing media files becomes a problem. To solve this problem we call the online service, unfortunately in this free version provides us with pretty less space and expanding it cost a lot.
The best solution is storing files on a NAS (network storage atached) we have presented in detail such a device from Zyxel. The first tutorial is presenting hardware and the second with party software:
Zyxel NSA presentation 320 unit for storing network and beyond
Complete tutorial on setting up and using a NAS Zyxel NSA320
A NAS, compared to a PC consumes much less energy and does not make so much noise, even the price of a NAS is much less than the price of a PC.
To access files on the NAS can use more than one method is the method most comfortable Polkast. Polkast is an application that installs on your PC or NAS, and to access must use a client application, it is available for Android and iOS.
NAS if you have not the problem, we have a tutorial with Polkast and PC disadvantage as higher energy consumption of the PC. Polkast totuusi If you want to install on your PC, I recommend the following tutorial:
Polkast, personal cloud for access to the computer files on Android and iOS
Everyone talks about Cloud and wonder what that answer is simple: We use the cloud for a long time without realizing it, a few examples (Gmail, Dropbox, Google Docs, Facebook, Skydrive). Now we have the opportunity to make our own cloud that you can access from any location and at any time without problems make our monthly costs, safety files, personal data security, service availability, etc.
Polkast is your cloud-!

Unless you have a NAS can you buy one, you get benefits from the use of such a device are very many compared to the price you have to pay initially. We can start with the backup that you can make permanent so your data from your PC to be always safe. If the hard disk PC breaks down data are lost and their recovery is very costly.
Energy consumption is very low in case of a NAS, consume it as a saving bulb, so you can keep on permanently without worry about costs. When it comes to documents or media content, accessing files from another location on the nose it is child's play.

Prices NAS (network storage device)

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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  1. Thanks for this tulorial. I want to know about streaming and video cameras and NAS storage. But can you explain the other Alpicat to NAS, even in short words.

  2. Can you do that tutorial about webhosting
    I am interested in the nose

  3. Wow! The theme that's vanguard, and who made it, obviously, is a visionary.
    When returning home, I'll revisit everything on the subject. In detail.
    My fear, of ignorance, of course, is protectia.Atat the wire and through the air, especially.
    I went too easy tutorials with pricina.Le resume, that's it.
    Maybe unjustifiably, I hated the cloud from the first. It's, now that it's personal, I twisted, I love it. Also from the first.
    It's hard not to notice the dedication of doi.Si, everything's hard to find someone that you put so on tray,
    blackberries, information, sometimes vital, mocha oca mocha. But, it is impossible for me to understand the Gica Contra who
    poison everything around them, or them, I hope, rest in peace!

  4. about web host on the nose if you can

  5. Voicu Vleriu said

    Hello Scuzatima that post here but do not know where I could post the problem that I have and not ask me who are desperate and do not know what can I try please ajutatima. I own an android tablet 4.0 the purchase invoice and put the model on the screen for my son learned in the exam must support capacitates only stand on them all day. And because they tried too many times now I require an introduction Sinim gmail password specific to that with the same password I entered and now I am writing this gmail account. ajutatima please???

  6. Hello Videotutorial and I started to apologize that my question has nothing to do with this tutorial but I want to know what they can do with a USB stick that formed because they can not say: The disk is write protection. Please help me

  7. To do that tutorial in which you use wordpress as you remember 1 !!!!!!!

  8. Cristi, a NAS tutorial I look forward old pc

  9. marian ionescu said

    It would be interesting tutorial on WordPress and nus know if you can but it would be interesting if you could (probably not) put a kind of linux server (on which they can run different things)

  10. Cristi, you thought to move your site to a NAS?

  11. Mihai:
    Cristi, you thought to move your site to a NAS?

    Can not, the needs a lot of resources, a nose does not have the necessary power.
    On the nose can make a presentation site, portfolio, without too many visitors.

  12. Cristi, you can introduce us to a tutorial such a small site on the nose chicken and how it can be accessed by visitors?

