Kaspersky Free a Kaspersky Free Antivirus

Kaspersky Free a Kaspersky Free Antivirus
Kaspersky Free a Kaspersky Free Antivirus
Hello friends, today's tutorial talks about Kaspersky Free, the free antivirus released yesterday by Kaspersky.

What kind of protection does Kaspersky Free offer?
- file protection, real-time and cloud scanning, behavioral scanning, rootkit protection, self-defense (malicious applications can not disable, uninstall or block the antivirus), USB stick scanning, or external hard drives connected to PC.
- web protection, port and traffic scanning, SSL connections, malicious website protection, and scripting
- protection for instant messaging software such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger
-protecting e-mail clients against phishing attacks and scams
- virtual keyboard that prevents the keylogger from being intercepted by the pressed keys. Useful if we want to make online payments or fill in forms or fields where sensitive information needs to be entered.

How Effective Is Kaspersky Free?
I think no one can question the reputation and effectiveness of Kaspersky giant when it comes to security. He has been on numerous occasions and is still in the top of independent tests. Kaspersky Free uses the same advanced protection technologies as older brothers (security suites)

How Mild is Kaspersky Free with Computer Resources?
Gazing an eye in Task Manager, I was amazed to note that Kaspersky Free consumes somewhere between 30 - 60 MB RAM, which means very little resource for an antivirus.

Kaspersky Free - official site

Video tutorial - Kaspersky Free a free Kaspersky Anti-Virus

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  1. Csabaxb said

    Hi Adrian, good tutorial, on the tongue of all, I like Kaspersky, and I have a question:
    What separate firewall does it go with or does it get from Windows?

  2. Very close to the Antivirus version, KAV. Almost everything you need for basic protection.

  3. Hello call me wish I have a question on a 2 core core duo 3,17ghz and 4 gb ram dd3 is it good?
    And if I can leave windows thanks too

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Windows Defender will automatically shutdown if you install any other antivirus. Kaspersky Free consumes very little resources, I showed it in the tutorial and I said it in the text. You can use it quietly!

  4. Is there no version for Mac?

  5. Florin Oake said

    Hello, I've been using Kaspersky for a couple of years. I was very pleased with one day when I could not get rid of some viruses and I solved it with Essential Security, but I remain very good at Kaspersky's opinion just that I was amazed at a TV news with As a result, the Kaspersky site was cloned, and those who bought licenses or other stuff from them were flattering elsewhere than Kaspersky.

  6. Wow ... Thank you very much! A good day I want and grow as many Tutorials

  7. Trapper said

    Good tutorials make boys. Kaspersky is good but I say it's better bitdefender. I have been using bitdefender for a long time with a license, and I have never had a problem. In addition, if you have any concerns about the Bitdefender product or about something else about the product, our technical support will help you right away. Now everyone uses what they want, the option is for everyone.

  8. lucian said

    Antivirus, is actually a virus

    • Greuceanu said

      Just as water is actually a fire, white is actually a black one, and Fat-Beautiful is actually the bad kite.
      Yeah ...

  9. Csabaxb said

    Adrian Gudus, an answer to my question can be. After 4 days. If we still write comments or ask something ?!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I personally use the Windows 10 firewall. You can install what you want. There are a lot of free firewall solutions that we've also presented here on the site.

  10. Csabaxb said

    Thank ptr. Answer.

  11. I bought the 2 license for Kaspersky now, and I had big problems with it, I was limiting my Internet band to more than half, I had absolutely no option / setting to let them stop doing it, I gave 4 emails to They and nobody answered me, the only solution was to get it out of my computer ....

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