Windows 10 license original to 25 lei.

Windows 10 license original to 25 lei
Windows 10 license original to 25 lei

Original legal Windows license at a low price - goodbye pirated OS

Ever since Windows came out, it has been hard hacked. That's because of the rather high price and poverty.

Now, with this ridiculous price of only 25 of lei, you have to be completely unconscious to install another pirated Windows.

Why is Windows 10 so cheap, and the retail version is so cheap.

Windows 10 should be given for free from my point of view. There is no point in trying to squeeze customers to the maximum; Better free and have everyone open the updates, than pirated systems, from which data is hard to collect.

The truth is another, Microsoft feels the current in the neck.

If you ask the officials, you will hear a lot of diplomatic words that mean nothing. The truth is, Microsoft wants its operating system to be used by as many users.

Microsima software is the new operating systems with cavalcade of services and solid ecosystems, which threatens its position even on the desktop.

Things are changing right under our eyes.

Microsoft is no longer relying on software or hardware sales. Services and AI (artificial intelligence) are the future, and they look to the future.

This is exactly the Google model. Goagăl is not interested in selling the operating system, it is free, and only the services running on the operating system. Just like Google doesn't give a house for free, it doesn't charge us rent, but we have to buy electricity, water, movies, music, air from it…

The operating systems will disappear.

Not too long ago the operating systems will disappear in the background, and then it will no longer matter what system you have, but which services you pay subscription.

The processing power moves online. Even the games will be played using the data center processing power (cloud).

Hardware will be the only differentiation criterion, I mean the screen on the keyboard, etc. Otherwise the PC, the phone, the tablet, will become exclusively terminals, which will no longer work without the cloud.

Where to download Windows 10 officially:


Windows DO NOT download (download the tool now)


Where do I buy the Windows 10 PRO Retail license for 25 lei?


Windows 10 Professional Retail KEY (25 lei)


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  1. Post from the link that put it there:
    "I do not recommend, I bought 2 licenses for the company I work for. I received the activation codes shortly but when I wanted to license the related stations it didn't work. I called Microsoft and spoke with an operator who explained to me that there are no genuine licenses sold by any Microsoft partner and they should not exist on the market. These licenses are intended for students or for certain non-profit associations, however their activation is for a limited period (eg for students 4 years), you will find that you take something that will expire maybe in 1 year or in a month! There is NO such thing, wake up people !!! EMAG does not assume anything and it is a shame that they allow the collaborating companies to degrade the good image made in so many years… ”
    “The license you will receive is not actually Microsoft Windows 10 PRO, RETAIL, 32/64 bit; is in the category for students, this type of license can be purchased at universities / schools that have a contract with Microsoft and is not for resale. The key is valid, it may not be usable at some point. Microsoft issues license keys in a student program called Dreamspark, which cannot be sold individually, so it is illegal to sell and use this product. "

  2. Yes, Cristi. Unfortunately, Vasile is right. I also bought one and it appears as "Volume_MAK". So nu .not Retail as it was written on the site, not even OEM. I mention that I bought a RETAIL one. No comment.

  3. I bought a license for Malwarebytes on Ebay and after a new installation of windows did not go to introduce that license

  4. It's ok, I bought last year with 10 eur, now it has taken office 2019 pro, everything goes fine with microsoft account included

  5. I can't even use the license.
    I also called the phone number for support, the answer was that the license can't work because the existing copy is pirated and in order to work, I would have to download a new version to install it again. Rather than start over with the software installations and their settings, I'd rather miss them…
    However, I doubt that this would be the explanation for the fact that the license cannot be used.

  6. View Product said

    A video material about this phenomenon with licenses stolen and sold not by emag, but by emag partners.
    Chances are that those licenses will be deactivated after a while, you may be lucky and receive others if you call the seller… or you may not receive them. Anyway, even if the windows are not activated, it goes in the normal parameters, you can't change the wallpaper and a message appears that it is not activated, otherwise that's about it.

