LG G3 review, super smartphone with good and bad

Hi friends, today is time for LG G3 verdict, super phone that test it for a week or so.
I came to some conclusions, some are good, unfortunately we have some less good news.
LG G3 we received for testing from evomag.roThat in this period had a very good offer for G3 LG tablet with LG to offer. If, however, this phone is more than your budget, you can take a look through the store Mobile Phones category where you will surely find something at a good price.
First impressions
Like any passionate user, when I first got my hands on the LG G3 I was enchanted, the beautiful screen, the metallic look finish, the "perfect" position in the palm of my hand. Of course this is the first impression, an emotion that all manufacturers want to use to reach the customer's pocket.
The contact with the software at the first setting was quite strange, windows with terms and conditions and other "guides" that seemed to delay my contact with the interface. On Nexus 4 everything was very simple, I entered the Google account, I connected the phone to wi-fi and that's it.
The first days with LG G3
In the first hours and days of use if you are enchanted, giant and super clear screen just does not cease to amaze you, that when you go inside as outside it's not so "gorgeous" anymore.
The first incident
The first time I dropped the phone (I hope Evomag not read), I had a big shock, first it was my phone and if you break it do not know what they happened, I had to look for a 2400-2700 lei.
I picked up the phone and noticed that there was nothing, a scratch on the back cover which fortunately has faded after a few rubs on cloth. I must say that I have not escaped the harsh concrete or asphalt, the phone has been dropped on the tiles in the house. It seems that the back cover is made of a soft plastic that is shaped like time.
A few days ago I noticed that the paint on the next volume buttons (back) started to Cojasca, this is not good at all, especially in that place there was no way to rub the table and not in your pocket with keys I kept. I think that the paint is peeling in contact with skin acidity while using the phone.
This international media pointed LG G3 quite positive, I will say that I think otherwise:
It is easy to operate in portrait mode.
It is more difficult to handle / easy escape in landscape mode (left-right margins too thin).
It is very hard to lift it off the table if the screen down.
You can not use it with one hand unless you have very, very large hands.
Knock Code worst messes up after a few days of use, you're standing is ok but when you move, for example when you go and want to put the code if it is not so ok.
Knock On is ok, if you have some free space on the home screen, if you have free space is harder to block phone with two tapuri on the top bar, even I realized that my blood came gesture that would be implemented on all phones. Tutus must specifically clear that this Knock Knock On and Code are possible by using a coprocessor functions that consume very little power, only SOC Snapdrogon 400 sites, 600, and 800 801 have it.
Hardware and Performance
LG G3 has power, we can not deny it, the problem is that it slows the phone interface and the services running in the background and you can not escape the profound changes than at the (root, custom rom, custom recovery).
The game moves perfectly, unfortunately when you want to switch from one application to another you hit the Optimus UI interface slows you.
Even if you use another launcher interface still remains scattered here and there over the phone and that's a slippery mud under his feet Snapdragon 801.
The Snapdragon SOC 801 is a champion, does not fit the discussion, do not bother with the daily chores, revs all the time only two of the four cores on a 20% capacity. Only when the case is also flex a little but most of the time sitting relaxed in a comfortable frequency.
For enthusiasts, the governor used on the LG G3 is "Interactive", compared to "Ondemand" which was the favorite until now.
Graphics Adreno 330 is incredible, 3DMark ran without problems framerate eye always comfortable (not too fell below 30 fps. Yet do not forget that 3DMark is not a game, it is a test application that is made to put distressed hardware, so in this mobile game has no problems at all.
Software and Functions
The LG G3 software is designed pretty well but not everywhere, in some places the interface is simplified and useful and in some places it is downright useless and even obtuse.
An example of unnecessary software part is the notification area is too crowded. Why keep always there togle some sites that are used rarely and not leave space for notifying email, sms, facebook. Basically sometimes you have to scroll to see your notifications, because the first time I let down the notifications only see togle's and sliders.
Of course there are many good parts implemented software such as:
The application of remote
Clip Tray (a kind of multi clipboard)
Uninstalling the app tray multiple applications
LG Health (count your steps)
Smart notifications do not interrupt your movie when the phone rings (a discrete notification at the top).
The keyboard comes with support for Romanian and can resize / customize as desired (made in collaboration with dev. Go Keyboard).
You already know that LG smartphone with G3 is best defined screen, it has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 or QHD (Quad HD), to understand everyone in LG's display G3 can enter four screens Galaxy S3 or Nexus4 (almost).
