Integration updates and service packs in Windows 7, 8 Windows, Microsoft Office and 8.1

Hello friends. In today's tutorial we will see how we integrate security updates (security updates) and Service Pack 1 (SP1) 7 Windows operating systems, Windows 8, 8.1 Windows and Microsoft Office.

Why integrate security updates and service pack operating system?

Not infrequently I was in a position to reinstall my operating system or those close to me. If the PC is one of the new generation has an SSD and a hard disk and do not install using a USB stick, install the operating system takes very little. The big problem is after installation!
The check after updates, starts to download them and then install them. Downloading updates last forever, so their installation. Not to say and dozens resets the computer or laptop and give them all this time. All this fuss steal our precious time!
Sure, some will say that the first thing they do after you reinstall your operating system is to stop Windows Update. And this is a solution if you do not care about security vulnerabilities and breaches that can be attacked or hackers. If you're more brainy and do not want to get infected and you still reinstall the OS every 2 weeks, you'll want a simple and effective solution to stay up to date with updates, safe.
Well, in this tutorial I showed today. We will take an ISO image with Windows 7 (in my case) and using two tools, you integrate human security updates and service packs 1 therein. OS modification process takes about 30 minutes, however, do the job once, not every day.

The two tools we need are:

Windows Updates Downloader

Win Toolkit

An ISO image of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 Windows

Windows Updates Downloader

We help you download updates, service packs for: Windows 7, 8 Windows, Windows 8.1, 2003 Office, Exchange 2003, 2000 Windows Professional, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Win Toolkit

We help to extract the image of the operating system with which we choose to work, to modify by adding the downloadable Windows Updates Downloader and to repack in ISO format. Finally we can generate an ISO image that then we can burn a DVD or make bootable USB stick directly from the application interface Win Toolkit.
In conclusion, whether you are a regular user or technician hone your job easier and save many hours by direct integration of security updates and service packs in the OS image. From now on, you will not be forced to wait for hours after every reinstallation of Windows, the operating system up to date with fixed sites, security updates and service pack.

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  1. @Adrian: Can you please make a tutorial of how to do integration in Windows 10 but I want to integrate some programs like VLC, chrome, etc to install with Windows 10.

    • It is fixed as update. programs only if you put that next year integration programs. and to say that next year you'll need to use the same image do manually or automatically depending on the program update. just my opinion and that's integrated update. programs you put them. otherwise the update as much etc .. or you can put them dual boot linux and if you need to win. and f there easily and quickly put programs

  2. Bogdan Dumitrescu said

    10 go for?

  3. I'm interested for windows10 home if you can do that I think the big difference would be .......

    congratulations for turorial I watched with pleasure

  4. deepdig said

    Super tutorial, look forward and promised tutorial. Further success!

  5. adrian video I very much want to do a video with The update on Windows 10

  6. Adrian can do a tutorial on creative new updates from Microsoft Update, it will be released!

  7. caisindonici said

    wait and tutorial promised, but how it integrates and desired browser and other software as examples

  8. Interestingly tutorial if possible and for the future. 10 windows would be excellent

  9. paul moldoveanu said

    Adrian hello, because I own the comp. Windows personal 10 PRO, please show us and new ones with this operating system, how it works, Thank you, all the best,

  10. Ionel Manea said

    Adriane Yes, yes, good tutorial, so like you said, if we are more, you'll be done and Win.10, I expect. I use from now on for it. Win7 on an older laptop.
    Waiting for Win.10 tutorial. Good luck.
    Adrian Sucila PS.Bafrta too, may end once that car.

  11. Ionel Manea said

    Hey, sorry ... .lui CRISTIAN CISMARU and excuses ,, r "from Bafta.

  12. I tried to comment on Youtube but, mysteriously, I do not comment appears. So I'll post here what I mean.
    Microsoft provides the tools needed to create an installation kit that contains updates.
    No need to use programs made by who knows who and who can "integrate" in Windows and Office, and anything other than updates.
    Tools provided by Microsoft are free and there for all versions of Windows from Vista onwards.

  13. Hello Adrian can do tutorial for Windows 10 work would help thanks in advance!

    • Adrian, Microsoft already offers everything needed to get custom installation images that can contain them you need all programs, settings, etc. Basically, you install Windows on a computer 10, you configure how you want, install everything you need there, then, after certain steps, you can capture that picture and you want installed on many systems.
      I would not recommend professionals to use for such important tasks (such as the installation and configuration of systems in a company) necunoscuiţi software manufacturers, for a "home made" works, but not for business.
      If you detailii tell me.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        Do we tutorial on the subject. Can be found by searching in the upper right box: Create ISO image with Windows preinstalled applications 7 and using WinPE and ImageX

        • Yes, this is the version that I would recommend it for business. 10 just that Windows is no longer using ImageX. As good an updated tutorial. Plus Windows 10 has more tools for customizing the installation package and / or installing non-assisted (which would be very useful for those who have installed Windows 10 often and / or on many systems).

  14. "Downloading updates last forever, so their installation." ... Yes, if you're lucky it yet ... but can block the "checking for updates" ...

  15. Very good tutorial and tutorial waiting for Win 10, maybe something about integrating drivers etc.

  16. Valentin zafiu said

    Very good. Waiting for Windows 10. Thank you in advance.

