Install TWRP Recovery on any Android

Install TWRP Recovery on any Android

Or TWRP Recovery Project TeamWin is a custom recovery which gives us a lot of options compared to standard recovery sites, which are rather restrictive.

What we do with TWRP recovery?

Normally, the recovery of the standard phone can not do anything, only install signed official updates or reset the phone.
With TWRP custom recovery or other recovery we can install any rom, kernel, boot image, application, etc. In addition to TWRP Recovery can back up the entire phone, we can mount a partition that you can access on your phone, we can access storage, and more.

Why not ask manufacturers to start TWRP on your phone?

Security considerations. The truth is that a standard recovery with a locked bootloader will provide good security, while a custom recovery is doubtful, for those who know not what they do.

Who needs TWRP recovery?

This custom recovery does not require everyone, but only those who want to install another version of Android, kernel change, to backup, etc.

Multiple operating systems on the same phone.

Using a custom recovery, it can do dual boot configurations or multi boot. To see with this is done, you can follow the tutorial: MultiROM multiple operating systems on the same phone

Before you must unlock bootloader.

So we can flash any ROM to your phone, you must unlock the bootloader. To see how to unlock bootloader, watch the tutorial: Unlock bootloader Android phone.
Why do we need to install TWRP recovery?
1. The tool tutorial unlocking bootloader
2. The TWRP image for your phone.
3. PC and a data cable.

Install TWRP Recovery on any Android - Video Tutorial

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  1. Very useful, I searched about 4 days ago that if I came here I found him more easily. I had to afflict all sorts of websites or YouTube.

    Thank you!
    It would be useful and a tutorial on how to flashuieste kernel, some explanations about what could happen if some files flash ROM other than one made specifically for our device.

  2. These tutorials are less interesting compared to PC-related tutorials. Devi boring tutorials related Cristi phone. And when I say this I mean the phone 3 and One + One + One before it. Since you had these phones you've confused. You start to dig too deeply into them that very few people would do what you do. And I understand that the moment these phones you had or have. But that does not mean we always kill the One + or tutorials related calls. Eventually whatever you do all your phone remains a necessity not a road breaker. Skip to my advice tutorials related to PC

    • Well, if this man has done OnePlus 3 on it. Would you like to make a tutorial for each type of phone in hand? :)). Remember that you pay to see these tutorials explained as stupid. Everything is free, and this man devote their time for others to learn something. If you had to pay to see these tutorials ... then you have the right to raise claims, and until then if you like to you .. look, if not, not.

      I found one website that many useful things, both on PCs .. and about laptops, phones, tablets, routers. People try to cover a large range, you select just what you need. It's on TV, you do not like, change the remote control

    • Karolin - no one forces you to look at a tutorial that you're not interested - as long as you do not put Cristian any circumstances can watch tutorials that you do, why you get up with claims? Want to see something you're interested in and search their hands - the internet is great not expect "Walls in the mouth".
      Cristi - do a wonderful job - thank you for sharing yourself with us this information.


  3. It would be good tutorial about rootare systemless to be able to update ota further.

  4. gherghisan.nelu said

    Please be courteous ... I understand that if bootloader unlock LG G4 they own after your tutorial and if flesh-uiesc TWRP the tutorial currently flesh-uiesc CyanogenMod can do without root? Thank you.

  5. (These tutorials are less interesting) ... .tu got to be kidding Karolin.ce not you understand? Cristi explain clearly how to do recovery on any Android phone .If have any samsung tutorial was made then that just did not have the samsung making tutorial on each brand telefon.Cat about tutorial NOTE 10 ....
    PS. And please continue with the flashuirea ROMs, kernels, backup, etc.Stima!

  6. When the bag Nexus 7 (2012) to PC in my device manager appears apx mode. I tried to make a soft downgrade but I think I have the wrong version. Now not open at all. What can I do?

  7. I would like to install Android on LG Nexus Marshmallow 6 4. but without you I would not risk Cristi, expect such a videotutorial.

  8. For people that adresaza senseless to me and besides that understood totally wrong in what I said above. Yes indeed some read and understand the beginning. Folks was no way believes a claim or any other mobile application. I came up with a simple feedback that should not be discussed Romanian Iike to say the least because it is so novel. Hop immediately if anyone says anything negative to stick it finds any. Folks everyone is entitled to an opinion and always Parel others who comment are people ami few emancipated ,. May intellectuals wake up to reality a little enlightened your Pande not poasteaza sites where you hop on the comments and to show intelligence. On the contrary it is novel if it contradicts is not healthy. You already see some big money in some reviews and as many negative responses. Gentlemen, if you are brainy sitting in your bank if you have someone that can be said Christ. I quickly jump to show you what ...? Stupidness. until after all the decision belongs to have forbidden I did not say anything bad simply a fast feedback to everyone like a hawk. I give advice for gentlemen who tare'n mouth to speak. Silence is like honey and stupidity is suffering painless intelligence. A good day

  9. Karolin, it seems that Florian is right, who are you to judge an article if you do not like it or get bored? Should you serve someone just you? Take babe site, blog, applications, games to become amen and there do what I want you, so then you have the right to judge a work that you can not understand, and especially to respecti.As could write and otherwise, you know ... typical Romanian, but restrain myself, so as revizueste your behavior and if, you understand any of this, do not write nimic.O good day.