Despite the resolution, the screen is very good, can play extremely accurate colors (except reds) and shades. In Nexus vs LG G3 comparison 4 you'll see how well it performs this panel. The only weak point of this panel, besides the inevitable overheating is poor visibility in sunlight, again in strong sunlight. Below are two tests, in sunny and overcast sun.
Screen visibility in sunlight
Sun screen visibility in overcast
Here I was surprised when I opened the box and saw Beat headphones Quad 2, I said that these earphones must be good, unfortunately it was not, headphones are below average. If you replace some quality headphones is ok, I put a pair of headphones oldest and sound output was very good, we have high volume but it's ok.
Speaker phone. sounds really good especially on networks with HD Audio, often felt the need to leave the following volume. to hear something loud distortion in conversation but it is annoying.
Speaker is good, but the sound volume is not very well defined, lacking bass, that if we're good to think, could not be generated in a apatiu so small. HTC One M7 and resonance M8 have space for speakers, so it sounds so good. Should be specified as the LG G3 speaker sounds better and louder than the Samsung Galaxy S5, which probably has problems with hydrophobic membrane. Speaker's LG G3 hear even if it is covered 100% finger is incredible but true, not so good but hears sounds unusually loud. In conclusion I do not think you should worry regarding speaker.
Battery and Autonomy
The battery is made by LG and has almost 3000 mAh, it loads very quickly if used a 2000-3000 mAh charger, I think this is because LG uses special materials for anode materials hurry loading and discharge the battery in May gradual and deeper. The battery has the same force in it and 100% but the 10%. You will be surprised at 20% jump in 5% in 2 minutes.
Range tests were conducted over two days, the same tests were conducted.
The phone can:
In standby 267 hours or
Running local video 7.10 hours or
Running video on youtube 5.30 hours or
In gaming 4.20 hours or
On the internet (web) 5.20 hours
It should not be understood that the phone can run with all the above values. Example: If we watch movies for 3.5 hours, we only have about 2.1 hours of gaming time left. Any activity decreases from the portion of the other activities, you understand… only all use the same battery.
The above values ​​were obtained from 100% charged battery until the phone stopped.
During measurements all sensors have been started, including wi-fi, gps, bluetooth, sync accounts and mobile internet network.
Measured values ​​will be different.
Camera, Photo and Video
LG G3 can take pictures up to a resolution of 13 MP in 4/3 format or 10 MP in 16/9 format. Can film 4k, that means 3840 x 2160 (you have samples below), 1080p, 720p and even slow motion 720p (which is actually a 480p scaled to 720p), I have no clear evidence but I have eyes that do not deceive me, marketing this….
The picture quality is good in 4K and 1080p which is a bit soft (probably applies a scaling formula below which works perfectly) 4K is clear and well defined, the only time we see Artefice are times when moving quickly from room it appears in another, then there is the effect of rolling Shuter
LG G3 rolling Shuter
It's better not shoot the left or right if you go by car.
Secondary camera is also pretty good for self, especially Beauty Filter function which can make your face smoother, you remove pimples or beard.
All front camera comes with an ace up his sleeve in darker environments can crop the image and the edge appears only a very light frame alra or pink, that you place the flash and it does its job incredibly well, to see a self as pseudo flash.
The camera on the back is very good, if you have more support from the software layer was perfect. Even so the results are good, very well detailed pictures when enough light. In dark places excellent optical stabilization implemented (See the tutorial how it works) help a lot, that's because the phone can use a shutter speed very low without waking up with blurred photos.
Flash, that the lights do their job but not very good, it looks like the smartphone flash is still not taken seriously, it is not synchronized properly and often overlap overexpose the subject.
The focusing is unexpectedly good, the house had an older compact camera and I compared the LG G3 auto focus and I was surprised with the new LG G3 by laser focusing system is very efficient.
Laser auto focus system is like a phase detection system on DSLR simplified this laser is used to measure the distance to the subject. It must be said that the laser was not doing the job yourself, is helped by contrast detection focusing system in some cases, for example when you focus manually tap on the screen using contrast detection. This system was first used on a prototype developed by LG vacuum cleaner which eventually made it to the market but it seems that this focusing system was useful after all (what good is the research and development).
One very important thing that many of those who did reviews for this phone have overlooked is the possibility to pull focus that goes hand in hand with measuring spot, not stuff past the spec sheet. Even if it is a manual focus however is something extremely useful especially for those who are shooting more and shooting a few frames LG G3 as a chamber B (from another angle). Pull focus allows you to move the focus from a nearby object farthest one.

