IP Webcam, turn our phone into surveillance camera or webcam - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will present a software for Android phones with which we can turn the phone into a webcam or surveillance app called IP Webcam, is free and can be found in Android Market.
Ip Webcam allows us to do a lot of stuff with your camera phone, in tutorial you will see how many functions does this application. On official website of IP Webcam Software you can find more details.
What we do with IP Webcam:
We can transform your phone into a webcam for Skype, Facebook, Google Plus, etc..
We can use your phone as a camera, it can be accessed anywhere in the world to be able to access the Internet phone to make a port forwarding the wireless router.
In addition to the video stream, we can also activate audio, so we can hear everything that happens in the room where we left the "spy" phone.
Password can access the application menu functions on your phone, so we could only watch the stream on which it makes the phone. I think I forgot to tell you, the application is installed on the phone and Popat be accessed from anywhere, once set IP Webcam app we do not work with the phone, start the server from the menu on the phone and ready, the action moves from the desktop browser , tablet or other mobile.
In addition to simply stream video and audio, we have a few remote commands, we can adjust the focus, we can turn on or turn off your phone flash, and others such as screenshots.
Where can I watch the stream?
Wherever we have a browser that supports JavaScript (99 100%% mobile and desktop). We can watch live phone and using a video player, VLC media player is recommended.
Stream and remote menu can be confort with any browser but weaker devices can run pretty jerky stream.
If we decide to use your phone as a webcam, you have to install Webcam 7, You can use this application with other IP cameras.

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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  1. A software that I had but I deleted it because I only had space and now I put it in again and it's really ok I like it, but you Cristi said you see the thief with the new flash for that IR had to be used (infra-red ) to see the thief mocking him, not the flash because that's how the thief gets scared and runs away :)), it's a bit unpleasant that where he stores the data you can't stay around and that's not bad. 🙂

  2. You could do a tutorial on Microsoft Visual Basic
    Please nice!

  3. useful ... thanks!

  4. Very cool bro, tutorial ms.

  5. Congratulations tutorial. Christ, what phone do you have?

  6. Go and free wireless? ie only the USB connection?

  7. KosminYoZ said

    Very interesting app Keep it up

  8. KosminYoZ said

    Can you show applications for the phone "Samsung Chat 335"? ?

  9. FaraVirusi said

    Very good this application, I can say that I tested to see if it goes Videotile quality of the phone is much better than that of the Webcam.

  10. cristi on windows MIBI go?

  11. ktalin.liviu said

    to me does not work ... I can not access from the browser address generated by the software ... I wireless network.

    • AdrianGudus said

      to me does not work ... I can not access from the browser address generated by the software ... I wireless network.

      You need to do port forwarding in the router for port 8080. About how to do portforwarding tutorial already exists. Write up in the search box to the right of the black edge: how to do portforwarding, you enter and you will find the tutorial.

  12. What you cristi phone?

    • Andrew:
      What you cristi phone?

      I have a pretty old phone, it's about HTC HD2. Initially it had Windows Mobile, now I have Android on the "dance" and it works perfectly, I have an original version of android, basic launcher, basic browser, everything like Nexus One or Nexus S.
      If you want to buy a phone, do not try to take your HTC HD2 are more interesting devices on the market.
      My HTC HD2 is 2 years old, when it came on the market it was a kind of UFO, 1 Ghz processor, 576 RAM, 512 ROM, 800 inch 480 × 4,3 capacitive screen. Now all this is a triviality.

  13. in case you do not have wi-fi phone can be set to transmit the signal and mobile Internet?

  14. I understand that the phone can just stay home and you to follow in another location on a bwroser conversely can not? For example, I have to stay home and put in another spy phone location, where I have access to wi-fi, but without router.sper that you understand me.

  15. Hi, you said we should all have the webcam app, well I don't have it… how do I proceed in this case? if I don't have the camera application for the phone it works, with vlc I did exactly as it says. but for skype i don't understand. Thank you.

  16. Hello,
    Any idea what I need to connect the soft 2 Android devices via bluetooth and see in real time
    one room? I want something's surveillance system without having to connect to the net.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Unfortunately Bluetooth speed and range are very small for anyone to bother her with an application to do what you want. Even if that happens, you need to log into your other device.
      From what I understand / infer you want to spy on your neighbor, your smartphone to start her without her permission required.
      Whatever your reason, this is not possible and not think it will soon be possible for the reasons mentioned earlier this comentaariu.

  17. Hello,
    Thanks a lot for the answer. My goal is much more peaceful, namely to watch the child when he is sleeping and I am in another room, or he is in the car and I am in the yard. I know the devices need to be 'paired', anyway I'm not spying on anyone but the little one. Have a nice day.

