Mobile Internet, consumer applications and problem solving

Mobile Internet, consumer applications and problem solving

Mobile Internet is not cheap and everybody knows it. Even if you give the impression that providers offer unlimited internet, unlimited traffic or traffic bonus it is nothing more than marketing. The truth is that mobile internet is expensive, no matter how inexpensive appears in commercials.
The packets of voice subscriptions, offering, for example 2 Giga traffic, then apply tax per MB consumed.
Packaged internet card, which usually sell for tablets, the Internet is unlimited, but with a catch; Limited speed after exceeding the included traffic, or offers free unlimited evening when it decongestions networks and providers can afford to let the free mobile internet without melt to be ill.
There are also gender packages "Web n Walk“, Which is severely limited, in many ways, and which spoils your user experience.
A special category is the one with which network providers cabbage and offering unlimited net without realizing that their network is not resistant or too underdeveloped.
Mobile Internet, consumer applications and problem solving.
Leaving aside the offer of mobile internet providers, we must make sure that the mobile data included in the subscription or in the extra option of the card, reaches us from one month to another, without entering the "mini bar", as we break money.
Typically, users will not have to install software on the phone a lot and is very easy to lose control of them. Many applications will connect to the internet permanently, check after the update, synchronize contacts, to make backup photos, etc. Of course, all these applications consume mobile data when you are not on WiFi, it actually might wait until we get a wifi connection for performing updates, backup, etc.
When it comes to consuming traffic, we are dealing with two types of traffic:
Foregroung traffic (traffic normal user initiated actions)
Examples: browser, youtube, download, skype, etc.
Background traffic (traffic initiated imperceptibly in the background of applications and services)
Examples: application updates, email synchronization, backup to the cloud pictures, chat applications, etc.
In the tutorial I showed how to stop background data, both per application and in full for all applications for mobile internet.
Mobile Internet, consumer applications and problem solving

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  1. and forgot to say it's better to uncheck automatic updates in Google Play for you somewhere in town that can access wfi and battery efficient and automatic update will start wfi

  2. caisindonici said

    I wonder why older video sites on the website do not go and say those played in flash player with in html go like clockwork, use Windows 10, 64 bit. I installed adobe flash player but nothing was solved, why? Thanks a lot..

  3. caisindonici said

    I tried on IE, Google Chrome, and Mozilla

    • IE and Chrome come with Flash preinstalled. If you can see the video box, but you can't run it, try unchecking "enable hardware acceleration" by right-clicking on the video and then "settings".
      Did you upgrade to Windows 10 from an earlier version or did you install it "cleanly"? I searched the internet and noticed that there are many who have problems with Flash and Windows 10. But the symptoms vary from case to case and so do the solutions. Someone said that a scan with MalwareBytes helped him for a few days, but then the problem returned. But he said that the Flash worked, but only for about 20 minutes, then it stopped. I know it sounds weird, but try Opera too.

  4. why I can only download from google play on wifi and not on mobile data? I tried all the settings with reinstallation of google play, framework, cache… ..nothing!

  5. Cătălin.81-Rm.S said

    Thanks for the tutorial but I could not solve my problem.
    On June 1, I received with my extraoption the 500MB included, but 3 days later I reached the warning limit set at 475MB. I do not know what happens. I haven't used apps that pop up a lot of mobile data traffic. From the traffic details I see that "Android Operating System" is the author of the exaggerated traffic. I thought that such traffic is generated by downloading some system updates so I went to the settings and changed the check setting after the update from "weekly" to "manual" but "Android operating system" does still ruin in my MB… 🙁
    Say that using Cyanogenmod 12.1 (Android 5.1)
    If anyone knows where I can stop this bleeding… ?! Please a lot! 🙁

  6. WTF, 1 million visits per month, congratulations! tells us that 61% of visitoirs are from Romania, 2,5% of england, italy% of 5, 6% of Brazos ect ... Well at least that in other countries advertising pays better. Only a small crontab: remove € 1000 with many visite month?

  7. Very good tutorial, congratulations. Do we have any possibility to know which application consumes more data between viber, whatsApp, line, mess, etc…?

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