Pluses LG G3
Excellent display with good dynamic range and natural colors.
Nice design and more comfortable than other devices similar.
Keyboard Romanian language that can be resized.
Camera and fast focusing system
Lighting and front camera (somewhat)

Minuses LG G3
Loss cellular signal in areas poorly covered
Ergonomics weak in some situations
Interface device that dampens
Notification area too crowded

There are many things I like about LG G3 and some that I can not move. 3G and 2G signal in my area is OK on any other phone, I can not say it is very good but not bad, the Nexus 4 I never had problems. With LG G3 I lost signal several times and was not something isolated because I went in the car and checked with both phones in different areas, Nexus 4 had no problems when LG G3 losing signal. be the phone that I have received damaged, do not know!
Besides everything I listed above is a feeling of fragility. Do not get me wrong, the phone SCART and not bend much, but just does not inspire safety. You think its a different one moment to drop it down and make pieces-pieces. However, it is a mobile phone, you should not be so fearful a design be? I may be paranoid? who knows!

Samples VIDEO
Reduction function facial imperfections
LG G3 1080 video, low light
LG G3 4K in low light
LG G3 visibility in outdoor video display
Test video LG G3 4K, Auto Exposure from sun to shade
Test video LG G3 4k, pull close focus and spot metering Auto Exposure
Test video LG G3 4k, pull focus away
Test video LG G3 4K, spider table (video details)
LG G3 outdoor display visibility in sunlight 13 time: 00
LG G3 gaming Riptide test GP2
Nexus vs LG G3 4 display quality
LG G3 benchmark tests (60 fps)
LG G3 4K, optical stabilization in action

Photo Samples

It is an archive with original pictures on Google Drive, download them, unzip them and look at them quietly.
Prices LG G3

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  1. Razvan S. said

    You can customize the notifications you want! You can do much more simplistic.

    • It's not about aliminarea togle sites or sliders. Those who could inspire LG Android right from classic, to be separated with the tools of the notifications. Too little space, that despite the large screen.
      Nexus notification area is much cleaner, I had to leave it.

    • Hello everyone,
      I own and 32 gb model and his problem so far is that in 3 weeks since we've closed one of 6 times.
      You have no idea why.
      Thank you

      • Happened to me because of the sim card is not good contact. Then I thought it was an isolated thing that I just met you. Unfortunately it seems that LG is a mobile G3 few serious problems.

        • Calin Gheorghiu said

          I have lg g3 Dedo days. On the first day worked perfectly. The next day they appeared to send and receive sms problems. This signal is given that can call and be called.

  2. Cristi, I think this is your best presentation ever! It seems that you have worked hard to reach this quality! Bravo and good luck in the future!

  3. Thanks ptr tutorial, very good presentation!
    Cristi, please tell me of your information,
    worth to buy my oppo find 7?
    … However I'm not sure what to choose because I've seen more
    many interesting models… you can also give me a recommendation
    up to 450 euros?… Thank you!

  4. ALEXANDRU said

    Today's review was super.Continua do such phones reviews and I think I succeed! PS: try to do reviews and competing phones like the HTC m8 and s5 but xperia z2.

  5. super_foarte detail really so much work Z_dupa A to have the nerve to ask him back, this model can jump to take the cafteala with S4. LG phones have always had pretty good but small memory and I noticed that all the models had were very good 9 Cortex

  6. thanks for the presentation. you don't even know what to buy… I also have problems with the lg nexus 5 with the signal. on orange I have the card. on the other networks I don't know. I hope it is from orange the problem with their antennas.
    my next phone will not be lg. I'll try htc or sony. would be good to do a test on one of these.

  7. Vladutz said

    But lg g2 worth? you chose its price .. what about? I intend to buy it ..

