Phone Speed ​​Limiter for Google Maps - anti-fines -

Phone Speed ​​Limiter for Google Maps

Phone Speed ​​Limiter for Google Maps

Phone Speed ​​Limiter for Google Maps

Nowadays, when fines for breaking speed limits are so high, we need to pay attention to breaking the speed limit.
There are speed limiters and cruise control systems on some cars, but these systems do not know the speed limits on certain road sections.

Speed ​​fines are very high.

To overcome the speed limit, the fines are:
10-20 Km / h = between 300 and 600 lei
20-30 Km / h = between 600 and 900 lei
30-40 Km / h = Between 900 and 1200 lei
40-50 Km / h = between 1300 and 3000 lei

I'm not saying that you can lose your license too…

Cruise control does not help.

A cruise control car can keep your speed at a certain value for the driver's comfort, but knows how to meet the speed limits on certain roads.

There are cars that are smart and can respect the limitations.

Unfortunately, cars capable of meeting road speed limitation are rather expensive and can not reach everyone tomorrow.

Dedicated GPS navigation systems cost.

Dedicated GPS devices have warnings about speed limits on certain road sections, but they cost.

Velociraptor, the free application that helps us to go within limits.

Because man, no matter how benevolent, forgets when he passes from one speed limit to another; And that's where the organs are…

The Velociraptor application is free, is in the play store and has a very smart way of working. It appears in a superimposed window over navigation applications. For example, when launching Google Maps, Velociraptor appears overlapped. When we close Google Maps and Velociraptor disappears.

Advantages velociraptor:

1. We see the speed limits on any part of the road
2. We receive sound alerts when we break the speed limit
3. We always have visual confirmation on the phone screen
4. Relatively small lag, about 1-3 second due to GPS
5. Speed ​​limits change automatically depending on the road
6. It works very well and it is free

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    1. From what I know and here WE GO has this. It warns you when you limit the speed.

    2. I'm sure you're using waze. That already does that.

    3. Why don't my maps appear in any more applications? In any application it is completely gray, without streets, without anything…

    4. It would be nice for Google to implement such maps directly in maps.

    5. André (Andrei) said

      Very nice
      Many thanks

    6. Waze = Google maps + Velociraptor + alerts from other members.
      This 3 is the most important thing.
      I use Waze for the car and MapsMe for hiking (knows mountain trails, springs, places to visit in the mountains…)

    7. It also works on android car…

    8. Niculae Bucur Ion said

      Great for this application. Thanks a lot for this tutorial. Why do not you have a button ending in every article that wants to share a share on Facebook or other social networks with that article?

      • Adrian Gudus said

        Because we are not good friends with Facebook. Content posted on social networks is very volatile, it's lost in minutes, and it does not reach everyone except those who have chosen to receive notifications from that page.
        These social buttons can bring along with their integration vulnerabilities and security breaches that someone badly can use to harm us or to get access to certain files they should not normally have access to. Not to mention that these social buttons, once integrated, also come to a halt in other places of the site and the visitor. I know that for many it seems like an innocent button and for some maybe even nice or comfortable, but behind them is a lot of sinister code!
        I do not think it's such a great thing to manually copy the link and give it a manual paste (or paste) into the social network you're using.
        If you do, you can even install extensions or add-ons in your browser that will integrate your social buttons into your browser and you can share any webpage on any social network you want with 2-3 clicks even if the web pages you visit they do not have a social share button.

    9. @schummy
      I subscribe to what you said.
      Both the old GPS applications from Nokia Maps / Here Maps and here WE GO know the speed limit on each road very well, even when it works on offline maps.
      Has speed alerts settings

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