Intel Optane 900P review the SSD that brings the change

Intel Optane 900P review the SSD that brings the change
Intel Optane 900P review the SSD that brings the change
About the SSD we've talked over time on At any occasion, we tried to recommend SSDs for the operating system, because these devices are very fast and everything will move faster on an SSD.

Intel Optane 900P review

What's new in the world of SSDs.

Over the years, since SSDs have taken place in our PC, too many changes have not occurred. Maybe just refining controllers and shrinking the manufacturing process managed to make some headlines.

The turning point in the world of memory.

In 2012 Intel and Micron began developing a new type of memory. In 2015 they managed to enter the market with the result of research and testing. The memory that was born is called 3D XPoint (it reads "three cross points").

What is 3D XPoint?

The Nand memory currently found in all SSDs has some problems researchers have only managed to bypass over the years. Unfortunately, with the manufacturing process shrinking, Nand memory is losing more and more of rewriting cycles, that means SSDs are no longer so reliable.

Intel targets top!

3D XPoint is not just a new memory. It can even replace RAM in the future, when a system that today has ram memory and storage memory (ssd, hdd) will only have a high-capacity SSD that will also be RAM and storage at the same time.
It's a kind of memory abstraction.
This is possible due to the extremely low latency of the 3D XPoint memory.

How Good Is Intel Optane 900P?

It's just as good, if not better, than the best SSDs on the market, and that says a lot. An SSD at its first "outing in the world", just born, is already "the best in the school yard".
You throw files at him and he doesn't even care, it doesn't matter what you give him to do, he does them all. It's a kind of "Storage Ninja"
The future looks good for Intel and Micron.

I already have PCIe 3.0 X4 saturated, what do we do?

Bandwidth on PCIe 3.0 is 1GB / s. a PCIe 3.0 x4 slot has a theoretical maximum width of 4 GB / s. Already the PCIe-NVMe and M2 PCIe NVMe SSDs have reached this limit.
The solution is not easy to find, because the processors have run out of PCIe lines, if many of us also like the GPU…

An SSD can not be judged by sequential speed.

You will no longer buy SSDs as per specifications. For example, in this review, Intel Optane 900P has shown me that latency is the most important criterion and not the read and write speed. All SSDs know they write and read large files, but small files (system and software) start to creep.

Crystal DiskMark - Intel Optane 900P

Act - Intel Optane 900P

For those who want more information, I recommend you this review from Anandtech

Intel Optane 900P review - video tutorial

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  1. Super this type of device. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Super greeting cards for raview. as much as possible about reviews of products of all kinds. Instead, my dear Cristi contradicts you a little with a I7 8700K coffe lake processor in 4.6Ghz with a gtx 1080 TI Msi gaming X 16 gb ram 3200Mhz G-skill RGB and a SSN 960 pro 512Gb M.2 and the results are over this Optaine. I'm really in Germany and I tested this ssd before I chose 960 pro. And I really only have 372 gb space used. But reading suhnt writing a little over the performance of this around 10%. But eventually it is a change in the future, this is the beginning, taking into account that 960 pro are the best of all that use NAND. A good day and bafta tutorials I expect as many reviews as possible

  3. Hello,
    If you still have the available drive, can you please do a more specialized test? This is a test for a particular type of database called Firebird. If you can do such a test, please give me a sign by email. I'll give you everything you need. Thank you in advance.

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  8. When you wanted to show the response speed to Optane you were on SanDisk, meaning Disk 0 and Optane was Disk 3. You didn't notice this thing. I don't think that the response speed to octane remained 0 ms if something was copied on it. Anyway, the "tutorial" came out super well, all the details worked out.

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    An ASUS FX553VD with Chipset: Intel® HM175 Express Chipset Supports Intel optane?
    Processor I7 - 7700HQ

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