  18. Hi I am very pleased with your tutorials, and many times I hit them (TNX), I have a question, can somehow remove the camera from some laptop and a USB cable adjust somehow?

  19. Hello, How do you access the camera if you have a domain and an Apache server?
    Local everything is ok but I want to be able to see it online by accessing my address-like field meu.ro
    I have the following situation:
    PC runs various services (Apache server, mail server etc.) and is given a domain like dynamic DNS (give it free from RDS). I can not link to access the camera through IP cameras I changed the port in 8080 8282 to port forwarding in your router can do and do not conflict with the Apache server. They? Who knows what settings need to be made to access the camera like domeniul-meu.ro:8282 or domeniul-meu.ro/camera. Thank you

  20. I got ip camera but when inserted in the browser URL window appears that I do not show it videotutorialul only information about that IP. I missed something? I missed something?

  21. Sebastian said

    Same problem as ion, I have too.
    I entered the ip several times, but I don't see the right window….


    • It should go like a normal webcam. It's up to every, as do the settings.
      The browser requires a webcam operating system, and the system will do comply and telephone access is seen as a webcam.

  23. salut..pot to make it as a web camera just as free wireless network or other mobile data connection?

  24. How do port forwarding ajutatima

  25. Silviu said

    Please send me know why I can not switch on the secondary camera on the primary camera. It is a tablet that Asus uses my daughter.

  26. dintr`un webcam can no android phone?

  27. I'm not good at mobile phones and I only use it for to call..I have a new phone..it was only in my house ..and an image appeared with my daughter who is videotaped… My son-in-law works in IT..please help me to figure out what it is ?. .I mention that the video is not decent… .There is a window on the front of the phone that I think is installed by him… .No one had access to this phone… Where can I check what happened or if it is an installation on the phone? Please who can give me suggestions to give me an email at [email protected]…Thank you

    • 1 version.
      Probably on the phone is used the same Google account on your daughter or son-like.
      Pictures and videos are synchronized.
      2 version.
      Probably did some filming not you remember, inserted in phone or micro SD card video / image on it.

  28. Hi!
    I would like to somehow connect my Samsung s5 phone to my daughters' Asus tablet to watch them from another room. How to proceed? I have wifi in the house…
    There would be the possibility to buy a wifi stick and see them when I leave them alone and we are not at home…. For example I leave them in the car sleeping and I go to the bank… thank you !!

    • Viorel Baciu said

      Hi, you received an answer to your question as I am curious that I have the same problem and I wish you a good evening

  29. Hello! I have a philips w3500 phone …… can I connect a wired web cam to it to see an area of ​​my yard?… ..because I don't have a window in that direction. thanks!

  30. I would like to be able to put a phone as a surveillance camera and see on another phone what is happening …………. all this at a distance of 4 m ……. can it work via bluetooth ?????

  31. victor stoicescu said

    wirless house in perfect!
    port Forw ... did ... the perfect start
    problems: the sound disappears after 1 minutes reactivare..revine;
    disconnecting the phone generates another IP address, pt.conectare must take her head.
    I do not know where I'm wrong.
    may set a fixed ip web cam tel? or how to proceed correctly pt. link web cam fixed wirless router tel
    thank you very much,

    • victorstoicescu said

      Back and expect an answer please!
      wirless house in perfect!
      port Forw ... did ... the perfect start
      problems: the sound disappears after 1 minutes reactivare..revine;
      disconnecting the phone generates another IP address, pt.conectare must take her head.
      I do not know where I'm wrong.
      may set a fixed ip web cam tel? or how to proceed correctly pt. link web cam fixed wirless router tel
      thank you very much,

      • Adrian Gudus said

        You need a static IP to access the camera outside the network (when you are not at home) and for that you can use DynDNS. Type up in the search box on the top right “Two free DynDNS addresses with dynamic IP setting for .tk or other” press the Enter key and you will find the tutorial.

        • victorstoicescu said

          Thanks a lot for reply.
          I have static IP Telekom, that's the problem.
          For it may be something simple, but I fail.
          Static IP, from TELEKOM, HG658 router, specifically I have a phone with ip cam, I connect it, it gives me "", I connect at home, but it doesn't work outside. I think port forward may not have been done correctly; but it worked with the above problems. In the meantime they changed my router, that it was defective, and I took it from the head. Now I can't do it any way. If possible, I would prefer you to help me with TeamViewer, against bere binenteles.
          Thank Moreover,

  32. Hello!

    Application can use a mobile data connection?
    If so, how and about what consumer data would register on 24H?

    Thank you!


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