  17. Tudor Cojocaru said

    Super tutorial, look forward and promised tutorial. Further success!
    Adrian and Cristian all due respect to you and the entire team, I learned from you all will follow in 2008
    I 58 thousand years of good health thanks and thank you very much.

  18. GARLIC Bogdan said

    This program can integrate with AHCI drivers in Windows 7? Because Windows does not see 7 laptop HDD new year 1 - 2 years and you can not install it.

    • AHCI driver can read from a USB stick installation. You should not necessarily integrate kit.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      BIOS can be solved. Did my colleague tutorial about it and showed what BIOS settings must be made. Write in the search box at the top right: Install Windows 10 from A to Z and press Enter

      • BIOS can possibly get SATA controller in native mode IDE and AHCI in the old way so you have more chances as Windows 7 to see the devices attached, but it's not a good idea. It's just a solution "emergency".
        Correct version is that the stage of selecting the hard drive (or partition) you want to install Windows to load AHCI driver. I refer to this step:
        You have clicked on "Load Driver" and indicated a stick which I previously copied AHCI driver.
        All manufacturers of laptops offer this driver on their support. True, it may not offer all Windows 7, especially if it's a very new laptop. But it's equally possible that Windows driver 10 be good for Windows 7. Be tested.

  19. valentin said

    Super tutorial, wait for Windows 10 ... .. !!! thank you for what you do.

  20. In the picture had windows7 tutorial on 32 and 64.Se can integrate updates and 32 and 64 only once or separately 32 and 64?

    • It can integrate multiple images at once, but all is the 32 or 64 all be over. I can not integrate and 32 and 64 once. The program also recognizes Wintoolkit platform updates. Thus, he will not integrate any updates on a platform 64 32, and vice versa, even if you select them dein intentionally or accidentally.

  21. GARLIC Bogdan said

    In the 1 year old new laptops you can not go on AHCI over IDE that gives you the option. Stick and I do not take proper AHCI drivers from different computers.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Not always about AHCI. Some setting to disable UEFI BIOS and set the legacy mode

      • Legacy mode will not help in this matter. Legacy vs UEFI's just the way that boots the installation. You need exactly the same drivers and UEFI and Legacy.

    • It means you do not have the correct drivers. The same drive is that you can give the stick and integrate kit. There different versions. If you do not take the stick will not go any integrated installation kit.
      Give a specific model of laptop that you went there to see if I can help.

    • And basically Windows 7 has a very very limited support UEFI. In the 99% of new laptops will not boot in UEFI. So during installation will not reach the part where you have to select what partition to install.
      If there already, it 99% sure that the boot legacy.

    • To be clear, you manage to get the installation phase partition you choose to install or not you boot the installation media at all?
      If no boots, then either something bp kit that you have is, indeed, the laptop you are trying to install is only UEFI and then not much to do.
      If boots and get to the stage where you have to choose the partition on which to install, then it's only a matter of drivers. You have to look correct drivers and load them on the stick.

  22. Wintoolkit is a very good program that can be integrated into Windows:
    - updates;
    - language packs (if you have windows in Romanian and other languages);
    - drivers (all drivers in the world into a Windows or your computer only);
    - addons (found on page Wincert);
    - gadgets (we still use);
    - theme packs;
    - desktop images (wallpaper);
    - changes in the Windows registry (a bunch of tricks you can have the installation);
    - you can delete individual packages and files (language, theme, sound, backup, etc.);
    - can change the status of services (automatic start, manual or off);
    - to integrate a lot of programs that are installed with Windows (there is no need to use a command that the program will install one: silent install switch);
    - can create an ISO image of a bootable DVD with Windows or a stick;
    - can work with * .wim image of Windows (you can and can manually enter different folders or key sites of programs);
    - can make one stick (DVD too small) with all versions of Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10, both 32 and 64 the bit);
    - and other.
    All are tested by me and work for a long time with this program.

  23. Nicu Bordânc said

    Hi Adrian, I downloaded a list of updates for the version for Windows 7 64 with SP1 but iso image that we already contains Windows 7 SP1.
    I have two questions:
    1. If I add that servicepack the list of updates that might be there a problem?
    2. Do you know any other program that I download a newer set of updates? From what they write on the site, the Windows list by March 7 2015's.
    I watch and tutorials on integrating those updates, system offered by Microsoft.

  24. Howdy! I have just the same type of operating system, all windows7 on 32 by bytes, it's probably different hard drive but it's less relevant. Do not do math operations or projects on your PC, just use it for relaxation, music, a clip on youtube and so on. Can I just extract the windows service pack1 image without security updates?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You do as a tutorial and integrate only the service pack, skip the steps in which I integrated the updates. There is also a tutorial about integrating updates in Windows. You can find it with the search box at the top right, you can write there: How to integrate SP1 into ISO image Windows 7 or SP2 in Windows Vista, press Enter and you will find the tutorial.

  25. George Bulboaca said

    up how to update updates in win 10 but also how to integrate languages ​​(that's in win 7) and where do I get them I do not mean install by win update but directly intergrated I have a win in Romanian but only on 32 language is in Romanian and on installation and I want to know if I can make a package on 64 biti sal exchange from english to romana. thank you for everything you've learned. PS Ciucă.

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