Aero interface of Vista on XP

Everyone wants his system to move well and especially to look good, perhaps as good as Mac or vista aero, but without giving up the functionality of XP's.

Now we have the solution to this problem and it is called vista inspired brico pack xp application that dress in new clothes and shiny.

The following video tutorial about changing XP's interface, we will walk through the steps for installation and setup of the program.

In short, this video tutorial teaches you how to make XP better looking and sexier.

A very important thing is that before you make any backups to restore the system or other backup software as a weaker operating system errors may occur.

by Cristian Cismaru


For your convenience this tutorial video is ROMANIAN and can be watched full screen (Fullscreen)

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  1. Very loud but the pope has a lot of resources !! I did something else… I just put the Royal theme I downloaded only the vista cursors and vista sounds and I replaced the ones in windows cursor and the sounds are vista but the interface is xp… and if I'm not mistaken everything from that site where you got this pack from, I also got them

  2. Sal Cristi. I have a question to the color bar and everything? black and call it like I want to do dc blue or any other color go? and dc yes how? plz wait for response

  3. Alex.
    And you read your review and see if you understand something.
    And then try to be more explicit.

  4. I mean that start bar where the clock is etc… all… the bottom bar and only has the color black and I want to know if I can make another color and if YES how?

  5. I do not think you can, because that is the color of the vista, but you can try to pack uninstall Vista and install your inspired theme for xp on the net.
    See there are a lot of websites with themes.

  6. Production Lurch said

    You work hard for you do something that's appreciated. BRAVO!!!! Now my request if possible a link or something to show me how to change the facade XP with nLite
    when you install I appear to me what theme I put myself. Thanks.

  7. I hope you will thank Vace and a tutorial on vista inspired 3

  8. hello all, I'm new here is very much palce ciristi bv website of boby doing a good job and I learned a lot from you further bft

  9. Zila few tutorials are you done Nicu one nati

  10. Cristi from me when you see the message I give me a sign or add the id guy

  11. Sal Cristi.As want to do a tutorial on photoshop.Multumesc

  12. I want you to tell me what to do? I installed the interface is very beautiful but I played with the settings and I have gone all those playful iconele top. I gave one right click and then exit.
    How do you recover?

  13. I had Windows Vista installed and have that bar color from black

  14. Madalin not all vista versions have Aero theme! it depends on the version you had or probably had but didn't set… you had to right click on the desktop then properties and at the theme you chose the theme you wanted!

  15. costel give it a restart and you defend yourself and those playful icons! disappeared because you have closed off or rocket or racket that bar above.

  16. Sal.Va Please datimi to me a site or something where I can get Windows Vista.

  17. If you look through our tutorials you will find plenty of which you can learn how to Download and on the torrent's and hubs.
    More than that we can not do!

  18. DaneZu This site gives you but don't put it in your bag… use it and you can still navigate here and you will have Vista !! if you are open mind (I don't know if I wrote correctly in English =))) Don't you want me to make you a vista CD and send it to you by mail? you wish!!! WE DON'T PROMOTE PIRACY !! I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW COMFORTABLE AND NONCONALANT SOME OF YOU ARE !!! Don't you want me to come and install that Vista for you if I keep sending it by post? Again: you would like it !!!

  19. Adrain made me laugh with the best of them jokes :)). Way vista still have gangs aseara.Imediat I did post I started looking and I found :)

  20. Aha DaneZu so they can be given? and by the way there was no joke… I was possibly ironic but not a joke… it's also normal… have you seen any site here for any software? or how to hack? have you seen any tutorial to hack or crack passwords?

  21. You're right Adriane sorry: |

  22. adrian know who does not know how to change a windows theme :)) but I have windows vista original sent to Spain by a friend's with all licienta and that's the vista theme

  23. Madalin not you understand, Vista is not a single version! you know nothing to change the topic if your version vistanu has that theme! is Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, Vista Ultimate Business.Vista they do not k these are all the same! for example Vista Business, can have themes of Vista Home Basic but they have to have an extra one that Home Basic does not have!

  24. I had vista home premium lam out for I concluded that e xp coolest site, or at least I like Pai Vista Home Premium has several themes about 5-6

  25. Madalin, no matter how many are 5-6 or 10 not have the same versions of each other! Otherwise what would bring out so many versions? Whether it be all the same?

  26. Cristi if you can do a tutorial on installing Vista Ultimate operating system for that I sal install and lately I kinda resintalarea exagert with Windows and I would like to do co correct installation.

