Install Windows 10 - video tutorial

Install Windows 10

Now that Windows 10 is stable, I decided to make a complete tutorial to install Windows 10.
We will go through all the steps together, from download to installation on a computer.
Why do we need to install the Windows 10?
This will be a clean installation, that will not only upgrade from an older version of the Windows 10. It will be a fresh installation.

Windows Installation Tutorial 10

The preliminary steps of installation:
1. Save all your important data to external hard disk, DVD or USB stick (if you already have Windows installed).
How to download windows 10?
2. Download Windows 10
3. Insert the USB stick or DVD
How to make a USB stick with Windows 10?
4. Create bootable environment
Preparing PC for installation
1. Make sure the boot is enabled in the BIOS menu (F12)
2. Turn on your PC and click F12, to enter the boot menu
3. Choose stick or optical drive boot list
Now to begin the installation, follow the steps in the tutorial, so you do not activate certain settings that do not want.
If you want to stop all settings prying, watching the tutorial: Privacy settings Windows 10.
After installation, you'll probably need some drivers. If you have Windows 8 or 8.1 and 10 want to install Windows, you can backup the drivers. Below you find some tutorials we talked about backup, downloading, and installing drivers.
How do I backup all drivers with Double Driver
How to install drivers for unknown components or unknown device
Where and how to download drivers for a Dell laptop
How to download drivers for your laptop, netbook, motherboard or other device ASUS
How to download drivers for Lenovo laptop or desktop
How portrivite download drivers for laptop
The fastest way to download drivers (Asrock)
Download drivers and software use HP printers and multifunction
On there are other tutorials related to drivers, but I did not want to clutter the text of this tutorial to install Windows 10. Find "+ manufacturer drivers" on the search engine site.

Video Tutorial - Tutorial Windows installation 10

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About Cristian Cismaru

I love everything related to IT & C, I like to share the experience and information that we accumulate every day.
Learn as you learn!


  1. Hello ! While you can use Windows without activate it? Thank you !

    • I've put it on the laptop and I used some 3 months. The only inconvenience is the lack of certain personalization settings.

      • Michael W said

        Any changes that Microsoft has put Windows 10 Insider program of its official launch will come in a cumulative update on Windows systems that do not belong 10 Insider program. This update also known as Threshold 2 (TH2) will be the first major update to Windows 10 and is likely to be identified as 1511 (15 and 2015 11 = year = November), launch in early November.

        All systems with Windows installed will receive Threshold 10 2, 10 including Windows RTM. Rest assured that although it is a major update will not require a reactivation of the current Windows. And the coolest, who will want to upgrade to Windows 10 after launching the update Threshold by upgrading from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 can use the key to the old Windows to do the activation after installation, you will not need to initially activate Windows version 7, 8 or 8.1 and then do the upgrade.

        And as it seems natural after installing to the update Threshold Reset option in Windows 10 system will not lead to the first version of Windows after 10 but at the Threshold.

  2. Cristi how I could use the original license Windows 7 directly in installing win 10? (That if I format) or always have to install first win 7 and then to update the win 10? I tried to introduce the license it says that valabila.multumesc not to answer

    • Normally licenses can be used on the operating system with which they came.
      If you upgrade, the license will be maintained. If you do a reinstall, the license will not be accepted. However you can try to make a telephone activation. Contact Microsoft support and can get lucky.

      • Michael W said

        To install the operating system from scratch must follow these steps:

        We must obtain an ISO image of Windows 10.

        After we get the ISO image of Windows 10, a mount or extract
        sailing in the image folder in Windows \ source and look for the file "gatherosstate.exe" that we will copy the desktop.

        run the copied file on your desktop and will get another GenuineTicket.xml file. Exacutabilul running gatherosstate.exe generated XML file, it will copy to a USB stick or in another safe location. For example, the secondary partition, if no such thing. For most, the secondary partition D: \\.

        create a bootable USB stick (I recommend RUFUS) or a DVD, then start installing Windows 10. During installation, you have to skip all the steps when we will be asked to enter the activation key of the operating system (license key).