  8. conclusion is that if you stay any phone to test etc etc has pluses and minuses. so no phone is perfect no matter what brand it is or if it's expensive or not. And if you find a sponsor to make calls to test all hope in the future to give me more to test to get an opinion as to get that spot is hard to decide or what some others say. and make and test models affordible prices. and ex windous versus android tablets.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      That is a perfect smartphone from all points of view, there is!
      Important to a smartphone is to score well in the chapters that interest you.
      For example I'm not really interested in the camera, I do not care how good filming / shooting because I did not murder took pictures using the phone, not even a dedicated camera
      I am primarily interested in the software to be very well optimized, can be used as hardware, to move well be Fasnet be a popular device in the Android enthusiast community. To have a wide range of custom ROMs, kernels have internal storage to a minimum 8 GB for as we know, as the internal memory is larger, the fit more applications

      • After this me and I forget about Adrian. that I do not kill myself after pictures rare pictures. but it's so hard to choose a phone or tablet today not only know it's ok to contact primu or not. but in time. and plus not all have the money to take last appearances phones or tablets. most give maximum lei curse of 500 800 either phone or tablet

  9. Hi… you are incredibly good in reviews and tutorials… thanks for. this is the question:
    is the big difference between g3 of (16gb) 2gb ram vs (32gb) 3gb ram? in tests on YouTube I saw that the 3gb one sits on the side of the S5 and over all the rest… I ask you, as if I was still going on a g3… now I have an S4 and I want to get something else… with more screen big… like notes 3 looks a bit huge… thanks

    • I do not think it takes 3 GB of RAM, especially when the nuclei of Snapdragon run so fast. More ram will not help with anything in the case of LG G3 can only benchmarks, otherwise 2gb enough.

  10. ahhh… I forgot… about the lag didn't you mention… how is it? does something slow him down?

  11. Anderson said

    Hi, good review LG G3 best smartphone on the market, beating S5 site with all their AMOLED and their 16 megapixel camera that has a background of tempt her pink straw or take pictures of good quality or not? LG G3 uses a sensor from SONY high quality, Daia quality beats Samsung, because they always remove devices in a hurry, like they did with the tablet 2014 Notes (a 6 Shift Pattern). LG I like that put soul who designed handset, test it out for 10 times after update, etc..
    Related Cristi normal signal, if the Orange's long distance, you want to have maximum signal? Even if you want, however they are made so that only radiate man Daia is signal fluctuations, it's not the phone, but it made him the guys from LG.
    Part of headphones, I say to use PowerAMP of PlayStore and see there sound, classic player always like Android will be heard. I one I happened to Samsung, I do not want to hear them (head of Samsung tells me he sold televisions and phones, tablets, scratched from clients and that they were satisfied). To me, LG and Sony will be manufacturers of high quality, Cristi'll see along the way that Sony, they will face from other manufacturers slowly. SONY the best.

    • Greuceanu said

      Bai brother, my father let me best pictures from G3, S5 take pictures of day better than almost any capitol.In lowlight G3 yes, G3 peste.Senzorii size is less than Sony's some dirt, out detailed pictures but image noise accentuat.Eu have a compact Sony (HX20) a compact with a claim, but the photo 18Mpx out many chapters weaker than my current smartphone, Notes 3 to 13Mpx.
      The only model that takes overall better photos than the S5 remains the "old" Lumia 1020. Otherwise, any other phone has a weaker camera overall than the S5. I tested what I say on a professional calibrated monitor, 27 ″, DELL Ultra Sharp U2713H.
      LG G3 is a potent cell with certain qualities, and shortcomings observed crystal excellent review.
      I honestly had slightly higher expectations from G3's display, but comparing it to display the Notes 3, it seems only a very small improvement, not a major, not to say that direct sunlight Note 3- is clearly superior.
      And believe me, the signal is a real problem if all G3 models tested behaves like the review.

      • Anderson said

        Okay, brother use Note 3 or whatever you want S5, I'm the only one I'm a Samsung fan since with the walks on the road Service-Home, Home-Service, lost time for what… ..? Not Dad, Samsung is just what it was, it's made to take the eyes of the world "ooo alas what colors it has, you're ready to take it" not Dad, not like that. White on G3 is much lighter than on S5 which is WHITE-yellow, it is NOT WHITE either, WHITE means to be like an A4 sheet of white paper brother. However, smartphones are not for pictures of ZOOM to see at a distance, at least SONY Z2 has at least 18 ~ 20 MPX. However, Samsung has a very cumbersome interface, even 3GB of RAM is not enough for it (Note3). Now everyone according to tastes, I choose SONY or LG, the next purchase will be from SONY, what else to choose… Huawei? AllView? E-Boda ?. Note 3 is a good phone, but the plastic leaves much to be desired, its construction is weak.