  27. DaneZu did you use the site search engine? top right in that white box it says there: how to install windows xp sp3 and click on search i know… you will say k there it shows you about windows xp and you want it for vista but it's the same! the installation is about the same !, and even in that tutorial you have some tips that you should consider no matter what operating system you use !, that it is linux, that it is vista that it is windows… come on I have relieved I work a little look here =>

  28. normal versions are not as eg Home Basic is for home computers that are weaker and premium home's systems and vista busines is good for business but I want to say that the themes are almost the same in all versions

  29. Adriane Only that I wanted to do a correct installation and we saw that tutorial.

  30. I'm glad you took me out of a lot of trouble,…. CONGRATULATIONS

  31. Well, he won't let me create a recovery point (to make a backup) z He tells me to restart calku and then try Inka once… ..I restarted and he says the same…: ((((

  32. alex you probably stopped the System Restor function and that's why you can't make a restore point! Maybe the windows you installed is not a "clean" one, it has been modified and some functions have been removed from it! And at one point I also had a windows that did not have the functions of System Rstor and Disk Defragmenter.

  33. Congratulations for this tutorial! XP still remains the best and stable operating system, especially for computers with less ram.

  34. aurel codreanu said

    bravo guys …… ..very good video tutorials… I had to learn from you… ..note 10… .. :)

  35. Can someone recommend me something similar but consume fewer resources?

  36. @bl:
    You have to choose, or beautiful interface or speed work!

  37. Unfortunately I've already chosen, I installed it, I really slows my system so hard, looks very bine.Problema is that I tried to get rid of it but can not completely uninstall.
    And to be even more exciting everything before I install I made a backup of Windows and when I tried this out, Windows tells me that I can not restore sistemul.De when I installed Windows XP Professional on my sp3 has already 2 system errors in a month.

  38. bl no matter what you have, errors can occur immediately after you install, because that depends on 2 factors: you and the system. You because you do something wrong, and the system because maybe it's not a good one… I warmly recommend a theme that actually includes 2 in it… it's called Royal Black! if you want… you have my id we talk on the mess and I give it to you, both the theme and the installation instructions… it won't change anything on your icons or folders, but it only changes the color of a window's edge, the bar and menu task start, the start button… it's a simple theme, and at the same time beautiful… I say and it doesn't eat you as many resources as vista inspiration pack!

  39. very explicit tutorial, who has a benign system can try - WINSTEP XTREME- a grade 11 interface. honestly I have not seen anything more beautiful and useful.

  40. Sal. I installed vista inspired myself and I appeared on descktop a colored square. How do you get rid of it?

  41. @nick: friend if you want help be more explicit, what is it about, when you got that "thing" that she does, what is written under it… can not be so simply "a light colored square" if not give us details we can't help you

  42. hello z scz. deranju ,,,, I have a problem every time I put a CD. in my computer nothing opens on my desktop and I don't know where it is set from. I have vista and please call me MERSY !!!

  43. super cool..I really like this interface… I also really like the site..I learned quite a lot ..

  44. @Dany 75: Although I've never had the opportunity to work on a real Vista… I can tell you that you have turned off the Auto Play function, I don't know how to activate it… but try the control panel too… or if you have to to XP… click on start then Run and write in RUN services.msc a window will open and there you have Auto Play right click and choose properties and then you have the options at Startup type automatic / manual / disable give Automatic… I don't know if you have something like that on Vista because I told you I didn't get a chance to work with a vista… see if you can find something like that…

  45. Cristi and I'd like to know how can I do sami occur to me that red circle when you cick I like ..
    thank you!

  46. Mersy MORE!! We solved.

  47. @Adrian: Eventually I recommended you use themes: Royal / Royal Noir I like both and not feel that would consume some resources.

  48. … I uninstalled… this vista theme..but it stayed the same… apart from that thing on the desktop.rocketdock or what's it called… .. !!!!!!! and I would like to uninstall it completely

  49. @alex: That happened to me had to do a backup inainte.Eu eventually I installed Windows again and now use Royal / Royal Noir, do not feel eating resurse.Poate help someone understand how to get rid of him, I I tried and it did not work either Revo Uninstaller him.

  50. @alex: so you need brothers if you start the tutorial and listen to music at the same time and you are not paying attention to the tutorial! It was said in the tutorial and drew attention even pointed out… do your back-up before installing his inspired vista! Who cares? Now endure, do it!

  51. I also tried with revo but no result! Now I was wrong ..with the backup..that I didn't do… ..I will reinstall my WINDOWS…!

  52. Thanks Mr. Cristi! It's great that d la vista interface.
    | >> \ The coolest site / << |

  53. Thank you very much, the tutorial helped me a lot, but you forgot to mention k in dok you can put other prog, games or anything else, I discovered by chance, but anyway thanks…

  54. It's really cool about it, before I had all kinds of programs arranged: windowsblinds, DesktopX but I'm tired of them, plus I eat a lot of memory. This theme is very elegant and Windows now looks tidy, nice!