        After completing the installation of Windows 10, copy the generated XML file in the location C: \\ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Windows \ ClipSVC \ GenuineTicket.

        The folder is hidden by default. To access hidden folders, you need to enable Show hidden files, folders and drives in File Explorer. Do this: launch File Explorer / Options / View / Show hidden files, folders and drives in File Explorer.


        If everything went well after restarting the operating system as Windows 10 should be activated.

        • Thank you for the information. That goes for the Enterprise version? I understand that it's legal and they will go and although the updates myself get involved and make them manually if needed, so I do.

  3. No 15-30 min to then privacy settings, update- here think it's media-15 30 15-30 minutes = hours- I forgot something ....? I hope to taste joke, that's not very good tutorial attack

  4. From USB made with that tool can install Windows UEFI mode or in legacy mode?

    • Windows 10 be installed on computers with UEFI normal with Secure Boot enabled.
      Stick that I've done in the tutorial can be used on older computers in Legacy mode.
      ...... ..
      PCs and new UEFI laptops, Windows Secure Boot enabled 10 require.
      On old PCs without UEFI, you can install Windows 10 normal without Secure Boot.

      • I installed the PC UEFI secure boot without tutorial on exactly that STIK and went perfectly. I secure boot off default and does not activate the jab to thwart Linux. Without going great and secure boot and install Windows. Now from what I read they let some others go so secure boot to be activated depends very much believe the PC or laptop.

        • It's hard to contain all the BIOS in a sentence and classify them.
          It depends on how each manufacturer makes implementing UEFI / BIOS.
          From my experiences, I have found that Windows installs 10 better UEFI. Also on UEFI, Windows 10 will start more quickly.
          The whole operation depends on.
          What motherboard / laptop you.
          How did the USB stick
          The USB controller you (when installed on USB)

  5. Hello Cristi tried to install partitions but do not let me install it gives me error We Could not create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup log files

  6. I have an old HP Pavilion dv7-4101sl after installing win 10 goes HDMI, drivers have changed nothing
    You think there's a solution

    • Maybe you have to set the display to HDMI.
      Maybe chipset or another controller is not supported in Windows 10.
      Maybe you need to wait, for the manufacturer to come out with a driver.
      Often video driver from your laptop manufacturer is different from Intel, AMD or Nvidia.

  7. A request, if someone wants to tell me ..
    I'm an autodidact. I learned f. Many of these Videotutorial. I asked who the young around me, trained in computers are not generous, altruistic like you.

    I installed Win 7 partition ,, C "and partition ,, D" Win10 want to install. Question: What will happen? Win. 7, he will not lose his license?
    Thank you in advance!

  8. vasicucu said

    I created a USB stick with Windows 10 very moment when he gave way to upgrade (or 1 2 August)
    It is the same version that shown in this tutorial?
    I have tried so far to install it on the stick because I upgraded at the time the forward path, as you pointed in the tutorial "How to upgrade to Windows 10 forced"

  9. Adrian Gudus said

    As long as you're with daily updates (Windows Update enabled you) should not worry, you'll be living with the operating system. If you have problems, I do not know what to reinstall the system

  10. Hello.
    I have a problem.
    I had installed w 10 after a period when open laptop on a blue screen message appears:
    Your PC / Device Needs to be repaired
    File: \\ Windows
    Error code: 0x0000605
    Press Enter to try again
    Press F8 For Startup Settings
    Press Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings

    What program to use to create a bootable STIK PT laptop with UEFI.

  11. HP pavilion Sorin advise you if you come back to windows that have gone by now, HP's flag has the problem especially with video chipset: 2 know friends who have installed Windows 10 and now complain they crashed video card.

  12. I use Linux Mint regularly but yes I and installed in dualboot win7, ptr sometimes I need.
    In conjunction with Windows 8, 8.1 and especially 10 I mouse withheld: I do not know if you and I is noticeable but me noticed that the windows 8 up cooler go meet like crazy, I have a laptop too powerful I have a Dell vostro 500 when we changed Intel Celeron CPU 2GHz with Intel Core (TM) CPU 2Duo T5850 @ 2.16GHz 2,2GFz and made Ramm Memory update from the 1 4 G.
    I'm curious and coolers are ptr cameras that do me?