        • Greuceanu said

          Note 3 anyway is overall a better solution than any model Sony has added software that whatever's going absolutely flawless interface without a trace of lag, so stop babbling that besides talking.
          I wish to inform you that the display of S5 was declared the best on a smartphone, unless you consider the resolution, which is smaller than the rest G3.In perfect contrast, white balance, color reproduction and perfect reading f . better in sunlight (like 3 notes) are some certainties in S5.
          LG's display resolution G3 outside has some drawbacks compared to other chapters S5.

          • Anderson said

            Okay sir take what you want, I go on SONY because they are of good quality, you stay with Samsung, like anyway the screen is his, like the rest, it does everything SONY and HTC and Huawei do and what you want . I really ask you to get them a tablet from that Samsung Note 2014 to see if it suits you how you receive it in a package directly from the warehouse and after we talk. Daia everyone runs away from SONY, well what I take for all the unskilled "aaa do not take Mr. SONY because it starts and sounds alone, it closes itself -> only aberrations".

  12. laurentiu said

    cristi day please me, I took a g3 and seems much lower compared to a g2 autonomy. it be the battery? g2 which I have had in the past was much higher in the battery. in normal use, reaches 3 days. the g3, get barely half a day. what happens? look forward to Reply

    • I have not tested G2 G3 but logic tells us that there is no way to have a good autonomy.
      LG G3 has card slot (card-consuming mounted)
      LG G3's larger screen and diagonal and resolution screen that uses a new manufacturing process (we tried time).
      LG G3 using silicon anode battery, G3 not know exactly.
      Probably the human factor plays an important role Probably the more you scrub that is new, something that already G2 not do it because you were already used to it.

  13. eusuntombun said

    Why not study the reviews and call quality? I think it is very important for a phone. From experience I know that are very advanced phones that give a pathetic quality to call. Often think that the basic function of the phone it is.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We study everything just as our video tutorials also contain text?
      Why do you think that more text above posters and tutorials? The only way to be there? If you read the text above tutorial you learned and information about quality, call clarity.
      The full article contains text, video and comments. If you just watch the video, it is strictly your problem, you lose, not us!
      As proof of lost information that interest you.

  14. Octavian said

    There will be all kinds of mobiles, but I still like what nexus 4 I like, it works very well on android 4.3 and don't switch to new versions of android because it's not worth it poate .. maybe in 8-10 years I'll take everything a nexus 4 to have the same shape of the case only to be changed a new model of processor and very good not to heat this phone a little heats up when using a game…. but otherwise I'm not even going to get another mobile…

  15. Hello! I bought myself an LG G 3 and I have the same problem with signal loss! Tell to me please how you solved problema.Mersi!

  16. decebal12345 said

    I saw on XDA that some have changed the screen resolution in one HD and they say that they had a longer lasting battery life (I put the link but do not know if allowed). What do you think?
    Probably some would say that high resolution is one of the reasons why you buy the phone, but I'm more interested in "holding" the battery in this phone than its resolution.
    Thank you.

  17. Zambarel said

    Hello Cristi! Interesting tutorial!
    But what do you think about this smartphone? http://www.emag.ro/telefon-mobil-karbonn-a5s-dual-sim-white-a5s-white/pd/D82LLBBBM/ I like the design on it.
    But I've seen one more interesting http://www.emag.ro/telefon-mobil-allview-a5-smiley-dual-sim-white-a5-smiley-w/pd/DRBXCBBBM/ but do not really like the design, but it is better.
    You that I recommend it?
    An evening meal!

  18. Interesting dilemma tutorial.Sunt I want to buy my phone in October-november and decided not to take the phone-lg-or galaxy g3 s5 if you can help me with a nice thank you think

  19. If there is on sale in the uk, take your oneplus one. E superb phone. I usually have some time, I do not need anything else.

