Chrome App Launcher, Android software on Windows

Hi friends, today I will present the Chrome App Launcher, this is a launcher that houses and stand-alone applications, that besides the usual web services from Google (search, docs, drive, youtube, gmail).
Launcher is a word familiar to Android users, they certainly will understand immediately what is and how to use a launcher or launcher in Romanian language.
The advantage of this desktop launcher comes from the fact that you should not open your browser to make an appointment in the calendar for example, or you can make a list Market synchronized with your desktop and even without opening any browser.
A weather app can sit on the desktop all the time, even if the browser is closed. I showed and-n tutorial how to use WeatherBug application.
Soon we will definitely see most applications and games from Google Play Store on your desktop, this is a good thing especially if we think that lately the developers who were applications for the Windows platform have shifted to mobile platforms, where more won and where they can move much faster. Google offered these developers more options for monetization of labor through advertising and through fixed price on application.
We see that our policy has attracted more developer, that the chagrin of Microsoft. Let's see, maybe who knows, soon we will have us and we Vresse and a free Windows application store is crammed with Google Play Store and the AppStore of Apple.
Besides the visible advantages, Google definitely trying to prepare the world for Chrome OS, the operating system they want to push it increasingly harder to market.
If we think it is a good job implementing this launcher applications no longer have to stand all the time watching the phone, we can have all the applications that we already used on the desktop, they will sync to the cloud CPC and imlicit accounts on your smartphone / tablet.
From now desktop users who do not have smartphones can also use them so popular applications from Google Play Store.
Now the project is at the beginning, but in the end they all had a beginning… ..
Download Chrome and applications launcher he stockings


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  1. Sal, Cristi. I want to know if I was going to end Hackintosh project? Thank you

    • Of course, it continues the project but now were some technical stuff that had to deal.
      There are still details to be worked out and go back to your regular schedule.
      We try to make the site more quickly, especially as safer and more prepared for the future. We want to ensure compatibility with all platforms 100% and here I mean running some tutorials on iOS and Android devices oldest sites. On the Windows, MacOS and Linux there is no problem of compatibility.
      Get back to your question, I will soon resume Hackintosh series.

  2. Hello Cristi. the future will occur more laptops with chrome os? is a competitive operating system? I am the first to give up Windows.

    • If we think for a moment that when we find that most users are using cloud services, web and gaming. Very few users use desktop applications offline, those are mostly professionals who use control software, accounting, graphics and audio editing video.
      In this context I think ChromeOS will be a tremendous success, especially as it is free advantage that Windows does not have it.
      Applications have in google play store, google services is sufficient, and we go perfect browser. What else would you could want.
      In the next tutorial I will present an extraordinary technology that is right now on mobile and desktop but that no one uses. I will make you acquainted with her soon.

  3. Hey if you could do a tutorial on compilation because I have a server with insim LFS (cruise server) and I change his name but the name because I have written and do not know how to do
    If you can Thanks

  4. Anderson said

    Cristi, why did you quit Windows 8? Windows 7 it has exceeded a lot of applications you do not need (live messenger, movie maker, dvd maker, etc.) daia go a little harder when launching applications like Firefox that has a delay on an SSD Corsair GT approx. 2-3 sec, compared Widows 8-0.5 1 which sec. launches verse and many others eg 24.0 8 Windows Sidebar has installed extra performance to Win 7 is bound to be so hands shoved resources, 8 do not put dak NO. I have a PC with Windows 8 now flies responds instantly to commands and applications and that it is a i5 2500k's not to say É i5 4770k Haswel daia flies. Use Cristi 8 not a regret, instant everything, no I did not expect such a performance. Note Windows 10 8 +

  5. Excellent tutorial, but how do you put back in the taskbar launcher? I accidentally deleted after the update to Google Chrome. Thank you!

    • I solved!
      To repin the App Launcher to the taskbar click the Start menu> All programs> Google Chrome> hover over “Chrome App Launcher”> right click and click Pin to Taskbar.

  6. Hello, recently I updated the Chrome in Windows XP, and passed, then, all extensions were sour on the bar, they moved acolo.Cum can do to put back back ptr. Google said that people from some of the options, or click twice on the icon extension, nothing happens -not only opens extension .but I did not pricep.Este annoying that they can not see at any time and ptr. Their access must I click on that button right search bar (the button is located on the left-Customize and control Google Chrome). Thank you in advance !!!

  7. Cristi you kindly tell to me a site analogous to the application program or magisto (is phenomenal) ms in advance!

  8. hsnameless said

    And isn't this a copy of the app launcher in windows 8? When Microsoft does it, everyone is ... ”so? great thing! ”, when google does it is something“ WOW, did you see what they took from google? ” (one year after Microsoft)

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I say we're a bit more informal. When Chrome OS (operating system from Google) have fixed the same things you do in Windows Chrome now, nor had begun development for Windows 8

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