IPad Mini with retina screen, what I like and what I do not like

Hi friends, today I will present my new tablet, which unlike those used so far, which had operating systems Windows or Android, iOS is the operating system. We have taken this tablet for IOS devices you who you and want tutorials on these products.
Tablets that I now use at least a few weeks, it's called iPad mini with Retina display. Ipad Mini version 2, 16 GB, 4G, space gray.
Since the first contact with the package / product experience was pleasant, everything is packed nice and finish of the product is outstanding. We are dealing with a case made entirely of aluminum (except antenna cover 4G) and the front has a piece of glass, so we just metal and glass. The only inconvenience that may have some users is Tablet morning temperature is extremely cold and not much metal you come to sit in your lap if you're dressed in shorts. But I like them cold as are quieter when processor products are cold!
Based on the two days of use I gathered some stuff I like and some I do not like.

10 things like the iPad Mini:

1. Garage Band application (E super loud)
2. Recunastere voice function (dictation)
3. Camera (picture quality and good auto settings)
4. The overall design and finish of the tablet.
5. Speaker (warm sound quality)
6. Display resolution (everything is super sharp)
7. YouTube app (works better than Android)
8. iMovie application (video editing on a tablet…)
9. Manage Connections Bluetooth (works well)
10. Lightning connector (go no matter how you put)

10 huts were gutted that I do not like the iPad Mini:

1. The lack of a back button (Android users will be desperate)
2. Lack of user accounts (problem when umprumuti tablet)
3. Slow decoding on YouTube of 1080P resolution (I don't know the exact cause… yet)
4. I do not want in any way to run default MKV files
5. Missing NFC (not problem for me)
6. Lack of camera settings (offset by good auto settings)
7. The screen is laminated (see the end of the tutorial)
8. Multitasking behaves strangely (sometimes aggressive)
9. We DO NOT drag the default keyboard (swipe)
10. We have dards widgets (just an attempt in the notification area)

These are my opinions inintiale, remember that using this tablet only 2 days and before I used only occasionally IOS operating system.
I will spend more time with this tablet and I will make a more solid opinion in the next period. I'll keep you posted

The Apple iPad tablet available

With all the negative stuff tablet believe that it deserves, it is extremely simple and certainly any user will soon get used to it.
If you have a tablet on your shopping list, you'd better have a look-in yard and Apple iPad when it first mini version is on sale.
Do not buy iPad tablet used without your thing, you can wake you for buying a product that you do not use my colleague Adrian will be explained in a tutorial how it works with iCloud accounts and What you should know before buying an iPhone or iPad. If not your thing, look at the tutorial or go with someone who knows how to buy iphone or ipad second hand.

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  1. Costelina said

    super tablet
    is ideal for students (I say)
    but has parental control?
    Cristi are of the same opinion with you the ups and downs of the tablet
    thank you

    • Yes I agree, however, parental control is one, the user account is another story.
      When you create new user accounts, each family member can have his application, his menus, his settings, etc.
      Each fintre we have some fixes, for example I want to keep as clean tablet, my daughter and get a load of games everywhere. If I permit not be mad at me and say I'm a bad father. If they had user account and would only manage all its wonders drawings, games, pictures of monkeys, etc.
      One is to allow the limits and another to deny.

      • It is possible to activate on iphone and ipad a kind of mode for children from which they can not get out only with a combination of keys and a password is not really a user account but still help you can find more information here…

        I am glad that start with tutorials on iPhone / iPad luck.

  2. Constantin said

    Hi Cristi I want to ask if that HDTZ condenser microphone that you have for the camera you can connect to a PC and for that I want to buy me one, I leave for purchase Skip to speak with family members and friends in the country. Thank You.

    • HTDZ microphone or HT320 HT81 can connect and PC, that's because Jack 3.5mm is exactly what you need for your PC. The PC can also use USB microphones large diaphragm for a warmer sound.

  3. Lack of user accounts even is a problem. I hit her when a friend let me borrow her iPad for the cat was out of the country. Play if you can get into her account that I did not leave the password, of course. So I used it only for browsing and drawing.

  4. iFlorin207 said

    We tested Ipad Wifi Air 2 Media Galaxy and I liked very much, with toae that are not Apple fan, mia Palace cun moves safari browser that downloads Web sites as desktop, and more.
    I am diapus to buy Ipad Air 2, but when she falls in May unpic price, or you catch an offer ..

  5. We don't all have free Apple apps like you do. , for example I have an Ipad Mini 1 and I don't have free applications like IMovie and the others… Why ??

    • Adrian Gudus said

      To free iMovie, you must have an Apple device running iOS iMovie 8 and that you should be free iOS device (iPhone, iPad) have had first activation or after 1 1 September 2013. The devices were activated before this date, do not get free iMovie.

  6. At first it is a bit disorienting for those who have used only Windows or Android.
    I use it for 6 months and fall in love every day becoming hottest Ipad.
    Very important are gestures in the iPad. No need to use all the buttons in android.
    For example, when fingers squeeze 4 5 or close the window.
    With 4 fingers went up the basic screen you can see how many applications you have open.
    If you press the button once you reach the main screen basis.
    If you press the main button 2 or see how many applications you have open.
    There are other gestures that can be used depending on the application open.

  7. If you look good and move it to the desktop that is a slight tilt desktop icons stand still and moving pictures ,,,, I switched from air iPad android tablet (plastic screen on samsung tell) I had nokia the system operator. Windows but does not compare to the iPhone even has room 8mp iphone .. If the movie disco clarity that iPhone iPad ,,,,, ,,, has the image (sharpness when flicked the lights and colors) as opposed to others sound (sounds if both music and voices that are in 3metri you ,,,, I even filmed at a karaoke with 920 nokia, samsung s4 my friend ,,, and one with iPhone 4 ,, Nokia sees dark ,, not understand anything that says that many voices are heard ,,,, samsung picture is quite successful but just hear the sound of a thousand voices iPhone ,,, we stayed (mask) true and impeccable sound you could hear what they were talking at the table next to us and how much slower voice from microphone singer ,,, speechless Apple not only idol I like things perfect (almost perfect) I grew ,,,,, Windows of 1993 2013 until ,,,, honest I would not go back to that system all day ,,, ba ba ala program that goes ba ailaltă and fix all the time about ,,,,,,,

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