    Costel, enter My Computer, C (or where you installed windows), Windows and then go to the folder BricoPacks, Vista inspired 2 and Rocket Dock. Double click on the Rocket Dock (executable) and it will appear on your desktop… you may not have set it to start with windows, for this you have to right click on a free space between the icons and then choose Dock Settings again at general tick option: run at startup and giving ok

  55. beb3_mykk said

    Pope's super nus how much resources but I go perfect theme is great stuff still worth trying ;) good luck ;)

  56. me what perfume! not know what the others but I can say and confirm that after I put my calc vista interface moves much faster do not know why. thank you! ::: SUPERCRISTI Supersite

  57. @young:
    Believe me you're the only one that is moving better pc with vista interface.
    Congratulations on your computer which I think is quite powerful and quite "unique".
    Thank you for your comment and stop waiting for

  58. it's very hard, I used it before I give uiitat the tutorial for phases I like what you do:-wooop woop :))) very hard're a nice guy

  59. mp3.sniper said

    Yes you're still having fun with that top :)) :)) :))

    Up Up Up =))

    congrats :)

  60. mp3.sniper said

    Excuse the double post

    Cristi… you can give us a recommendation… about which systems to install this patch and which not… (I have 512 ram AMD 3300+ 2.01 GHz processor and a GeForce 7600 gs 256 mb board)

    `I hope you give me my id / e-mail your question to help me with the video card that I could not solve one and I` torture of any 3 years (and DirectX do not go Direct3D figures)

    my id is mp3.sniper

    My respects

  61. @mp3.sniper: It will work well on your system… I had an even weaker one than yours and this package worked for me… well understood that the pc moves harder but it worked… I had 800Mhz and 384RAM proc… so it's ok for you… the email is for each tutorial… top left above each tutorial is in small blue writing “by Cismaru Cristian” click on that text and you have Cristi's email 😉

  62. THANKS

  63. I taste is Frome interface. I read to you some problems that may arise, but I've made a backup before installation in case you want to uninstall. Good job, thank you, Unsal at all.

  64. please explain to me why it esta resources about the processor or the memory =

  65. I 730 MB RAM, video card 128 mb, and gb hdd 40 2,6 ghz processor! go vista ultimate? hello to all I'm new!

  66. please reply

  67. @YBoy:
    Do not put your configuration for vista vista eats serious resources, believe me it is not so good vista.
    My guess is sit xp because I see no reason why anyone would migrate to Vista, at least right now.
    Switching to Vista was somewhat forced, were more technical than economic reasons.

  68. Zavaidoc said

    Congratulations, I like your topics. One problem: I trust you and I am convinced that what you propose is verified. But, in order not to waste time, as some tutorials are 20-30 minutes long, I apply while listening to the tutorial ... If you make a mistake, I make a mistake too. Sometimes you forget one thing and say: “I forgot to tell you that… . ”, Some more serious, others less so. When I teach, I use a sketch, with main, secondary ideas, etc. Maybe some of them check the tutorial first, and then apply it. That would be good, but we don't all have the time.

  69. @Zavaidoc: Good observation, I'll try to be more organized, well what you are saying, it never hurts a little more organized before we organize these tutorials long before we make but I think it should be given more attention.
    We need to continuously improve and day but if it were a little longer it would be perfect.
    Thank you for fine observation, will wait for us.

  70. Zavaidoc said

    First, without you! Not that I'm getting older, but even to God we call YOU !. I think it's pretty complicated what you're doing. Once again: congratulations! And I'm glad you're not indifferent to our signals. And I don't think we're looking for perfection. That's why we like the site, that you are natural, and not dogmatic in expression. It was just the stages we were following, the rest is pleasant. Maybe if the mouse had moved away from the microphone, and the annoying click would not be heard.
    Hai I'm grumpy! I hope you will forgive me escape, I could not help it! Regards, Lv

  71. sal.daca want to remove this pack you use, backup directly or first uninstall and then give backup?

  72. Cosmin said

    Hello.Beautiful tutorial '… cristi… Up Up 🙂 🙂 😀
    A similar pack and quite nice and I say it with VistaMizer VistaMizer Expantion Pack
    Bravo *****

  73. marius said

    cristi but at a windows vista on the right a clock appears, date… how can i do that too? meersti

  74. Adrian said

    @marius:Install Google Desktop! is free to find on the net!

  75. marius said

    thanks !!

  76. Palamariu Tudorita said

    how do I install it and I have Windows Vista Home Basic installation and sd from the company that gave me no but faces have a serial calc, not that they did not want to install but it takes draivarul installation of the motherboard, it takes the sound and video card but I'm struggling for a long time and I do not pot.Va please help me

  77. marcel said

    bv guys are good and not fff aware of what others say, you better fff besk your STECF

  78. congratulations, this tutorial was very helpful, but I have a problem: restart the PC once give up those icons disappear. Who can tell me what to do is invited to do

    Thanks advance

  79. I read the previous comments and found the answer

    I apologize for posting useless

  80. I have a question inspired vista eat more resources?

  81. eliza: I have a question inspired vista eat more resources?

