iPhone faster through the total elimination of animations

iPhone faster through the total elimination of animations

Users of smartphones have always appreciated the fact that the iPhone was moving well and is always predictable. iOS is the operating system the most balanced, reasonable consumption of resources, experience, fluency, appearance and simplicity. Few people know that iOS is less slick; Under animations made with ease, hide some delays in the system. A sort of: going slowly, that's fashionable, not because they can not go faster.
The partial solution for the procrastination in iOS is the permanent deactivation of the animations; Then we will see directly the "fiber" of the system, not the cloud of smoke that the animations throw in front of us.
A simple comparison with a decent android phone (iPad mini 2 vs Oneplus One), iOS shows its limits, but very difficult. He seems to want to hide the delay, and he does it very well. Incredibly, even when I activated the "motion reduction" setting, the waiting time still didn't shorten. Of course, with the total deactivation of the animations, things get better, the iPad moving faster; BUT, we no longer have consistency. That is, the tablet does not move the same way every time; Sometimes applications launch quickly, sometimes slower. It seems that Apple's software engineers have set the animation time after the worst case scenario, where an application will be very difficult to launch; Thus, the user is left with the impression that iOS launches all applications just as quickly.
Permanently disable animations, you can not make the settings, instead, we can disable animations on any iPhone, iPad or iPod using a leak in the iOS operating system; It's a harmless little bug, which we will use.
In the video tutorial you will see in detail how.
If you want to opt out, simply restart your iPhone or iPad.

Video tutorial - iPhone faster by completely removing animations

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  1. go quickly feel the difference (iphone 5s)

  2. Thank you !

  3. Hello, and I would like to know how can I do to have internet on Samsung Galaxy S4 with USB connection for laptop ??

  4. Sebastian said

    I have some questions:
    What kind of server you have for the site?
    For a start, is it worth it to get a free domain (like: Tk…) and when I grow up to buy a .ro domain?
    How about hostinger.ro for hosting?
    Thanks a lot!

    • In our setup is complicated by the dedicated server web streaming server + + + CDN CDN for static files for external filtering traffic cache + service + firewall + external service external service DDOS protection.
      You at first do not have to beat your head with this. However, I suggest you start directly with a .com domain + hosting + Dedicated IP in Romania, which together will provide more credibility.

  5. Applications open quickly but gets stuck in the web (does not return the picture does not close the page) I reset not recommend

  6. for android can do that for iphone? .. thanks

  7. Cristi Hello iam not a question that I figured out the place can you help me somehow but it's a picture that I want to find the person's name who is in that picture what should I do thank you very much.

  8. Mircea Radoi said

    I am a loyal listener for the android tutorials you record. Some are very useful to me and some I don't understand very well. I would like a consultation related to a Chinese phone Samsung Galaxy S 4 with android 4: 2 (clone) that I bought at a very low price. I was "relatively" satisfied with it because I buttoned it unreservedly and learned something about android. It currently works but is slower, countless notifications appear, does not always act when you touch the screen. I've tried a few times, factory reset, but it always registers other applications that I don't want even if I delete them.
    I am seeking information from a competent person: 1. Keep, 2. Some applications work around bother me, 3. I will buy BUT ANOTHER ORIGINAL great cost.

  9. Hello Cristi. That bug with inactive icons appears on my device, an air ipad with ios 2 9.2.1. It occurs after release.

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