  20. I want to change my phone and do not know what to choose.
    Of Lg G3 and Samsung S5 what I Recomdat?

  21. Domokos zsolt said

    So I have been aiming for a few days… A personal opinion would be that it works perfectly without problems… The only thing is that if something demanding runs it heats up in the back right at the close button… Otherwise everything goes perfectly

  22. Mahu Marius Ciprian said

    You say shit about it g3 lg phone d855 I'm ft pleased with him and I would not give this phone in hand on a s5 or iphone k 6 so keep those 10% of dislike for tn k of everything you vb akl cam 10% you ruined the rest 90% have said good things about it is really okay phone without any problem

    • A complete review ..congratulations !! I also bought a new LG G3 D855 a few days ago and I want to say that I am very happy with it as well as Marius. It works excellently, the battery charges quickly and discharges in a day or a day in normal use, ie talking, internet, youtube, video…. I will not give percentages… so I did not take into account how many hours each. It doesn't heat up unless I forge it, but I understand it's normal. Most phones have this problem… .do not refer to Samsung. He has a signal problem in an area where orange is a weaker signal at all. I want to say that I had a Sony Z1 which in that area had between 1-2 lines permanently. Someone around here said that if I took a bumper, the signal could be solved. It's still a very good phone… I like it.

  23. a professional presentation and (almost) complete phone.
    thank you.

    • Thank you.
      Following this review I renewed collection of enemies (important people).
      Nobody talked about the problem with the signal strength, which is quite serious in areas with medium and low coverage.

      • Did you use a phone for defect review, LG G3 is a great phone in every way!

      • I said something about the signal, Mr. Cristy ..I even exemplified that I have this problem with the signal in an area with almost no signal in the orange network. I don't know how it behaves in other networks because I haven't tried it yet but I used a… let's call it ..passive antenna- cell antenna- which I glued under the battery and I find that in that area I have at least one dash signal from the phase of not having at all. I understand that the people from Lg have built these phones so that they do not have too high a level of radiation for humans and for this reason they do not have such a good signal in areas less covered by mobile networks… in my case orange .

  24. Florentina said

    I wanted to buy myself my phone, now honestly I'm not so convinced.

  25. Hello ,
    Can you tell me how to configure mail address on tel. LG G3 so I can receive mail immediately. Now they receive after a few minutes .. In phone settings we found only actuatizare to 5min, not automatic ..

    • What you want is called Push Email. This feature is available on gmail or a server + client exchange. If the email is from a classic server, you can't have "push".
      An alternative is to move your email from the server to gmail (with pay), and then you have push email and normal (host).

  26. Hello!
    I read the review on your site and I can say it's ok you said about e lg g3! including the problem of extinction or fluctuation of signal! I checked and before the kitkat and after I put the lollipop!
    Can anyone tell us where does this matter? lg can read what people say to their buyers ..

  27. I own a G3-D855 and honestly I am very happy with it and in terms of signal, it never happened to me that my signal fell while talking (orange), indeed the signal lines still decrease but even on iPhone 6 Plus, 5S, etc .. For Samsung, I think I will never touch myself again, I am a more pretentious person and compared to the cheap plastic and the aluminum attempt on the s5, I had no problems with lag or "overload" with LG G3

  28. Hello, a friend has LG G2 and told me I had to change the battery from the phone because the battery's not you at all, is it possible for this to happen and LG G3?

    • Daniel said

      Yes… But this is due to the customer… I also had this problem with an LG (older model) and a Samsung S3

    • Daniel said

      Hello. Owning a LG G3 and want to know if the battery should be formatted? And if so how can repair the fault if the battery has not been formatted? Thank you in advance.

    • YES ! ! ! . I'm not even into 5 minutes?! .

  29. Georgia said

    I bought my LG G 3 S.
    It's ok but the camera is awful. I have nowhere to look for colors. Contrast. Etc. or haven't I found these functions yet? The pictures are awful. No colors. I feel like washing ate How do I fix this? Or is it a problem?

  30. Radu Rogojan said

    I purchased a mini lg g3 or drunk or was that I do not know which is the correct term :) I subscribe to vodafone phone is free. The problem is that if you come out of the big cities, I find it very hard to talk to someone. Lose signal large group, call someone and make a noise when responding to that in helmet and must not hear anything close. I took a palette and classic phone call is heard throughout all too well and out of cities. Would not that be great signal loss problem or have your problem? Mention that the internet works quite ok. Waiting for a suggestion or an answer. I saw that you wrote that lose signal in weak areas covered. Is it small and so on to be?

    • I got the same problem as I only orange subscription. I first thought that the culprit is the sim card I changed it but I have the same difficulty with semnalul.Nu know what to think outside of this is a phone that I really like and are happy with any idea el.Aveti LG G4 are the same problems?