  13. Sebi:
    Cristi, you can introduce us to a tutorial such a small site on the nose chicken and how it can be accessed by visitors?

    Yes !

  14. Cristi-admin: Yes !

    Oauuu! so good. Let me give God all the family health. Waiting to do a tutorial about NAS junk PC. Thanks for. everything you've done before.

  15. Subscribe!
    Many people have an old PC thrown through a corner.
    Cristi, please! Teach us!

  16. Hello,
    Subscribe to rugamintele to post a videotutorial: chicken as a small site on the nose and how it can be accessed by visitors?
    Sincerely: lain.

    • Thanks for the tutorial. I want to know about streaming and video cameras and NAS storage. I have a router Asus RT-N56U I want to connect to a wireless IP camera and do capture the NAS. Also I would ask to present all applications that can be installed on the NAS. It would be of interest and posting a web presentation on NAS. Thanks in advance for the work they do.
      Sincerely Costel

  17. Catalin said

    Cristi hello and congratulations for tutorials !! What I mean is that thanks to you I managed to buy myself all zyxel320 NAS hdd Seagate course with 2 3 tb fiecare.Am few clarifications to do: I want to say that in 2 hdd the 3tb each Nas sees my site disappeared about 5.34 660 tb gb so of course it was expected to not see everything, but I was expecting less.
    -I did last update firmware from the nose the way it appeared not know if you did want to say that was installed without any problems in addition it has not removed any of your settings were something hdd although in the pool with my English I managed to translate something I understood it will erase everything including basic settings
    -polkastu I find interesting and beautiful like interface but little unwieldy in play, compared to ES File Explorer for Android which frankly I lay back on how it goes streaming especially like using a router not just a lousy performance 841 when TP-LINK BSPlayer with mxplayer or sometimes give the wrong mxplayer but BSPlayer and even content never before 720p hd movies that you open a galaxy beam i8530 that although android has 2.3.6 going very well. ES File Explorer settings made in the FTP were made, not since I tried to see if another network goes as bine.Ce want to ask yet bound by anything other than NAS, I Beam galaxy with this android i 8530 2.3.6 Routers microSD 32 gb on it and can not dub higher 4gb card, I know it's fat 32 and he can not wait to defend an update from him even for ics, I thought maybe you know any method by which to manage to higher 4gb kids movies, I watched several tutorials on the transformation of your card in ex4 or ex3 and still not reusesc.Multumesc and expect an answer!

  18. Hello!
    I want to know if FANTEC CL-35B1 NES is capable of doing and making ZYXEL NSA 320.
    I want to host a web page that can develop over time. I find a router to do it? I have internet from Romtelecom.
    Thank you in advance.

  19. HELLO
    put me hell do update to NAS ZYXEL 320, and do not appear in the Aplication, package, my mistake is that I did not do backup, that is consumed, so what to do?

  20. I found them! .They were in “dos” at system settings….

    PS: Do something with that that I despair capcha

  21. Hi Cristi, what I don't understand is how you access the NAS from another location as if you were on the local network at home. ex: The NAS is at home, you are at the office and you want to see the pictures from the trip that are on your nose. Through FTP you have to copy the whole folder to find "that picture". Another problem is: how do you put a torrent to come on the NAS when you are "at the office". Thank you

  22. Cristi Hello!
    Regards for the tutorial!
    I have a problem, if you can help!
    namely I have a "medion" NAS which is actually also ZYXEL, the problem is that I don't have those "packages", meaning only about 3 that were installed ... but I don't have SMART, polkast.
    package I found but… .I have no idea how to install
    maybe you can help me!
    cmultumesc advance!


  23. Do with Putty!

  24. kike69 said

    Hello. I'd like a tutorial and transmission. Where we take and how to install. Thank you.

  25. kike69 said

    Sorry I forgot to mention. Zyxel NSA on 320.

  26. Polkastul was not free?
    He told me that the free trial has expired!

  27. Paul sure that said

    Thanks for the tutorial. we can look to create an ftp server that has memory in the computer, anyone can access and share the look?

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