    • I recommend you clean it cooleru and cooler per processor and pasta. see then. if everything continues to rev hard pass 7 windows for your processor is pretty weak. and I'm not really satisfied with what I had done dell coolers and sources from dell and gave quick Coltu

  13. Costelina said

    Hello guys,
    Cristi I thought you were right but you're not!
    carlificam something that let everyone to understand what it is
    you have to be honest and say so from the beginning tutorial or even title
    bathrooms folks I'm a smart guy I know perfectly informatics, computer know with eyes closed
    I do not care if I steal personal data when you install Windows 10 for secondary ... installed on a PC. ok on
    I do not care if you put the BIOS password if I can throw a laptop looking for the money and I always allow myself a new laptop or pc
    I do not care if I root for your smartphone ez money and I feel like I ever buy another
    DEAR users who visit this site
    no longer taken for granted what you see here
    these guys can afford to spend the tests that you are ok?
    do not install Windows 10 way that has malware in it and Keyloger native and can not be disabled in any way
    Never put your password in BIOS - that's the biggest bullshit or if you have money it's ok your job

    • Costelina. Adrian and if you follow Christ and in other tutorials. you saw that says Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista. as spies Microsoft and how can we keep somewhat. and about rootarea phones make it clear that your own risk and says that advantages and disadvantages. and say be careful what you delete and install by root. BIOS password and explain clearly what is good and what are its advantages and disadvantages. Placed precizeza of passwords and denote them somewhere if not keep them. but you Costelina if you put a password and not root notato or if you did and you've fixed your problem bulit telu is not crystal or adrian become. and do not take defense or something. and ii credca not outgo from the house and their sponsors may have to test their products and explain. yes that's not my treba. most forgotten in other tutorials and then throw words like

    • Mr Costelina
      ......... ..

      I admit, so far I have told only nonsense.
      That was the idea, from the establishment of the site; I wanted to be a site where everyone find all sorts of crap that implement them, believing they are true tips, which, applying them solve their problems.
      When we started the program, I thought: "How I fooled new guys?", "What to sell donuts today?".
      Now that you bluntly, can only take off my hat. You've clue!
      I can not believe that so many years we went with this bullshit ...

    • Windows only 10 think he's vulnerable? all have one input port Microsoft. but now what? We no longer use? each ward as possible. how to blame the guys from Videotutorial - I think you make a mistake too big.
      How about: "these guys can afford to spend the tests they do ok?" - the last surveillance camera was given for review to make an ad store. He said that in the video. I think he gave it back. For my part I would like to receive as many products for presentation.

    • Marius L. said

      costelini day right, you forgot the password to BIOS and you've found the culprit :))))))))))))))) Where no head woe BIOS password !!!!! !!!!!!! :)))))))))))) And I smell and a failed root / brickuit phone, but do not tell anyone. Man graseli learn!
      PS Cristian, you alone are to blame every time someone from any corner of the world forgets his password from Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, LinkedIn and all the rest. Only you and your tutorials! Shame on you either !!! :)))))))))))))))))
      PS2 propose that the videotutorial be how to write their passwords in a notebook these specimens. Basically you do not need one too many "gadgets". A sheet and a pen suffice. Guaranteed youtube break the two with such videotutorial. But keep in mind: if you publish this comment I have proof that I had this brilliant idea and I'm asking copyrighted !!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))))

      • :)))))))

      • Password is not secure ever, if noted on a piece of paper; If you look erasable paper in his pocket, and put clothes washing; Can it take the house fire and burn password.
        The best solutions for keeping your password:
        1. Tattoo with all passwords (can you lose your hand or foot in an accident with sharks or crocodiles)
        2. Password engraving on a piece of steel (and lasting, but keep acid)
        3. Password engraving on a piece of gold (the acid you, but it's too soft)
        4. Tai more trees in a forest, to write password, and when they look, use a drone to see top password (if longer cut any tree, change your password and you can not log in)
        5. May send a crew to plant grass password characters (do not take the pitch month)
        6. Place the stars in the Milky Way to form the password (and others can see)
        7. The best solution; You're a Chinese wall (in Romania), to form password and check your password plane.
        As you can see, the above methods have advantages and disadvantages.
        Choose you one of the methods above, and I'll make a tutorial.