  7. As you wrote the article, emag raised it to 30 lei. We live in RO

  8. These are phantom licenses and obviously not reliable. Stop promoting fake news. The only real licenses are the ones that come in the box, sealed. Those cost hundreds of lei.

  9. Adrian Gudus said

    For the pots and pans. I purchased such a RETAIL license and after activation it is also RETAIL.
    If you have problems do not call microsoft but the company or eMAG partner you bought it from. Within the eMAG application, it gives you all the information about the respective partner who sold you the license (registration number, address, telephone number, e-mail address)
    The purchased license, in my case, has 12 months warranty and I gave 35 lei. I misplaced it in the first phase and got in touch with them. They offered to assist me technically via remote and they told me that if they cannot solve me, they will give me another one at no extra cost. In the meantime, I realized the mistake and solved it myself.
    To give 29 lei on a license and then to get the microsoft and ask for support I say is absurd.
    The first time you call the one you bought it from. It is logical and deductible that somewhere, something is gray. To give 29 lei and ask for license applications that normally cost 600-800 lei, again seems absurd to me. We understand to be so turned on and upset if you paid her somewhere at 200-300 lei but when you don't give her even two packs of cigarettes, it seems to me you have too many demands. What did you lost? You don't smoke a day anymore, do you?
    And if you only keep 4 or 6 months, for what it cost, in my opinion, I'm very pleased.
    Someone with the company bought it from the same seller on the eMAG from whom I bought it. Following the controls by the authorities, he had no problem. The authorities do not have to present the license, the key but only the purchase invoice that is perfectly valid.
    My recommendation, if you take such licenses and want to use them, do not use them over the Windows that you have now installed, maybe it is cracked, preactivated, modified and from here all sorts of problems arise.
    You go nice on the official microsoft website and download a clean ISO image (it's all legal) in what language do you want, on 32 or 64 bits, install it beautifully on the clean (formatting partition C you have Windows enabled with movement) ) and only then activate with the purchased license.
    I have a laptop with Window 10 Home on 64 bits with OEM license (came with Window preinstalled) and I used the purchased key from eMAG to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro 64 bits. Everything worked very well and now when I right-click on This PC, it writes me nice Window 10 Pro, it is activated, it makes its updates smoothly through Window Updates

  10. Adrian Gudus said

    Purchasing a license from a third party and getting your neck and neck to Microsoft's is like taking a car boiler at 7's hand and going to panic to the ones at your office or service. the manufacturer of the car. They didn't sell it to you in a bad or troubled way, they sold it to a third party.

  11. I buy from ebay Italy 2,3, up to 10 euro all licenses go retail.

  12. Adrian: I agree with you. But I didn't say I called Microsoft. It's just that it looks ok, like Windows licensed, and that when writing the "slmgr -dli" command, "Volume_MAK" appears to me. And that about a month ago, before Cristi's tutorial. It's not a bath, it's not the end of the world, no one dies, but as an idea. In the future, when I buy more, I will check IMMEDIATELY then I call the seller and show him his cheek. (you know very well what “Volume_MAK” means)…

  13. And one more thing: when you sell a RETAIL product and the customer receives a “Volume_MAK”… Here it bothers me. Why sell it as RETAIL? What's this called? Otherwise problem no problem, I'm the heavenly hand anyway. Good luck still.

  14. As I predicted a few years ago here and I did not believe that smartphone users will surpass PC users, so will the current windows, becoming what we now call the phone in the future a device in which we will it also had "windows" but also all personal carrier accounts on a mobile basis. I will not go into details, for more information….

  15. Adrian Guduş said

    IONUT do not know from whom you bought but, as I have, everything is fine with me. 35 lei, 12 months warranty, retail license. Here's the proof:
    I bought from LICENSE HUB SRL

  16. Hello. If you send me an email then I will send you a document from Microsoft regarding these licenses. You can also add it to the page.

  17. I bought in April the license also from the e-mag with 130 lei windows 10 home retail, I had to change the motherboard with a new one and the windos activation code did not work again and I bought another license from another company all windows 10 home and I have already installed 3 or the wind and I see that the license goes, I think there are firm companies on the emag with the sale of licenses.