  31. Silviu G3 said

    Hi, I read a lot of opinions about g3 but I didn't find out about the fact that the device is practically "hot". I obs. when e.g. I play on it (say 1-2 hours) it gets very hot or when I use waze I often see on the display the message that the phone will stop due to overheating, which I think is not normal. You could do a tutorial on whether it is overheating or what would be the cause, otherwise I am very happy with it.

  32. maria reperuc said

    I got a LG G3 few months, nothing is better if you let the phone signal when your baby's world (I mean that the city did not signal what to say other areas)

  33. Hi, I have a huge problem with the phone, the LG g3. Itself off if I want to call somebody close if texting closes, come on Facebook closes if someone calls me and I want to answer closes. I want to know if I have problems just like this. If you know of that because this happens please tell me what to do with him.

  34. Howdy. Does anyone problems. Signal although I can not call someone and suddenly closes or when I call her appeal says that he's busy and although I do not speak network is full? Help. a tip something. thank you !

  35. Hi, I have a problem which can not give head no matter what I incercat.scriu here hoping that someone could help me and thanks in advance for that! I have a g3 LG LTE model F460 or received, installed coreeana.ARE market kat.am kit 4.4.4 android tried to upgrade it to LG lollipop through both proprietary programs, but we did everything goes to a certain point after which invariably gives me error, specifically when installing updates ului.mentionez device is recognized, I worked and USB debugging without rezultat.Ce can do anyway?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Korean models generally have a hardware different from the Europe / US
      All you can do is wait for the OTA update from the manufacturer

  36. not so :(

  37. The phone is in good proportion of 99% major problem is the signal. In an LTE network automatically (even if you do not use date) ramaii no signal even outdoor. I only use it in GSM to have full signal and when I go in LTE data and then open the data disturbed. Although there's no one to fix this? Waiting message here ms anticipated.

  38. Hello please can you tell me more, is the best of LG g3 Asus zenphone 2 and one plus one.? Thank you very much.

  39. Catalin Porojan said

    Hello. Please allow me to disagree in some respects. You tested the phone a few days and I use it every day for a year. After all this time I'm still very pleased with it. And believe me I used extensively. At first he despairs. The software problems. That even made some 3-4 updates and went to Lollipop. Then it was perfect. On the issue of signal I've been there myself. I did not even signal to 2 km outside the city. It proved to be insensitive because Vodafone. Network not ever want to hear. I took the signal fell DIGI not even once. And that fixed in the same areas where the others (do not even deserve to spell them) had no signal for more than hour 2 3-24. That condition is not telefonu pocket. Otherwise only good things about the phone. Too bad not to go in 38 channel may have 4g and Digi. But who knows. Can Solve. As the phone that I'm not going to quit. It is extraordinarily good. And most importantly at least for me, it is not manufactured in China.

  40. I have a problem with an LG g3 phone, it doesn't want to install anything anymore… it closes if I try to install something ... does the dog know how I could solve the problem ??

  41. hello, I have a phone lg g3 16 gb CAN call someone and pick up the phone to talk to the screen turns off, talk to him at all, but I can not make him light up while talking, no matter what button I press only after the person I talk to worship (which I can not do) and can walk on el.Stiti somehow what happens to him is the setting or trouble?

  42. constantin said

    Hi I have a lg g3 who makes himself restart bring closes and opens itself than trying times. Descdid to an application that does not matter even if you answer the call. The battery is ful it closes and starts .We if anybody knows you have to make them no longer have this problem?

  43. tel.LG G3 F400 you did not find GPS satellite What can I do?

  44. burtea Ionut said

    Hello, if I have full signal with other phones, this phone will not have problems? (I suspect not but want to be sure)

  45. Hi I have a lg g3 and I do not read the card what to do when he put the card in sations and lights and stands and a few momende and over again

  46. Florin Mitria said

    Hello. If someone can help me .. please very much! I have an onda v891 tablet bought from aliexpress and it's dual boot. That is, windows 10 and remix os. At the update windows it does not work, that is, it reaches 69% and starts again from 63%. please help. Can I get my Windows 10 system running?

  47. cineva.am help me and me a call LG G3 when the sound drops Why is it so?

  48. Adrian Gudus said

    See Settings, Gestures or Gestures section and uncheck the Fade out ringtone. This option slows down the call when the phone senses that you have picked it up from a surface. Basically he realizes that you noticed the call and no longer "screams" loudly like a grab. Useful in the late hours, so as not to disturb the people around you


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