        • Cristi :)))) probably few are used by intelligence :)))))))

        • Michael W said

          CAM sarcastic but still objects should not take it out on poor child like this REMEMBER THAT AND YOU HAVE SOME LOSS YOU ARE NOT PERFECT SPR's example, some tutorials are incomplete or short-grain some users who are not subject do not understand Nothing, we were not born enlightened

      • Who you Nea bathrooms specimen
        tel you who received alms
        and you stole from net via wireless vecinu
        now you do not have criticism as something ala Capua
        you mentioned and you're on the net
        wary if you have nothing to say
        I do not suffer the handles his minions between you well in the Chater ala Hulk because I see you like to laugh in parentheses

      • securis be vrun me a bit

    • virus2009 said

      And that's the problem if you put bios password? Throw PC input characters if you forget, you heard CMOS reset?

      • EPROM gives you heard? You can give 100 reset. do you take a sample on laptop :)) puts one at random so that a look in 5 minutes and gives restart. or generate master password or beg from producer / service company producing or change BIOS flash by one programmer wrote.

  14. Thanks for the tutorial ...
    If possible some additional settings Parental Control Router Asus ... How to define specific filters to allow certain sites to be accessed by specific users in house and others can not be accessed ... or it may cut the Internet for all copilde example but a call to let an application to transmutation .... If you can schedule a time for acasta facility should be super .... If I did not know about OpenVPN tutorial and ....

  15. Dear Cristi,
    I bought an Acer laptop with Windows 10 installed. There is nowhere a license key label. If someday I'll have to reinstall Windows how can I find the key. for other versions of Windows could. Windows can and 10?

  16. Bravo to all faceti.pentru 'star' Costelina I just asta.ti died are a fool of those who learned this kitty on knowledge tale.daca stupidity would hurt you were in coma unu.critica.sanatate degree multa.nul got me into seama.desteptul succumb first.

    • Costelina said

      and you are stupid and illiterate
      you can piss with you pice vault directly into the mouth is not my problem
      where you saw that boast? <smart guy

  17. Hello,
    If I license Windows 8.1 Pro, you can use the clean installation of Windows 10?
    Thank you !

  18. Cristi please answer me

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Rufus, we tutorial about it, find it using the search box top right

      • Thank you
        ACER Aspire E1 Amun-510 no optical drive and linked to a USB stick USB.Are AND 3.0Xusb 2 2.0.
        I honestly tried to boot on them after I changed in the BIOS boot order to give sees stick. I thought it must be for any program. Stick bootable more special.
        I keep trying. Thanks anyway.

  19. Dear Cristi,
    I bought an Acer laptop with Windows 10 installed. There is nowhere a license key label. If someday I'll have to reinstall Windows how can I find the key. for other versions of Windows could. Windows can and 10?

    Cristian Cismaru said:
    November 2 2015 at 19: 45

    The new generation laptops, license binds BIOS (motherboard).

    Thank you for your prompt answer. but I still do not understand. an eventual resettlement do not need a license key? or how to do?

  20. I installed the operating system all works perfectly well and good until its closure SHUT DOWN POWER-START-figure and instead to close completely, but the screen turns off the lights stay on and remain so ...... ..daca start button leptop of 5secunde goes out, then relight and repeat surgery if you are close to everything ....... You must make a specific setting it?