  18. I don't understand a thing! , RETAIL, 10/22 bit, All Languages, Electronic License ”… .can anyone give me an explanation in this regard?

  19. Adrian Gudus said

    Daniel, an explanation as to what? There are simply various companies on eMAG that sell licenses and each one chooses to sell them at a price. Everyone sells as much as he wants. If all were to sell at the same price, where would your competition and advantage be as a customer?
    Since I sell them so much and where they have them, it really doesn't concern me and I don't care as long as I, as I said in the comments above, I have no problem and do not pay a very high price.

  20. That's what Adrian understood! What I didn't understand is, why the same company sells exactly the same license (at least from the description) at a different price. For example I bought a license from sky online with 22 lei and all sky online was selling (all at that time), at least theoretically, the same license with 35,70 on eMAG.

  21. I downloaded the win 10 at first, it was free.I installed it on several .... It goes on all. By the laptop I am on now it shows me EXACTLY THE SAME AS YOU
    what does "RETAIL chanel" mean ???
    it's the same as mine
    Installed after a stick on several PCs, laptop… works without problems.
    How do you explain that?
    Is it worth taking another Win 10 to 25 lei, after the comments above?
    Aren't they all crack?

  22. I also have a question, is it ok to use Windows 10 not activated? I downloaded it from the Microsoft site but I do not have the original license money.

  23. “Buying a license from a third party and making a throat and a panorama for Microsoft is like taking a 7-second car boiler and going to make a panorama for your dealership. car manufacturer service. They didn't sell it to you, broken or in trouble, a third party sold it to you. ”

    An analogy of two pennies. We compare the second-hand car (hardware), which can be worn physically with software, which can only be worn, at most, morally. That, one hand. Second, the man bought the license, "new," not as a second-hand product. If I go to the BMW dealership and buy a new car for 10000 euros, as the dealer wants, I can always make a fuss at the BMW factories, if the car refuses to start or goes wrong. That's why there is a guarantee.

    And also regarding the price. In your opinion, if a fake lache cheated me with 25 of lei is in order, because it is not a large amount? What is the limit amount with which I can accept being deceived without rebelling?

  24. What happens is the next thing. Those people are selling you illegal licenses for a sum. You buy them but you are not legal. The illegality is that it violates Microsoft's terms of use, which clearly states that those bulk licenses cannot be marketed or used outside the company for which they were issued.

    Microsoft does not make Christmas discounts or black friday, but sells Windows 10 with a license starting somewhere around 600 lei for the home version and 1100 for the pro version (see the exact prices on Anything you buy below this value is illegal. There are still OEM licenses, but those are not legal, because if you already bought them retail, it means that Microsoft's terms and conditions have been violated, those being sold by Microsoft at discounted prices to computer manufacturers or companies that assemble computers (service- and are intended to be sold only with a new computer (or refurbished / renewed), but they still sell them as OEM licenses, as I said in violation of Microsoft's terms.

  25. Constantin Baiculescu said

    Cristian Cismaru as well as Adrian Gudus thank you for the relevant information. I follow you both on Youtube, which gives me great pleasure to sell / study what interests me.
    I would be glad to make a Conjuration / Brotherhood to create our own Browser so that we can no longer be manipulated by the evil Entities in the future. And you Cristi did not answer my question with Google Photos, I can uninstall it , but what I suggest to choose.
    Hi Cristi, I am Costi, and it remains to come with a new tutorial. We only hear well.

  26. cristian said

    Cristian, there is no such thing anymore, I tried.

  27. Hello,
    Of course, those cheap licenses sold at the "corner of the store" are fake. Think that if someone sold you a key to apartment X on X Street, that apartment would become your property? NOT!
    You buy a keie, do not buy a right to own / use the Windows license!

  28. That's it ... the trick is over!
    You can delete the article. 😀

  29. I took one from, I called Microsoft and it's ok, and I only gave 99 lei.

  30. I got 2 licenses from with 99 lei each and I also have a guarantee, they were added to the Microsoft account.

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