Kdenlive free video editor for Windows and Linux

Kdenlive free video editor for Windows and Linux
One is a great video editor, developed on Linux, Kdenlive, which has now been ported on Windows, is a solid alternative to video editing programs on Windows.

Kdenlive a serious publisher

Do not you think of as a video editor Kdenlive childish, linear type, where you can not do much.
Kdenlive video editor is a very powerful type NLE (non linear editor), like Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas, absolutely Orie that you can edit video, audio, effects, transitions, green screen, etc.

What does NLE video editor

Non-linear editing or editing NLE is the method by which each can cut, modify, add anything in the timeline. Basically a NLE editor provides total freedom of making assembly.
NLE editors are thought of, in particular for digital content that can be mixed and modified in many ways.

Where did Kdenlive?

Kdenlive is a well-known and appreciated editor on Linux, which is about the most used video editor. To the delight of users of Windows, this year, Kdenlive is available on Windows, which can only make us happy.

Kdenlive and marketing?
Unfortunately Windows users do not know much about the Linux world, because there do not invest much in marketing. Kdenlive is 100% free, which may seem strange for a user of Windows that is common for good software to cost more.

Why should I use Kdenlive?

Video Editor Kdenlive is probably the best option for everyone. I say this because it consumes a lot of resources and is cross platform, that if tomorrow we move to Linux, you have to start over with a new learning video editing program.

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Kdenlive free video editor for Windows and Linux

Download Kdenlive and FFmpeg

Download icon Ico

Video Tutorial - Kdenlive Free Video Editor for Windows and Linux

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  1. Gabriel said

    I downloaded this application and we did exactly that folder KDEL tutorial but I have no executabil.Ma can help?

  2. Robert said

    Cristi I have a problem and I'm sorry to change the subject. A week ago I bought the laptop Lenovo Ideapad 710S Plus. Everything was perfect until I noticed a small, thin blue line on the screen pixel block. I took an eraser and applied some pressure in that area, and the problem disappeared, but reappeared the next day when I fixed a lafel. What do I recommend, to give it the guarantee (I guaranties from Depanero as it gave me a emag site), or wait to see if the problem corrects itself. Thing guaranteed is that there is a chance to not defend the blue line pixels

  3. Robert
    The problem will not be solved alone. Apply method with warranty; EMag is a serious business. Good luck.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. In the past I used Open Shot, linux version, but did not have too many editing functions. I do not know why I was not at peace with Kdenlive and I preferred Flowblade that is only on Linux. But now that I've remembered Kdenlive during this tutorial I will reinstall for some tests.
    Apopo, the video editor you use?

  5. T3rm! Nator said

    Info! / Needs / systems-bit operating x64
    : )

  6. Ovidiu said

    If I access the Kdenlive no application launches. How can I solve this problem?

  7. DaVinci Resolve is free. And in my opinion beats quietly PM. Sure, the learning curve is rather steep why not it rather too many.
    But worth it if you really need professional video editing.

  8. Florin said

    Yeah! Is good ! Transactions and effects ioc .. (I drove the pc crazy with effects searches and all the effects that are and I choose them all with the same effect, whatever you do comes out).! Sincerely, Mr. CRISTI! I like how you showed me how to use it, but for text effects and transactions, you dodged it too! Please don't be upset!

  9. Ioan Ionel said

    “This app can't run on your PC.
    To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher. ”

    This is how it occurs if I installed and reinstalled 100 times.
    Where is God wrong or what is happening?
    It's a shame to break this laptop just because I'm an idiot! But where do I go wrong?

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