    Cam yes, uses Vista Mizer's all free!

  82. is a very good tutorial when I installed the system I'm doing better than before. Thank team that helps beginners PC.

  83. packu that good skin but I know and one I can not say it's better for me not tot.Dar have transformed computer is less deiferit and just as easy to folosit.Se called Vista Ultimate Skin Pack 5.0. I ie I only change the Vista Aero theme goes great nothing I Schiba icons, home screen etc. You can choose to change some things not all. so you can change what you want.

  84. poi is hard to give Ñusta where to give it donloadez

    • poi is hard to give Ñusta where to give it donloadez  

      Specification where the tutorial was so looks like you did not follow

  85. Mr. Cristi I understand that vista themes consume a lot of resources. Is that true?

    • mihai: Mr. Cristi I understand that vista themes consumafoarte more resources. Is that true?  

      Depends on the topic, any installed PC consumes resources and know your next question will be: What theme vista consume the fewest resources?

      Answer: No. We do not know that, as I said above there are hundreds of sites for vista theme packs, each comes with something, some are good some not, and you like Icearca just that you pc?

  86. Hello Adrian.Multumesc very much for what you do while on discovered this site and am very bucuros.Printr a very simple presentation tutorials manage to be pleasing to those who need follow ajutor.Le the pleasure of the way to finish sometimes even twice to understand them better and for installation MORE corecta.Ar be a shame to explain how wrong voi.BRAVO and congratulate you as many tutorials. I've got a problem and hope to resolve them here.
    If possible a tutorial on installing Windows themese may seem simple or but one we did and I think it would be pretty mic.Multumesc again, greetings to you and Boby.

  87. Thanks a lot man. It's very cool… compared to before.

  88. very OK program… .is interesting!

  89. I am on my PC interface win7 u:-p

  90. I put myself inspired vista but not open antivirus

  91. But the effect of transparency in vista and windows 7 can get with any program? (Except for TrueTransparency because I tried it and do not like)

    • But the effect of transparency in vista and windows 7 can get with any program? (Except for TrueTransparency because I tried it and do not like)  

      I answer to me please?

    • But the effect of transparency in vista and windows 7 can get with any program? (Except for TrueTransparency because I tried it and do not like)  

      I help me with this problem please?

  92. cosmin said

    super.bravo for the tutorial!

  93. danciustelian said

    Please all went well but I have done what you said but did not go transparent

  94. is hot! I wanted to install Windows 7 me, but once I gave up finding this tutorial .. XP remains the most reliable computer program.

  95. I also downloaded some icons from and I don't know where to put them to work…

  96. Hi, the tutorials are very good and useful for those who are not very good… I also have a problem I have an older PC and recently I put a 256 mb ram memory (I had another 256 mb) but unfortunately in instead of 512 mb it only shows me 256. I also installed the cpu-z program and at memory-> size-> it writes 512, but at the properties on my computer 256.
    pc: msi-7211 motherboard, ati radeon 9600 video card, intel celeron 2.53 ghz processor, integrated sound card, 350 W source, 80 gb hdd…

  97. That's a good topic! Thank you guys! Really looking for a great theme and tried enough give none compare to this! Thanks

  98. Very good tutorial but can not get rid of the green bar is above you get in my computer or in the other files? Nice to me Please say to me if I could get rid of it! And continued success!

  99. We have those buttons in Windows 7 flying?

    • Adrian admin said

      costel_: We have those buttons in Windows 7 flying?  

      Yes, with rocketdock or object dock. About Object dock we already have a video tutorial that you can find by typing in the search box on the top right: "Object Dock, a dock with Mac OS effects for Windows" then enter and you will find the tutorial

  100. the most beautiful theme suteti bravo guys really skilled to PCs

  101. WindowsXP said

    Cate consume resources in graphics card thing? Or in Ram?
    I 64 Mb 760 MB graphics card and the Ram.

  102. Dany2335 said

    Where can I get not only the theme transformation pack???

    • AdrianGudus said

      Where can I get not only the theme transformation pack???

      Write up in the search box to the right of the black edge: How customizable and how to install themes on Windows 7, hit enter and you will find the tutorial. The same applies to XP just like looking deviantart themes for XP, otherwise, what used to patch-ui tutorial Windows XP is used for, just have to put the folder in which homework is true for XP, just download the theme that you have to be looking for XP

  103. Dany2335 said

    What do you mean MAC users to enjoy a beautiful windows?? Would not correct the MAC utilizatorrii to enjoy a beautiful interface on Windows Xp us who do not enjoy such an interface we?? ?

  104. Well, yes, that's not mac…. and Look view

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