Windows 11 installation with local account - minimum data collection - video tutorial

What is it all about in the video tutorial Installing Windows 11 with local account?

Install Windows 11 with local account
Install Windows 11 with local account

In this video tutorial we will do a Windows 11 installation with a local account, without the need for a Microsoft account.

We will do a clean install with Windows 11, without using a Microsoft account. Installation is identical to a normal Windows 11 installation, except for small details.

Why is it good to install Windows 11 with a local account?

The main reason why you want to install Windows 11, and not only, with a local account, is related to privacy.

The collection of personal debt is done very little when we use a local account.

Although when we use our Microsoft account, we have several advantages; However, there are people who care more about their privacy, and they want an operating system that collects as little data as possible.

Why is it good to install Windows 11 with a Microsoft account?

Using a Microsoft account, when installing Windows 11, allows us to use Microsoft services.

For example, you can't use the app store, OneDrive, and Office Online services when you have a local account.

To use Windows 11 to its true capacity, after installation, a Microsoft account is required.

What are the steps to install Windows 11 with local account - complete guide


This installation of Windows 11 is done directly on the disk, this means that all the data on the disk on which the installation is made will be lost.

Before you start installing Windows 11, it is recommended that you back up your operating system and the data you have on it system partition (desktop, pictures, videos, documents, downloads, etc.)

Windows 11 Installation Steps:

  1. Make a USB stick with Windows 11, using Rufus (it is no longer mandatory to use Rufus Beta)
  2. Disconnect the HDDs and SSDs other than the one you are installing, disconnect the net from the PC, and remove all peripherals except the mouse and keyboard.
  3. Restart the PC and boot from the stick
  4. Choose language and keyboard / Next
  5. Immediate installation
  6. Under license, select "I don't have a product key"
  7. Select from the list version Windows 11 Pro / Next (or licensed version)
  8. Accept the terms / Next
  9. Select "Custom: Install Windows only (complex)" You can also upgrade, but that's not what today's tutorial is about
  10. At the time of partitioning, if you have the new disk, ie unallocated space, select the unallocated space and press “Well”/ Next. If you have multiple partitions, delete them, select the unallocated space, and press "Well"/ Next
  11. After a few reboots, the configuration will start
  12. Choose language / DA
  13. When adding another keyboard / skip
  14. In the next window nu choose no network and nu connect to the net with the cable / press “I don't have internet"
  15. Select "Continue with limited configuration"
  16. Enter your name or a username
  17. Choose a password or leave it free if you do not want the password when logging in to Windows 11
  18. Here are some configurations of your choice - I've checked the options below, which are less "tricky"

Download Windows 11 and Rufus

Download Windows 11

Download Rufus

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Installing Windows 11 with local account - video tutorial

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  1. Hi Cristi, I want to ask you personally which is more suitable windows 10 or windows 11, ie more stable. I would like to change it because I currently have windows 7. Thanks.

  2. hello cristi, I want to ask you something if the drivers from windows 10 will work on windows11

    • Almost all drivers on Windows 10 also run on Windows 11. You realize that I can't test all the existing components, but I can say that from what I've tested so far, the 10 and 11 ones work.
      Now, of course, it also depends on what components or peripherals you have.
      There is no problem with new hardware. I installed Windows 11 on a new laptop, and after the restart the drivers started running through Windows Update. In 30 minutes all the drivers were installed. It remains for everyone to download for sound, the application for finer sound control; As is the case with Realtek.
      On an older PC, since 2013, 90% of the drivers came through Windows Update, and the rest I installed from Windows 10, and went smoothly.

  3. Hello Cristi.
    If I make a stick with the Extended version of Windows 11 (no TPM + no Secure Boot) I can install it on a newer PC / Laptop that has TPM2 or only works with vers. Standard?

  4. I saw that Windows 11 is not so stable on older systems, I don't think it is unstable on new systems. I saw that when you search for something in the browser, you play a game or do something else, sometimes the image has a slight tremor. I have all the drivers updated.


  1. […] Install Windows 11 with local account - minimum data collection - video tutorial […]

  2. […] Install Windows 11 with local account - minimum data collection - video tutorial […]

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