  21. Cyprus, do the following 'setting' throw it as far as possible and then install Win7!

  22. Next answered disappeared from Softpedia shortly after posting:
    "AndreiVieru, there's no point to wasting time, years, life with these screens blue, black, green etc!
    If you really want, then install Linux Mint 17.2!
    Maybe you retired Feel Panda Taliban commandos of this great Microsoft, ready to ask you details that will be used against you later .With answers like: Say thank you that you have chosen only a few SLAP BSOD! Another time I might bring to justice or, at best, I could sneak an application to cause a short circuit in the computer running the software inconsistent, and could wake up so and house on fire! "

  23. The misery system from Vista onwards.
    I installed the system by upgrading licensed W7 and I was sorely disappointed W10, slow access to a bunch of settings interface as W98 worse, when you get stuck baby's world.
    So I gave in quickly W10 trash after only 2 hours of operation and returned immediately to W7 version which far beats the ass W10.
    Maybe it will be better W10 tablets (although I doubt sincerely) but the notebook system is a mess ...... .RUSINE MICROSOFT

  24. What is the difference between Windows and Windows 10 10 home home N?

  25. If it's not much trouble can explain the Sami Ala-boot environment and where today DOWNLOAD NOW windosu deoare give me the link given on another page than the one in the video ps.

  26. Now we have the possibility to choose the home version, pro :))) MediaCreationTool download again and see :)))))) of the week to pass a 64 can no longer than the bit then again we can only weeks at Chinese :))))

  27. Hello. I have a new laptop Lenovo E550 hard 192 GB SSD and can not install any or Win Win 10 7 from a bootable USB stick in step with partitions can not go, I see a warning for "We Could not created Create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup log files. "I do not know how to continue, you have any idea?

  28. Error code: 0x80070005 - 0xa0019 this code appears when you try to download Windows on the stick! CAN YOU HELP ME?

  29. Hello, 2-3 days to download and inatalare, Windows work extremely hard, what can I do?

  30. Cristi Hello!
    Thank you for this wonderful guide.
    I have a problem .. I bought a new laptop, HP ProBook 470 g2 video card and r5-m225 of 2 gb. The problem is that no driver can not install on Windows 10, 7 no .. I downloaded a lot of drivers, installs and still do not recognize me.
    Pretty please help me, I do not know what to do, I think send the laptop back.
    Thank you !

    • You told us if you have not tried the method of adjustment - see that's tutorial on How to run older programs 7 Win
      Control Panel, Programs, Programs run previous versions of Windows made for
      Once installed not to rush to restart what you will ask him (down the post looked up) and then next you save then restart

      • I've windows 10, 7 not. I shoved them 10 later.
        I too understand much of what you wrote. I would be grateful if you could tell me how to do it again. I beg you. Thank you !

        • first you must find the control panel
          if it's on your desktop, right click, then customize the desktop icons change and check the control panel

  31. Hello Cristi. Before giving the largest install partition as you have done in the tutorial can partition GB HDD 1000 4 250 GB partition each each? Thank you very much, congratulations on everything you do. Happy Birthday! A year to celebrate happiness and good health.

  32. Hello Cristi. Windows 10 after the last update I have not opened the start button. Do not know what to do, I advise you?

  33. I would like to know if Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows can use 10?

  34. HELLO !!! HOW WE CAN HAPPEN FROM WINDOWS 8 / 10 7 Windows? I have a laptop that only supports Windows 8 10 7SAU not see NETWORK OF NET WI FI or LAN PLEASE tutorial can do what if the network card / NOT SOUND SYSTEM OPERATING go a WIN 7 / 8 / 10. THANK YOU

  35. Hi can I please Cristi a tutorial how to get rid of this error: TDR Vidio FAILURE (NVLDDMKM_SYS) Thanks

  36. Cristi hello, I recommend Windows Games 10 especially new ones

    • Lawrence said

      Hello Valentin. I do not think that has to do with the latest Windows 10 games, but rather on what system you run them. I mean the video card, processor, memory ... Etc. New games and system requirements

  37. Hi
    if they have a licensed Windows XP and do upgra to windows7, my license remains valid for new windows?
    thank you

  38. Hi I bought from my pc with Altex an ASRock d1800m and you want to install Windows logo appears 10 window and then restarts and over again and still asa.Mentionez that has UEFI BIOS I set as its rum dvd be the first to boot .When I bought him he had installed on ubutu.Mersi

  39. Hi, I have a question, can you help me how to direct the rescue edge a specific directory. This is the default save in "download" the user and I would like to direct it elsewhere, possibly to ask me where to save. thanks

  40. Hello. how do asata.merci Windows partition.

  41. Lucian said

    Hello, My name is Lucian and I recently installed Windows 10 and I want to know if I could somehow make those little disappear "unpartitioned space" in front of partition C :. I also 5 partitions. I do not mind, but I like to know there. I forgot to mention that I laptop. Thank you in advance.