  10. Hi Cristi!

    I want to know if I can restore your original version of rum after you unlock the boot loader_ul (here I mean if loader_ul boot is back dua she blokeza install the official version)? if I want to know if you can lock in place boot_loader_ul?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Some devices can be relocked bootloader sites for others not. For example, the LG G4 if you choose to unlock the bootloader, can no longer be relocked. Flash-ROM harassment reblochează official bootloader, it must be manually relocked "fastboot oem lock"

  11. Florin and you're somehow jury or a lawyer ?. Karolin has criticized what he said. Read again the above text written by him. But you and you as blunt as everyone else. And the 2 2 hand made and the description about yourself that you do not feel you write in the 2 the party even more and you sit in your bank comment that you understand blunt.

  12. Cristi got a note Xiaomi 3 and the question is how get into recovery mode? that fail to know how to do is give cv bp from its global stable 8.06 has MUI. and a tutorial can do about it. and how to root rather tutorials on ciaomi notes 3. I know that you have done but there was alcv

    • Cristi is a pb in Xiaomi note 3 pro ie after you get bootloader unlock request for permission to enter into fastboot say and run the application and to 50% says Failla device not connected and I saw this f bp many. You can do a tutorial on this topic. scz for many posts

      • Root notes to redmi 3 must unlock booloaderul and super flashuiesti su.sunt a lot of tutorials on the net

        • Costa e VB application that gives you the mui after you made the request to unlock the bootloader and can take up to 10 days gives me they have debt burdens in 12 hours. Another application does not unlock the bootloader pote range from Xiaomi after you received permission from her login and come in fastboot and basically would need to unlock. but the idea is that the notes do not go pro redmi 3 50% ie to say that I telu although I am connected to the PC and is in fastboot. why I said if I can do any crystal or adrian as a tutorial putewm bootloaderu successfully unlock Xiaomi notes 3 pro /. pb it's just not me at all I MUI stable global 8.06

          • I just happened to 50% and eu.miflash unlock Could not verify device shows me how many times I wanted to fastboot oem unlock given command device info, and surprise unlocked bootloader flashuit TWRP, and everything super su It's ok.

          • How did you manage? I do not have succeeded. And I did not find anything good on the net. With fastboot adb not working. Only their application. And from what I read is cv bag. I Romu 8.06 stable overall. Therefore I said Cristi help us. Maybe gives head

          • put the phone in fastboot, and give the command fastboot devices.daca deviceul show you, give the command fastboot oem device info, and see what he says is true acolo.daca bootloader unlocked, it means you have deblocat.daca of false means still not released

          • Nai understand anything. Dej's Da finish discuss the chat.

          • ok, so better :))

  13. Hello Cristi,
    I have a kmax One and I want to root it.
    Any idea what program should be used please?
    Thank you and expect a personal message.
    Only a week as well and good.


  14. Hello Cristi, I tried to install CyanogenMod on OnePlus 14 3, went first. Wi-fi not connect, see the network but failed authentification ,, ,,, I did a factory reset, thinking that going to help me, did restart and after OnePlus logo appears, the screen is black. I can not get into recovery, laptop sees the phone in fast boot command prompt, adb command device fails, the daemon is not running ,,, what can I do? Thanks a lot, Ivan.

    • CM14 is quite cruel. Better get back to Oxygen.
      Flash-uieste oxygen recovery and return to the Oxygen OS, then you can try CM13 or other ROMs.
      I hope you backed up as soon as you put TWRP ...

  15. I installed TWRP recovery and good im not i install software updates I have a vodafone Smart raw 6

  16. Fastboot Mode and Samsung phones have?

    • "Fastboot Mode and Samsung phones have?" Good question since I'm not sure how you go from a Notes 1.
      Notes @Cristi you also know that you know if I find 1 ROM and kernel that came with him again? Mine is all encrypted networks and found only on certain networks. Meanwhile I installed my Xposed changed the system, we also rooted in the system. I want to make him a Nandroid leave now but hard to convince, not even sure if it's unlocked, fastboot goes.

    • From cercatari can download believed fastboot mode is the mode N7000 probably and S's.
      vol dn + power + menu

  17. Hi all, Cristi, Adriane why not do a chat on your website you run course! It would be great to be able Château between us on various topics related tf.m, laptops, software etc.

  18. saraceuropean said

    good idea! Questions and demand would explode crack hack :))

  19. Cristi Hello! ste my name is Victor and I need your help I have a DMC exactly a tablet Vodafone Smart Tab 4 4 g android kit kat .4 .4 (Alcatel pop 8s) and can not install TWRP ... ..

  20. Hello, htc desire 610 not going to directly enter TWRP. How to rewrite this by forcing TWRP?

  21. Florin Toncu said

    Why the command "adb devices" get the message:
    " 'Adb' is not Recognized as internal or external command year, the program operable or batch file"?

  22. Hi, I followed the steps to "fastboot flash recovery t.img", but on cmd I give it: can not load t.imag !!!

  23. Hello Cristi
    How can I install twrp on a device that is not in the compatibility list. I have an allview v1 viper and 4gb, and for him I do not find a custom package. Is there a universal kit somehow? Which can be installed on any device?

  24. Teodorov Radu said

    I can not get a t.img error how can I solve?

  25. I did just like in the video and finally say FAILED because of the s-on and I do not know how to get it. Can you please pls a tutorial. I have a HTC Desire 530

  26. Tiger_Show said

    What can I do if my site does not find my device ???

  27. Hi, I have a s7 sm-g930f been made root and now it has gone to the original and android 8 software, the problem is that I have knox enabled and the S health does not work to work and she should modify the buid prop file a value in 1 in 0 but no root on the phone can not. With twrp I could access that file? if i install twrp is root? if I go into the original recovery, the pc no longer sees the phone when I give the order adb devices no longer seeing it, why?

  28. Laurentiu said

    Help I have deleted a OnePlus One from onePlus One and I do not hurt another one I manage to get into TWRP recovery and that's how I get installation error I also deleted all of the elan voted on a stick

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