iperf best software for speed testing

Iperf is probably the simplest and the best local speed test tool or via the Internet.
I always hear people complain that the network speed:
"Cristi, my net is not working well!"
And I ask:
“Are you sure it's the net? It shouldn't be a problem on your local network or router! ”
And he wonders:
How can I tell if it's from me? SpeedTest to test with?
When SpeedTest speed test, we can not determine exactly what speed we have in our local network and local network speed testing is very important to establish its stability.
Along with Ping and Tracert video tutorial, Iperf help us diagnose problems and delays in our network.
Although it is an application that runs on CMD, it is extremely simple and easy to use.

iperf best software for speed testing

How to use Iperf?
First you need to run on at least two PCs / laptops and Android phones; Yes, go and Android.
The first PC will run iperf server mode and what it second in client mode.
The steps first PC (server):
1. Download / unzip iperf
2. Open a CMD window iperf folder (shift + right-click and open command window here)
3. In the CMD window give the command “iperf3 -s”And accept the firewall
4. Open another CMD window and give the command “ipconfig", To find out the server's ip.
The steps 2 PC (client)
1. Download / unzip iperf
2. Open a CMD window iperf folder (shift + right-click and open command window here)
3. In the CMD window give the command “iperf3 -c "ip server"IP, which you found out earlier with "ipconfig" in CMD on the server.
Besides the simple command, you can use some flags.
d to measure speed in both directions
-u for UDP and jitter test
For more information use the command "iperf3 --help"
Download iPerf3

iperf best software for speed testing

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  1. Using Iperf3 successfully checked the actual speed between a PC winXPx32 LAN (server) and another PC with Linux Mint x64. Easy to use and very useful. I knew the approximate speed of transfer between two PCs LAN (in practice), but do not know which is the upper limit that can be achieved with the equipment they have. Now I know because your tutorial and the excellent applications. Thank you!

  2. Vlad Andrey1456 said

    I greet you! You could make a tutorial about PowerLine sites in showing how to connect, what can we do with such a device etc. And what would you recommend for a good price.
    Thank you in advance!

  3. Marius Adrian said

    Hello very good tutorial helped me a lot, but I got a request if you can and have time to do a tutorial lately are many who I have problems playing videos from YouTube in that it interrupts the video and not moves on using HTML5
    Forerunner for using flash player, even on your site crashes my video regardless horses chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Maxthon

    Thank you

  4. hello I have a little problem using net rds have a camera out of her wirless and I try to test the speed iperf3 and ba servaru shows me portu 5201 then open another blades and test ip but do not go have to use another IP or the problem is a little help please

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