  42. hi ,, ,, how and where to download, make a stick, that can reformat, only the stick. with Windows XP sp3 ,, and if you can reformat the laptop from windows xp 10 on sp3 ,,

  43. I was grumpy and joking but I now use windows update enterprise anniversary 10 64 bit and I really like, updates are quick, moves well. Those who use the trial versions, Windows 10 home or pro, what happens if you do not activate it? I use the enterprise to rearm and can not get to see again that they use only by August 6

  44. Hello. I bought the store a laptop with quad core and 4cpus 4 Gb RAM, hard disk 500Gb. The laptop comes with free dos which I think means no driver for OS. 10 bought the laptop has Windows installed pro, so I bought.
    So far found no way to boot a DVD with Windows 10 with serial number? I do not need a license to any company that does not work. Thank you.

  45. When you give the "USB Flash Drive" tells me that I do not find the stick, but I have it on PC. You know what's the problem?

  46. Hello. As Alex and myself I give the "USB Flash Drive" did not find him. To refresh the list of units and give nothing. USB does not see!
    What can you do?

    Thank you.

  47. Adrian said

    Hi, it may seem childish but I can not install it. I have Wind7 on my PC now and I would like to install wind10 from a bootable stick, but I do not want to lose any partition data
    D (I specify that I currently only have two C and D partitions). I go into settings (at wind10) and get to the partition side, delete C and when I want to recreate it, it gives me an error. I understand I have to delete both partitions to install wind10, but I do not want to lose the data in D. I specify that I have bootable stick with wind10 enabled. Is there a solution?
    Thank you in advance.

  48. Hello!!!
    I have a problem with my laptop I have a Hp 15ba004nq appears to be contextual to wi but it does not appear in my browser that I am not connected to the internet, I use a router Tenda_58ACB0, I tried and with cable directly in my laptop but it appears the same, what configurations to make them?

  49. Dorin Romulus said


  50. i changed hhd in ssd samsung, i used the samsung program and the computer does not see me ssdul. the computer does not open anymore. Was it okay that the windows on the computer were older. I wanted to delete all again from ssd and make clone with easy to todo program and no longer recognize my ssd says it is the system does not support MBR disk in GPT and vice versa

    • So: you put an SSD beside the HHD stuff on a PC. That program from Samsung does not understand why you used it, I think you complicated things. If you did not see your SSD what you wanted to remove from the SSD, so did you still install something on it? Why clone? It would be nice to install Windows to be clean, especially on an SSD, you still have to format it, and when you install Windows, you can get into the Windows-based partitions, format them, and you will only have that Windows on your SSD . And the SSD is formatted in NTFS. It was not complicated at all, I did exactly as I wrote you above. I hope you can.

  51. hello I looked at you, but win10 still makes head to head with its modifications

  52. I apologize, may I ask a naive question, but when we use the "Format" operation to create partitions?
    The tutorial only used "Delete".

  53. Lucian Hrelea said

    Good morning, Cristi. Please tell me what is the program that helps you to act on Windows 10, but also on Office. I have installed it on a USB stick but it was deleted and I can not remember how it's called. Thank you.

  54. hello Cristi. I have a problem with windows 10. when I open it appears below preparing automatic repair. after that a blue page appears and writes; choose an option, and underneath three columns, the first one is with an arrow and writes, Continue: Exit and continue to Windows 10 .... the second heading is a screwdriver and a key; Troubleshoot: reset your PC or see advanced options ...... and sort the box; start / stop signal: Turn off your PC. I tried to change windows and I can not afford it. what to do ??? It's a HP620 ... leptop.

  55. lucian said

    Thousands of thanks boss. I followed step with ps video [replay 3-4 times] and I installed wind. on my laptop hp. good health and happiness

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